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#MH17: Even the German Government was aware of danger

#MH17: Even the German Government was aware of danger

That Russia allegedly invaded the NATO-occupied Ukraine and "fueling violence" was like hawked by the governing parties in Berlin. They rely attention to the announcements of the Putschistenregimes in Kiev. Very selective as you know.

D knew he federal government that MH-17 could not have been shot down by the Donbass militias. Kiev also announced before German diplomats on 14. 7. 2014 - three days before the launch of MH-17 - "The separatists have no weapons for it."
That said the Foreign Minister of Ukraine, Klimkin, the Russia instead (of course without any evidence) in that briefing on July 14, 2014 in Kiev accused, with floor-to-air missiles an An-26 of the rebels to 6,200 m to have shot down. Klimkin denied explicitly that the insurgents respective launch.

The proof 

This enstprechende excerpt from a confidential report by the Dutch Embassy Counsellor and Deputy Head of the Embassy, ​​Gerrie Willems , about the meeting. They sent him home on the same day. He went to the Foreign Ministry and Ministry of Defence. We can safely assume that the German participants reported; the former intelligence supervisor at the chancellery and current Foreign Minister Steinmeier.

It cited Gerrie Willems Klimkin: "The Antonov flew 6,200 m high and may have been bombarded with Russian material or of Russian units, since the separatists themselves do not have this type weapons. "

They were all involved

The NATO, EU and other countries knew loud Willems' Ukrainian allegations of "Russian missiles" in the Donbass. But neither they nor the Ukraine and the Netherlands under bound flights over the eastern Ukraine. Either they did not believe in the fairy tales of the coup leaders or they put it on a disaster. Stupidity is ruled out, because ...
Mind you, even the defense ministries of the EU and NATO were present at the meeting with Klimkin and / or at least by Willems' - and other participants - Be informed. They were able to estimate the risk from potential / purported ground-to-air missiles. I wonder why they did nothing?
Not only unconcerned Flying Dutchman, but specifically the Federal Government were so informed. Why Merkel took nothing, although the risk but all the time was hung over so highly by the evil Russians?

For us, as for the EU-NATO is clear: Russia any associated equipment or Russian troops in eastern Ukraine there are even of the OSCE and of the frequently cited intelligence sources no evidence. So if you have shot? The 10 questions of the Russians, who showed at least one hunter at MH-17 on the radar, are still stubbornly unanswered, although Russia is accused.
Although it is the "separatists" could not have been, according to the coup leaders, politicians and the media continue to declaim the poem: And if it was not the Russians, it was the separatists with Russian weapons. Always remember that the state and private media manipulation operate directly from the rebels in Kiev .

During the same media and politicians have skipped the German Wings unhappiness with information from the records, and even the black boxes after hours and days that included in the MH-17 study ever suspect Ukrainians have a Omerta disclosure agreements with the Netherlands closed. The is strangely respected by the German group and state media scrupulously. Does anyone think that would be so if there was evidence of involvement of Russia or the insurgents?

Blow after Willems

In this case, even known as the reports Willems email to be kept secret to Parliament. A panopticon: The said report should be handed over to Parliament in The Hague, the Netherlands Government refuses. It would eventually traded to a confidential briefing.
Now then. Here the confidential report by Gerrie Willems in the original .
As it says there goes: "Participants: Foreign Minister Klimkin , Deputy Minister. of Presidential Chaly and SBU ( secret service, HB ) Employees of embassies of EU Member States, the US , Canada, Brazil , Japan. "

MH-17 material of the Dutch government for RTL News - source

Unforgettable, that in addition to Merkel, Obama, Cameron, Abbott / Australia or Harper / Canada , the Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte particularly vulgar and pretentious showed against Russia, "Putin has one last chance."

Not a week after Willems' report, the complicity of the arrogant Rutte and his government is idle - and by Merkel and consorts.

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