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Some goods Kiev allows into Donbass, But you still have to pay bandits "Right Sector" Bribes

Summaries of the militia of New Russia
Andrew Purgin: "the National Guard takes bribes for transportation products DNR"
Reporting from Dmitry Steshina and Alexander Kotz. "In just a month and a half since our last visit to the warring republic of New Russia, Donetsk has started to cross the Ukrainian hryvnia to the Russian ruble. I'm used to not believing in it until the end, to" low intensity warfare ". And taste of Russian food. "neither peace nor war" whether Donbass is the same as life itself in a precarious truce - five minutes was hot sun, before the first clouds. And immediately knocks down an icy wind.

At the border crossing Uspenka - currently sold out in both sides. Passenger cars from Russia a little, but truck-uglevozov, trucks with food, tanks with gas and petrol - hundreds of them. All attempts to arrange a blockade of the rebellious Ukrainian Donbass, bordering on a friendly country, stretching from continent to continent, have become meaningless attempts to scoop Sea pitcher.   

However, even with a hostile Ukraine trade continues. Kind of. - Some businesses Kiev allows us to deliver the goods, there is a special list - said "KP" Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Purgin DNR. - But there is no single company that would deal with the products. And this list does not always work. If by rail to us something comes, then the motorway there are nuances. You still have to pay bandits "Right Sector" (Ukrainian nationalist organization, banned in Russia. - Ed.) For transportation of goods. - We've heard - 25 thousand hryvnia per wagon (1 hryvnia - about 2 rubles. - Ed.). - You are wrong. 40 was a long time. It depends on what you're taking. Meat wagon, I know a man who recently baggage - 150 thousand hryvnia. 

Every day the National Guard battalions standing on the line of contact, earn tens of millions. Skip practically impossible to obtain, each pass for one person - is 200 hryvnia bribes and above. And according to UN estimates, the daily need to cross contact line between the DNI and LC - 2 million people. In the opposite direction at the border with Russia sadly stand in endless queues little old passenger cars with the people. People continue to leave. 

Luxury home in Donetsk, in front of which we used to live, almost deserted. The chic penthouse with panoramic windows, sealed paper crosswise in the besieged no longer lights up light in the evenings. At dusk, when the OSCE observers did not stick their nose out of the hotel, begin shelling the city. Hanging over the center of Ukrainian drones, sometimes three at once. Morgan in the black sky navigation lights. Not immediately, but I understand that these ogonechki in heaven will bring to the city of death and nothing else. However, the militia has learned to shoot them down. 

One, with us, knocked yesterday tight-automatic machine gun fire almost over the center of the city. - Now comes again build Ukrainian military forces along the line of contact. Fights are inevitable? - We asked Purgina. - We are straining more. There Norman format Minsk format of peace talks on the Donets Basin. But bypassing all this works America, which are brought here trainers, group influence. US direct impact on the situation. And it is more and more comes to a standstill. - 

That is, the active military phase again? - I can not say.Let's figures. Since September 19 to February 12, we had two serious military exacerbation. The daily amount of clashes increased to 30, 50. Then came the breakthrough to 120-170. This is the active hostilities. I recall that on the figure 60, we now move on from time to time. The reason for this is simple: once politicians stop talking, and the Minsk process practically ripped off, start talking guns. It is a given. REFUGEES FROM YOURSELF TO YOUR Hypermarket in Donetsk, lomivshiysya of goods even in August last year, today looks ominously empty. 

True, there are vegetables and some homemade pickles put up here. There are potatoes and greenhouse vegetables. Bread - what you want, its own bakery. Sausages - some local meat plant. However, instead of sour cream - "Sour cream product with vegetable fat."Everything else was gone and establish logistics have not yet obtained. Giant hypermarket room partitioned off the shelves exactly in the middle. If you look through the crack, you'll see some dark space the size of a golf mini. Box office is now divided into "ruble" and "hryvnia." 

