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Turchinov “The Bloody Pastor” | Attack of the Doomed

Turchinov “The Bloody Pastor” | Attack of the Doomed 

Attack of the Doomed
MARCH 5, 2015
Original article: Colonel Cassad
Translated by Alya Bailey / Edited by @GBabeuf

I received some details about the battles at Shirokino from the First Slavyansk Brigade who had conducted combat operations there, repulsing enemy units during the “Turchinov offensive.” As expected, behind Turchinov’s noisy PR action there was another lot of dead men who paid with their lives for the informational phantoms. According to the Brigade, in these battles the enemy lost around 150 men killed and wounded (though it is not clear whether this number includes losses of the Sich Battalion or whether those should be considered separately). In fact, not for nothing do even fans of the junta call Turchinov “the bloody pastor.”

Attack of the Doomed

In spite of recurrent ceasefires the confrontation at Mariupol has been in the acute phase for a long time. One can even say more—the acute phase has become chronic. Despite the fact that the war is positional—mostly exchanging artillery strikes—from time to time the soldiers of the so-called territorial battalions conduct desperate attacks on the Militia’s positions at Novoazovsk. Doomed attacks.

The latest such attack by a fairly massive contingent was ventured only recently. The grouping, consisting mainly of soldiers of the Azov Battalion, reinorced by a small group of fighters from the Donbass Battalion and units of the Sich Battalion (formed in Kiev from local policemen and members of the Svoboda organisation) undertook an impetuous attack on several settlements near Mariupol and even managed, thanks to the element of surprise and the recklessness of the action, to push the fighters of the DPR MoD [Ministry of Defence -ed.] back to their reserve positions. 

But, caught up in martial excitement, the NatsGvardi decided not to consolidate the seized positions and began to plough into the Militia’s defences, heading for Novoazovsk. For which they paid. The Azov regiment lost about 150 men; the entire staff of the Sich Battalion was completely eliminated. The main losses were taken near the town of Shirokino, once a very popular and flourishing resort area, but now completely destroyed.

Trophy banners of Azov Battalion and insignia of the Black Corps of the Donbass punitive battalion. 

The Nazi flag is probably the one used as a backdrop during Azov’s New Year celebrations.

Some very surprising findings were collected on the battlefield after the rapid flight of the remnants of the Ukrainian strike group. Is it just me or are the group’s flags similar to those the SS battalions took into battle not long ago? And how does happy, fascism-conquering Europe look on their allies’ priorities? In the ’30s of the last century, European society also did not pay much attention to flags with swastikas atop the Reichstag. How that ended for Europe and for the entire world, we all remember. Is Europe again wilfully going to overlook a new surge of fascism on its territory? Or do they think they will be able to rein in the brown plague by directing it to Russia? A tragic delusion…

A video from the Azov Battalion from the battle for Shirokino, where the ceasefire was observed particularly strongly.

The settlement seems to have really suffered a lot.

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