Saturday, April 25, 2015

"Night Wolves" Alexander Zaldostanov Will not Change the Route through Poland to Berlin

"Night Wolves" do not want to change the route runs in honor of the 70th anniversary of the Victory members motocross Moscow - 
Berlin to mark the 70th anniversary of the Victory intend to pass through the territory of Poland, despite the ban of the authorities of this country, and refuse to change the route, told reporters on Saturday the head of the bike -club "Night Wolves" Alexander Zaldostanov (surgeon) before the start of the column. "From his plan, we will not give up, the route will not change. 

If we will not be allowed on motorcycles column - then we will go one by one, from different points. go another transition. But, of course, we will not leave their attempts and planned route will go completely ", - said Zaldostanov, answering the question of whether the event will take place on the territory of Poland. Earlier, Foreign Minister of this country sent the Russian Embassy in Warsaw a diplomatic note to the information to refuse entry to the territory of the country bikers club "Night Wolves".

Russian Foreign Ministry, in turn, said that the refusal of the authorities of Poland entry participants of motocross, dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Victory, is politically motivated. "If we abandon this (run), then we should all just give up on - from May 9 to give, from their graves from monuments let us give up, from memory, from our history, from all values ​​- in a coffin lie down and die right away. 

But do not wait "- added Zaldostanov. According to him, the participants of motocross have to reach the territory of Poland after about two days April 27. Zaldostanov also noted that "Polish politicians live their lives, and other people live, and are pleased that the Poles in general support us." As an example, the surgeon cited the fact that recently the 30,000 Polish bikers passed a resolution in support of the action "Night Wolves" and said that the Russians are ready to provide assistance. 

The leader of the bike club said that, during the journey, the participants will visit military graves, obelisks, World War II memorials in different countries. According to the press center of the "Night Wolves", the route will pass through the column Moscow - Minsk - Brest - Wroclaw - Brno - Bratislava - Vienna - Munich - Prague - Targay - Karlshorst - Berlin.Total distance - more than 6,000 kilometers. 

The column on Saturday kicked off the bike center in Mnevniki, where there were several hundred bikers, ordinary people and journalists. April 25, at the "Night Wolves" is scheduled as the opening of season.

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