At the disposal of the representatives of the People's Republic of Donetsk proved trophy card APU, which marked the position of Ukrainian air defense system in July 2014.
The deputy commander of the Ministry of Defense Corps DNI Edward Basurin. "Yesterday you were shown maps of commanders captured workers of Ukrainian units. All documents are in varying degrees, are noteworthy, but one of them especially. This is a working map of the commander of the first battalion of the 95th separate airmobile brigade, which dates back to the beginning of July last year. The most notable are marked on the map starting position of anti-aircraft missile systems of medium-range "Beech" - he tale.
It is noteworthy that Ukrainian air defense missile systems "Buk" were deployed in the disaster area even before Malaysia was hit by "Boeing". The militia at that time did not have the aircraft. That is, the SAM can only be used against civilian courts.
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