Monday, April 13, 2015

LIGHTNING: Destroyed by the strong point, there is a loss - Battalion "Crimea" (PHOTOS)

LIGHTNING: For our positions in the sand inferno! Destroyed by the strong point, there is a loss - Battalion "Crimea" (PHOTOS)

In the sand during the April 12 was a tank battle, as the belligerents were firing from the ACS, and on the night of April 13 in the course went phosphorus munitions.

Press Service of the punitive battalion "Crimea" reported that among the Ukrainian occupation troops have lost, destroyed stronghold.

"In one of our points of a direct hit ACS 2 times, the building is almost destroyed," - said in a statement.

It is noted that the activity of the night fighting subsided, attempt to break from the militia failed, among the Ukrainian military is wounded.

In the morning on April 13 militants battalion "Crimea" released photos of night fighting and panic spread information about the shelling White phosphorus:

"Right now our position inferno!

White phosphorus shoot. Burning all around, even brick walls of houses. Hundreds of rounds with napalm explode in the air. "

Like all Ukrainian penal battalions message ends with bravado and promise to return the Crimean peninsula in the Ukraine:

"We did not burn, it's impossible. This is our land, and we are here stand, as stood for all these months. Victory in the war, liberate the Crimea! "

Earlier, the Ukrainian troops repeatedly attacked White phosphorus on the outskirts of Donetsk and almost burned the suburbs Slavic - Semenovka also applied phosphorus APU during the shelling Ilovaysk .

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