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American Instructors Confuse Ukrainian Military Even More

American Instructors Confuse Ukrainian Military Even More
April 17, 2015

About 300 paratroopers 173rd Brigade United States are located in Lviv region and Monday will begin joint exercises and training of Ukrainian National Guard under. What is the meaning of such US aid and whether foreign instructors help being in a demoralized state of the Ukrainian army?

The US ambassador in Kiev Jeffrey Payette announced Friday that US troops arrived in Ukraine Kiev for training the National Guard.

"Marines 173rd Brigade United States arrived in Ukraine for the Ukrainian military training," - he said in his Twitter.

The US military will take part in joint exercises with Ukrainian colleagues. In Kiev defense ministry has already announced date. "On Monday, April 20, at the center of international peacekeeping and security Army Academy named after hetman Sagaydachnogo (village stariche Jaworowski district, Lviv region) will host the opening ceremony of the Ukrainian-American command-staff exercise," - said the agency.

And the next day, American soldiers will begin training the National Guard units. As said on Friday the official representative of the planned operational control command of the US Army in Europe Donald Rennes, the US Department of Defense "is moving forward with the implementation of plans for training Ukrainian National Guard."

"They came in during the last week to start training next week," - said Rennes on divisions 173rd Brigade.

He recalled that in accordance with the previously reached between Washington and Kiev agreements "will take part in the preparation of six companies Ukrainian National Guard."Emphasis will be placed on the training of "internal security and territorial defense." In addition, "will be implemented staff training battalion headquarters with an emphasis on raising the level of professionalism," said Rennes.

Initially beginning of training was scheduled for March, but then the terms were postponed, reportedly in order to fulfill the Minsk Agreement.

In March, Pentagon spokesman said that in teaching "will focus on homeland security" state "and territorial defense." In addition, the parallel will go training staff training, she said.

Message after that all sent Washington paratroopers are already on the territory of the former Soviet republic, commented on in the Kremlin. "The participation of instructors, professionals from third countries on the territory of Ukraine, where the Ukrainian domestic conflict remains unresolved, the situation with the south-east, where there are problems with the implementation of the action plan items Minsk agreements, of course, there is the presence of instructors, professionals or members of third-country nationals is not contribute to the settlement conflict, not promote the formation of an atmosphere conducive to the implementation of agreements, and, on the contrary, could seriously destabilize the situation, "- said a spokesman for the Russian president, Dmitry Peskov.

DNR envoy contact group Denis Pushilin said that Donetsk Republic sees the arrival of the US military as an attempt to escalate. "This is a deliberate policy. Taken together with the fact that already tightened technique is a kind of escalation of the conflict ", - he said.

At the same time in Kiev said that the Americans do not supply them with weapons. "It's just a methodical assistance, it does not mean that they brought some special weapons for Ukrainian military is extremely methodical assistance", - said at a briefing spokesman for the so-called ATO, referring probably methodological assistance.

"The confusion arises"

"I was a deputy battalion commander in Bosnia and Herzegovina, was directly involved with the Americans, and I even had a chance to command the joint exercise of our airborne troops.Americans had a company to "Bradley" platoon 155mm howitzers and seven "Apache", - told the newspaper VIEW first deputy chairman of the Central Council of the Union of Russian paratroopers, Colonel Valery Yuriev. - I was about them much better opinion. Their army is designed for war against a weak opponent, whom they kill at ranges that do not allow retaliatory fire to defeat the Americans. When the enemy is suppressed, demoralized, chaos in the management, then they let the battle ground troops. So they will teach Ukrainians. But Americans spend billions on their operations. Ukraine has no ammunition, no money on them to inflict such a defeat, which is applied by the Americans. Americans see the world differently. "

"Nothing wrong here, - he added. - The only thing scary that nuclear power intermeddle in this conflict, and it can end badly as a whole. And the fact that they sent these Marines - well, let them vodka with pepper popyut. "

Colonel noticed that the staff battalion headquarters, which will be taught by American standards, just confused - even if they speak English. "And when will the fight, forget English, French, German together. Because Russian forget, there is only abusive language, trench, "- said St. George.

"Now they will be retrained to NATO standards and arms to put them on the Ukrainian army.Learn to work on American communications. Learn to give commands. Translate statements to Western standards - forms, reports, and so on. D. The confusion arises, no doubt.Americans bureaucrats even greater than we. "

"But more here saber-rattling, - said St. George. - As they drove their tractors in the Baltic States - about a similar situation here. Ukrainian spirit lift, which fell to the level of sanitation.Serious they will not teach them anything. Maybe in the form of their beautiful dressed. "

"This is a political step that shows unity: aid to Ukraine, support the morale," - concluded Colonel Airborne.

"How come, and leave"

Former Chief of General Staff of the Land Forces, Colonel-General Yuri Boukreev in an interview with LOOK suggested that Americans can teach Ukrainian soldiers individually, and as combat coordination units, then, in his opinion, it is unlikely they will do it. "Individual training they received serious attention - physical training and weapons possession in single combat," - he said. General doubts that US Marines will conduct company tactical exercises with units of the National Guard under Ukrainian: "How long have I been in their classes grandstanding, they are preparing at the level of department - platoon. And every year the battalion conducted exercises. "

According to Bukreeva, the likelihood that the National Guard under six companies will become much more combat-ready after the American training is low. "I think it has more political than practical significance. Training of military personnel - a long process. System should be laid. Americans contractors, they are in many years to achieve something. As for the recruits, it is dealing with a sudden attack not take. How come, and leave. "

Former head of the International Treaties Department, Deputy Chief of the International Military Cooperation, the Russian Defense Ministry, Lieutenant-General Yevgeny Buzhinskiy suggested in an interview with the view that US training could theoretically add Ukrainian troops fighting capacity, but only under certain conditions. "If they build effective armed forces, if they stop stealing, - he said. - But then they have to completely switch to Western arms, give up their designs, to close, as they do at the time advised his military-industrial complex. It will take 10-15 years. But I do not feel great optimism that Americans will in Ukraine to create some effective armed forces. "

"To cook something, you need to have some basis. They have the National Guard - people who use, run away, they are called, are caught. To make it into something more or less combat-ready, you need two or three years "- he explained.

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