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"Nazi volunteer militias are the new heroes, using rape, torture, and murder as "law and order"

"Nazi volunteer militias are the new heroes, using rape, torture, and murder as "law and order" Thursday, April 2, 2015

ZDF-adhesive / self village: Azov-death squads "maintain peace"

The current narrative of the corporate and state media
Let us not be fooled by the private and public media manipulation. The agitation against Russia and the support of unconstitutional coup in Ukraine continue to increase. In the forefront of the ZDF line with the current dangerous lies: 1st Ukrainian fascists are not fascists, but maintain order and security. 2. Russia (!) Is to blame that the murders are not informed by the Maidan. The US Atlanticist and fascism deniers adhesive provides this againfalsifier of history and US puppet Yatsenyuk to News Primetime on - with crude fascist theories. Yatsenyuk, who "came with a scheduled flight in the timber class." According coup PR man glue the arms! When the Greeks came in line flyer, you have made ​​fun of it.

Claus' and Karin's "new heroes"
Where adhesive sudelt because Karin own village is not far. And he is also announcing a hastily own village movie Dnipropetrovsk, where "Russia and the separatists had no chance."Glue: "An oligarch is funding his own army. Doubtful for a democratic state, but who cares at least for peace. "Just as Bandera or Pinochet ?! The fascist battalions of the Mafiosi Kolomoiskij are DOUBTS-stick for glue. Adhesive forget also to mention that Azov and cronies are not only commanded by Kolomoiskij, but as the Ukrainian Ambassadorannounced on German television , they are under command of the Kiev "government".

"New Heroes" in Mariupol 2015
Now own village comes with the included just glue fascist law-and-order theory into play, thus confirming that it is a unit line on ZDF: "The shirt-sleeved businessman ( Kolomoiskij, HB ) and his team made ​​their own combat troops with which they kept order and security. "Even from Atai we know that the mass killings of government-band commanded swastika carrier as "excused unconventional" . The only times you have to understand: Self village called on 1 April 2015 rape, systematic torture, kidnapping and murder, banputschistenkritischer media, yes even the prohibition of "Euro news" etc. "Law and order". The atrocities of Azov troops are evident. The ZDF even she showed with SS runes, swastikas and Wolf Angel - uncritically presented by Mrs. own village!
Neiiiiin that are not rapists and child murderers! For self village are "Fighters of voluntary militias are the new heroes."
Killings as "law and order". If that is not a lie, then what ?! Self village propaganda piece feat. Adhesive can be summed up "gegoebbelst" with.

Adhesive and the Maidanlüge
But it gets even nastier than 5 billion Nuland Yatsenyuk screen appears. An interview should be. Glue is Yatsenyuk the keywords used to justify the regime before, disguised as "criticism".Sample: "The Euro Europe accuses Ukraine of boycotting the investigation into the murders on the Maidan." Yatsenyuk winds and then rambles from the Crimea. This is really too primitive and transparent, adhesive be helped. (By the way, I noticed my paid by Putin Krimsekt out of hand as I hear Yatsenyuk: "We are constantly on the de-escalate." How callous adhesive must be the listening with a serious expression?)

Adhesive embarrassing Enter keyword for Putschistenhäuptling and own village Lobhudlei for murder bandits in the video
Then asserted Yatsenyuk, one can only determine if Yanukovych and others would be delivered from Russia to Ukraine, because "the massacre was committed by the former regime." Glue does not react, where even a freshly baked cadets, the question arises, why Yatsenyuk knows if it can not be determined? Must respond adhesive also not that anti-Russian thesis is proclaimed and deflected blame from the main suspect US Yatsenyuk squad.
The logical question from a journalist (glue is not one but a lawyer), but why would the perpetrator not (also) be sought on the Putschistenseite. 
After all, it is proven that Parubij (only Maidan Commander, then supreme leader of the repressive apparatus of the criminals and today Parliament Vice) prevented the elimination of the Sniper by Yanukovich SEK. The sniper operated, as even the BBC found out in the field, which was controlled by the rebels. I have here (eg. As in the blog here ) sufficiently reported. 

Nor should we forget the numerous massacres and murders committed by the rebels throughout the country, such as the Odessa massacre, whose education prevents Yatsenyuk / Poroshenko regime . Blame for the deaths of Odessa is now officially - the wind.

Dear readers, thank you for the many letters. I felt stupid for NATO propaganda media had said it all, but the cocky arrogance of the front men like glue must not go unchallenged. The manipulation of media lie to the people, openly and shamelessly. And it is demonstrated how they lie, manipulate, dazzle, deceive thousands of times, as long as they rush against other nations, nice talking bandits and cover up war crimes, as long as we are documenting their actions.Behind the spruce it back to life. We promise.


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