Thursday, April 9, 2015

Marie Harf,of the US State Dept., publicly praised the Russia's Lavrov for his expertise.

US Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov

Tangled: US Can't Decide Whether Russia is Partner or Pariah

The US thinks it can treat Moscow like a play thing, portraying Russia as a 'Hitlerian' threat to world security, and at the same time asking the Kremlin for help in stalled negotiations with Iran, Finian Cunningham points out.
Washington is demonstrating a peculiar example of Orwellian "doublethink," waging a propaganda war against Russia and flexing its military muscle in Eastern Europe, while at the same time calling upon Moscow as a "partner" to break the deadlock in negotiations with Iran, noted Finian Cunningham, an author and expert in international affairs.
"Only the brainwashed, bamboozling Western mindset could get away with such an astounding feat of double-think and arrogance. In the blink of an eye, Russia is portrayed as a Hitlerian threat to world security, and then in the next blink, it is called upon as a "partner" to resolve the nuclear impasse with Iran," Finian Cunningham pointed out.
The expert narrated that US Secretary of State John Kerry made an urgent call to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov asking him for help when the US-Iranian talks had reached a complete deadlock in Lausanne, Switzerland last month.
After the agreement was reached, Marie Harf, the deputy spokesperson for the US Department of State, publicly praised the Russian Foreign Minister for his help and expertise.
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Russia's role in negotiations "incredibly important" - @marieharf We are grateful for our cooperation with .
"Now hold that thought," underscored the expert, this was the same Russia whom the United States and its European allies have been "demonizing and vilifying" for the past 12 months over the Ukrainian crisis.
Last year, at the United Nations General Assembly, US President Barack Obama literally equated the "Russian threat" to the Islamic State extremism and the outbreak of Ebola in West Africa.
Washington unleashed a sanctions war against Moscow. The US is currently conducting the biggest NATO war maneuvers near the Russian borders and is considering sending lethal weapons to Ukraine.
Furthermore, the Pentagon has announced it would send up to 300 military trainers to take part in joint drills with the Ukrainian National Guard, the "Nazi-SS styled units," the expert noted. 
Surprisingly, amid this "insane climate" of the US-driven Russophobic hysteria, John Kerry asks Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov for a helping hand. 
"It either shows that the Western demonization of Russia is, at bottom, groundless and disingenuous, or that Western blind arrogance is crass beyond words," Finian Cunningham pointed out.
It seems that Washington believes it can treat Moscow like a play-thing, the author remarked. However, what the United States really needs is a "reality-check" about its own hypocrisy, double-standard approach and duplicity, the expert claimed.

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