Saturday, April 18, 2015

S.S.Ukraine's "Maidan Voyage"

Militias Odessa (Antimaydan)
S.S.Ukraine's "Maidan Voyage"  

The Ukraine has long struck an iceberg and goes to the bottom!
Even then adequately Ukrainians trying to save the country from destruction, but idiots imagine themselves the most intelligent and believed in the hard-nosed Western consultants, followed a straight path to the fatal collision. 

But even now, as Ukraine goes to the bottom of the adequacy and many Ukrainians continue to try to save most of the country and people from death, sometimes valuable own life (Oles elder, Odessans May 2, residents of Donbass), but hard-nosed swindlers who sat down at the helm, continue to kill more people in the country, and those who dare to contradict its destroyers! 

And the death of the country's already inevitable, it all depends on how many victims will now die and for as she will go to the bottom !!! 

Take care of yourself, and give in to provocations Maidanees and the jackals with your Democracy. 

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