Thursday, April 30, 2015

A new Round of Confrontation in an Anti-Poroshenko and Kolomoisky Movement

A new Round of Confrontation in an Anti-Poroshenko and Kolomoisky Movement 

The Anti-Poroshenko "Right Sector" executes the order to replace the US Poroshenko. Washington looks to Ukraine's president-dictator as the current head of state, Anti-Poroshenko will cope with. This is the opinion of analyst Alexander Perendzhiev commenting at a rally of supporters of this radical organization, while they past the walls of the presidential administration in Kiev today. 

"Right Sector" is controlled by external foreign forces of who influence the political will of the supporters of Poroshenko, and are moving away from the services of their volunteer units, who see the impact of cooperation with them as dire for "Right Sector". 

We are talking about the Western sponsors of the same "right sector"in the Maidan. Washington is now using it's own hand picked radicals as a stimulus", said the expert. According to Perendzhieva, Poroshenko chose the position as an observer, without giving up the dialogue in favor of the volunteer battalions, and not speaking on their side in the face of the General Staff. 

The rhetoric of the Ukrainian leader on the situation in the Donbass is less acute than in the beginning of the conflict. The expert believes that this trend, the White House does not like, The White House who has invested in the war in the South-East, millions of dollars is upset. "There is a growing dissatisfaction with the authorities, so the leader of the chair should be tougher leader, a dictator who does not allow Ukraine to disrupt the mobilization, and will continually send people to war, serving Western money and serving Washington's militaristic ambitions against Russia", - concluded the analyst. 

In the meantime, the Ukrainian press sees this conflict in terms of confrontation. Ukrainian News newspaper: Recently division "Right Sector" moved away from the front line, and We returned to the training base in the Dnipropetrovsk region, around which suddenly grew hostile roadblocks of paratroopers. According to some sources, the military received orders to disarm the "Right Sector" for refusing to go to the subordination of the APU. 

On the other hand, their goal was to intimidate and "maintain order." The first roadblocks 95th and 25th army brigade in the village Velikomikhailovka (this is at the rear, away from the area ATO) appeared on Sunday. And yesterday near the base, visited the correspondent of "Vesti" and counted for 11 posts. They surrounded the recreation center "headquarters" militants "Right Sector" (banned extremist organization in the Russian Federation). 

But at the entrance were put two firing points with mortars "Cornflower" and armored vehicles. A little aside - were anti-aircraft guns. This weapon SS."Before the event of incidents of alcohol and drunk" rally "of volunteers around the village - and we are here to maintain order, check the documents. Incidentally, there are about 60 cars without documents, just pressed someone, "- said 25-paratrooper brigade Alexander. 

"Right Sector" refers to other reasons. According to its speakers, Marines have admitted that they were given the order to disarm the "Right Sector", that he "did not go to Kiev to overthrow Poroshenko." The official explanation maneuvers marines "are teaching." "All applications are designed to increase the degree of tension and may be a prerequisite for the provocations on the eve of holidays - fired statement spokesman of the General Staff Aleksey Mazepa. - 

As landing new troops the APU perform routine combat training missions. " But in the morning the flames poured war, it was the wrong time have incorporated waves of radiators. "Two of our drone had been" burned "totally and the second's engine caught fire inside - said the chief of staff of the 5th Battalion of the SS. -  

After all, they can bond and cancel - a classic of the genre. " Distinguished and "Right Sector", spending the night warning "scientists"  fired mortars and machine guns. Parallel to take action. "The engineers and intelligence worked all night. All positions and gun emplacements around us explored and mapped the road zafugasheny, forest full of "surprises" Sniper control "neighbors." 

Four turntables and assaults also had a couple of surprises. Who wants to play war games - let him try, "- said the company commander Alexander Karas. In parallel, in Kiev on Bankova, held a rally militants PS required "to explain a farce," and the speaker of the SS Artem Skoropadsky promised: "Next event will last until the burn Administration of the President. " 

According to Anatoly Motuzyanika, Speaker of the AP on the ATO, the absence of an order to disarm militants staged nobody. Later it reported that President Dmitry Yarosh contacted personally, and discussed the situation. The positions of the "Right Sector" remained the same: they are willing to go to the APU a holistic unit. MAT claims that militants ready to accept, but to mobilize. That is, everyone will have to go to his native recruitment office and ask for direction in the newly established division. 

"They want to rasporoshit on already" conquered "the brigades of volunteers. But this will not happen, "- say the leadership of the PS. Sources "lead" in the power of saying that what is happening around the "Right Sector" reflects the struggle between Poroshenko and Kolomoisky. About who was behind the blocking of volunteer corps, began to write his own representatives (which ultimately resulted in the action near the Presidential Administration). 

"Responsibility for provocation and an attempt to push the SS troops and fighters are political issues and military leaderships goals," - said the Jaros. As someone has attempted to neutralize the AQL also became clear from a series of comments that issued the policy of encirclement Igor Kolomoisky, 
Boris Filatov, Gennady Korban, and even formally it is the first vice-governor of the Dnipropetrovsk region Svyatoslav Oliynyk's.  Moreover commented Oleinik, this proves perhaps the toughest: "Immediately to the ban each n... race, which tries to justify or zamylit criminal order the military to disarm the volunteers. For this order, despite the pathetic explanations MO necessarily never came.

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