Thursday, April 30, 2015

The first black man in the White House: approves the PTSD pension for 'Whites Only'

The first black man in the White House: approves the PTSD pension for 'Whites Only' 

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Due to budgetary constraints, the question on pensions to veterans returning from the "hot spots" with PTSD. It was found that the percentage of African-American veterans diagnosed with this syndrome, much higher than the corresponding figure among white soldiers. This is due to the fact that black soldiers are exposed to additional stress, causes racist prejudices of their colleagues. 

The meeting had been raised WHO recommendations ICD-10: F43.1, and DSM-IV 1996. As a result, with the consent of the President, decided to recommend to the creative solution to secretly army medical services to make adjustments in diagnostic criteria. 

From now on, syndromes that have their white-skinned fellow diagnosed as post-traumatic stress disorder, African-American veterans will be considered personality disorders, military pension for which is not due. Curiously, there would have risked Caucasian president to authorize such a decision? 

Fortunately for the Democratic Party, it was nowhere to be published, but medical statistics show a few years inexplicable immunity black Americans to PTSD. I have no doubt that this mystery will be the basis for a solid thesis - if by that time, too, statistics will not be classified.

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