Friday, April 3, 2015

Protesters pelted the US embassy in Kiev manure

Protesters pelted the US embassy in Kiev manure

Protesters expressed their disagreement with the fact that the Americans control the government of Ukraine.

About two and a half thousand Ukrainians surrounded the US embassy in Kiev, the first of April. People who disagree with the appointment of foreigners in the Ukrainian government, as well as the intervention of the Americans and Europeans in the public administration of the country, holding banners "We are not cattle!" And make sounds imitating animals.

Besides that the protesters were lowing and bleating, they also ate cabbage, which were distributed organizers of the protest. They held two-meter carrots with the symbols of the European Union. By the end of the manifestation of dissent Kiev residents pelted the US embassy manure.

It is noteworthy that the video from the protest is removed from all the Ukrainian sites and block users. Local journalists hardly covered the event.

In the Ukrainian capital is often held a protest. Basically, at a protest rally against cuts in social payments , cuts, economic policy of the state or non-payment of honestly earned money. In addition, the people of Kiev demanding the resignation of the government periodically or officials .

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