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Movement "Antimaydan" says: "STOP - NATO"

Movement "Antimaydan" says: "STOP - NATO"
03.04.2015, 18:59

April 3rd movement "Antimaydan" conducted a coordinated campaign "STOP - NATO" at the Embassy of the United States in Moscow. The action was timed to coincide with the 66th anniversary of the creation of the block of the North Atlantic Alliance, the main aim of which all these years has been a struggle with the Soviet Union, then its legal successor - Russia.

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The movement "Antimaydan" and his followers had no illusions with regard to the Alliance as well aware that our picket can not suddenly stop the aggression of NATO to Russia and the Russian world. The action was designed, primarily, to the Russian public. Activists "Antimaydana" once again attracted the attention of fellow countrymen to the policy of double standards the US and its satellites belonging to the North Atlantic Alliance.

On this day, no one wanted to NATO nor health, nor longevity. The posters protesters sported the inscription: "Unfortunately, a birthday ..."

According to the organizers, in the framework of the picket was to be held a dance flash mob on the holding of which was obtained permission from the authorities. Seven activists "Antimaydana" dressed in white blood-stained clothes and representing Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, South Ossetia, Syria and Ukraine, where a military conflict with the participation of NATO, directly or indirectly, bloodshed and died a peaceful people - intended to fulfill dance, symbolizing the death of civilians at the hands of NATO.

However, law enforcement officials prevented the scenario of events in full and not allowing girls to hold a dance flash mob.

Correspondents Internet resource "Notepad" quotes the following passage of one of the founders of the movement "Antimaydan" Chairman "of the Party of the Great Fatherland" Nikolai Starikov, who was present at the action: "Law enforcement authorities first did not give our colleagues, dressed in costumes for the flash mob, go, for some far-fetched reasons. Then coordinated with someone, it is not clear to anyone, whether it is possible, it is impossible to do so. It took 20 minutes, and police said they ran out of time allotted for our share. "

RIA news agency laid out a series of photos from a failed flash mob.


Nikolai Starikov also added that there is "a great loss" because I never thought that "Moscow police will have more solidarity with NATO and US policy, rather than with the Russian public," which expresses the views of the movement "Antimaydan."

Nevertheless, the organizers of the rally believe that action to achieve its objectives. The event was widely covered in the media and the Russians have heard the opinion of "Antimaydana."

In an interview with the agency citizen journalism "Ridus" co-founder of the movement "Antimaydan" Chairman "of the Party of the Great Fatherland" Nikolai Starikov commented on the action:

"Tomorrow marks 66 years of NATO - a violent organization for nearly seven decades struggling with our country. We have come here to express their attitude towards NATO and Western politics.US led NATO plunged into bloody chaos, many states, ranging from Syria and Libya, ending today's tragedy, which, unfortunately, we see today in Ukraine. I want to note that today's weather mourns with us for the victims at the hands of NATO, who were killed in different parts of our planet. While there will be a NATO, unfortunately, people will die, new conflicts will be initiated throughout the world.

We would like firstly to express our point of view. Secondly, to attract attention, well, of course, not the American diplomats and the Russian public. With American diplomats, with a demand for them ?! They and the organizers of bloody crimes hardly aware of what they are doing. But the Russian public - these are the people who should think that NATO, the "orange technologies" had no chance to swing the situation in Russia. "

As for the dance flash mob in the framework of the picket "STOP - NATO," Nikolai Starikov assured that the lawyers' Antimaydana "necessarily will give a legal assessment of the actions of the law enforcement officers who interfere with legitimate will of the citizens of Russia.

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