Cashier helpless girl looks at us with our five thousandth denomination. Putting no. And she was sure that Russia does not have paper money finer "fifty dollars." Shows her gold piece, adding four rubles "stalled" without putting shoppers in front of us. Obtain the surrender of the local currency. All these complex issue and exchanges - the result of the blockade of Kiev - are surprisingly quiet. - Here we are in Russia - notes portly grandfather hero, examines thousand-dollar bill up to the light. At the request of the Moscow colleagues are importing parcel with drugs in one of the outlying areas Donetsk. 

While waiting for the recipient in the empty yard, to us at the middle-aged man with empty cans for water. - From Russia? Journalists? Can I shake your hand, I'll journalism ended up in Leningrad, - says Vitaly, the refugees from the village of Trudovik. - From us to the front line of 400 meters. We called each other "commune doomed." The mother ran a month ago, when it became very bad. Here, the area is not very good, shelled, but rarely, if we compare. We can say no shell. Rented a room for three hundred hryvnia.It turns out, escaped. But close. Vitaly fled from the war. But in Donetsk every day added those who flees from Ukraine repression. 

I was surprised to come in touch with our friends Alexander Vassiliev, a historian, Odessa deputy. One of the founders of the flag of New Russia: I am now in Donetsk, and it seems a long time ... "It's not even a police state, and the Nazi" - There is a tendency - agrees Purgin. - Do not just come.For us and for the exchange of fall. Do you remember, there was a mass exchange of prisoners - 228 people? Of them - only 34 of our soldiers were taken prisoner in the Ukraine in arms. 

The rest - this is the political prisoners, who eventually left here. I think we have already forced political emigrants per thousand exactly. People are not legal treatment, we give them without passports, their in Ukraine immediately fed into all sorts of searches, up to Interpol. In Donetsk, now accumulate and residents of Odessa and Kharkov and Nikolaev, and Cossacks ... They understand that tomorrow there them for political reasons for their beliefs might be arrested. 

This phenomenon is widespread. By the way, in a recent exchange in the format of 36 to 36 gave us 32 militiamen and four - the woman, the mother of the militia, who were sitting in prison for his sons. - Do not activists, not public workers? - No, just the mother of our soldiers. Man lived, for example, Druzhkovka, Konstantinovka, Krasnoarmeysk, left the militia. For this mother and put ... - And so many end up in prison? - Take just numbers. 

Per day in Mariupol preventively arrested for a thousand people. Part of the released part of the left in prison. 200 people detained 3-4 days ago in Odessa. They still sit. In Kharkov - a thousand or more. Avakov (Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine - Ed.) Won boasted a couple of months ago, as soon as 700 people pushed into prison. The scale of this is really huge. - In fact, the repression ... - Of course.We've got a gap pattern already. 

On the one hand, "Norman troika" - Putin, Merkel and Hollande - pushing us to negotiate with Kiev. On the other hand is built etnonatsistskoe state, for which the inhabitants of the south-east (and we do not separate ourselves from Kharkov, Odessa, Nikolaev) are second-class citizens. This does not apply only to Russian or Russian-cultural. Recently in Odessa white Bessarabian congress, attended by representatives of small nations, to feel like second-class citizens. Tried to say it out loud. All of them have been arrested and are in jail. This is not a police state, and the Nazi. 

Moreover, no great shock not investigated. I'm sure that will not be found killer elderberry Kalashnikov, will not be investigated dozens of strange suicides ... - This mode has already reached to eliminate anyone who can shake it? - No, it's definitely growing fascist society that provides the state itself. This leads brainwashing Nakata and through the media. And the state can not punish people who pump up the very same propaganda. 

Not punished no one who participated in the burning alive of 50 citizens in Odessa. Or crushed to death of people caterpillars in Mariupol May 9 last year. If they begin to judge, it turns out that the state judge itself. - It turns out that someone else has to judge and punish him? - I do not remember none of the Nazi state, which by itself would have gotten away from the world arena voluntarily. Ukraine is trying to balance, to concentration camps has not yet reached, but I think it's very close to her future. "

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