Saturday, April 25, 2015



Remember, in Kiev there were people who made ​​the revolution in the name of Ukraine's accession to the European Union? For them, this is bad news. The European Commissioner for Enlargement and European Neighbourhood Policy, Johannes Hahn, has put an end to the year and a half Euro-Maidan propaganda. 

"In the next 10 years the EU enlargement will, "- he said at the Third East Forum in Berlin. "We have to act purposefully, so that everyone understands that the new EU member - a very valuable, and not the object of additional payments", - he said. That's all. 

Come after 2025 - and maybe never will come Ukraine. After all, European policy - for all his cynicism and hypocrisy, indifference and cruelty to, when they need it - very practical people. Not a single extra euro they do not want to spend. 

Support for Greece is already taken away from them a lot of money, and many takes - so for Ukraine money they do not have, and never will. It is one thing - sign "economic association", that is, in fact, open the Ukrainian market for their products, secure favorable trading conditions, and quite another - to take responsibility for the sinking ship of the Kiev regime, with which board also shoot in full. 

No, in Europe we're not ready for this mess. But the heated revolution "patriots", waving flags in the hope of Fast and free happiness - warned. They were told that trade benefits the EU and military benefits of America - have no relation to the interests of Ukraine and directly harmful to her. That their slogans - it's a trap, deliberate deception and inevitable. But what is there now? 

People is in a state of hysterical aggression, even themselves are dull of hearing, let alone common sense and can be no question. And now - in the name of "Ukraine in the European Union" destroyed the legitimacy of power, lost regions, killed, planted and expelled from the country tens thousands of people, destroyed the economy and allowed the violence in the African style. 

But Ukraine in the European Union will not be happening. So now the so-called "patriots" there is only one consolation. The fact is that when the Commissioner Khan said that the adoption of new countries into the EU " unreal ", he added: "However, this does not mean that the EU does not negotiate." Yes, the door is closed to Europe. But talks at the door - can be any news.

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