Thursday, April 9, 2015

Novorossia authorities learned about the date of the onset of the new APU

Novorossia authorities learned about the date of the onset of the new APU

The militia people's republics have learned about the date of possible attack by the APU. A source in the army DNI said that the last day of the truce will be April 16.
The date of a possible attack on the Donbass from APU called military expert Vladimir Prokhvatilov, which in turn referred to a volunteer with the call sign "Goodwin". Army spokesman told the New Russia, as a result of intelligence and interception of radio command the militia and became known the exact date of the attack on the Donbass.

It is worth noting, many analysts and military experts who sit now on the internet, confirm this information by stating that the fighting will start soon, as both sides intensively preparing for confrontation with the front and constantly come not the most peaceful news on firing.
So, on Wednesday, the Ministry of Defense Corps Deputy Commander Edward Basurin DNR stated that the APU resumed shelling across the line of contact with the forces of the Republic and suggest pontoon bridges across the river Seversky Donets.
The situation is similar in the LC. Local militias claim that the Ukrainian security forces opened fire from tanks twice position of the militia in the LC Slavyanoserbsky area. The first firing was carried out at eight o'clock, the second - was about noon. Moreover, residents Lysychansk say that in shootings APU from which tremble glass and an alarm.
Agree with the host about the imminent resumption of full-scale hostilities in Kiev. Only at the headquarters of ATO do not mention about the movements of their forces and do not comment on numerous statements by People's Republic of shelling. There is only informed of the alert, which shows part of the militia.
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