Visit the oligarch and the governor of the Dnipropetrovsk region Igor Kolomoisky at the office of "Ukrtransnafta", accompanied by armed men - is evidence of a new phase of the civil war in Ukraine. Such an opinion in an interview with  RT expressed CEO of the Center for Political Information Alexei Mukhin.
"In fact, the civil war in the Ukraine into the second phase - the phase of the war for the property. It will be no less bloody and quite possibly more severe, "- said the expert.
According to Mukhin, and Kiev authorities and Ukrainian oligarchs are now "in a state of nervous tension," as the United States, the IMF and the EU require that the country was created "to manage the situation." However, this will mean that over the redistribution of property.
"It is clear that Igor Kolomoisky - one of the most significant representatives of large property in Ukraine - the last person who is interested to these processes under the control   . And he will render all resistance ", - said the head of the Center for Political Information.

Capture office

Recall, on the eve of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of "Block Poroshenko" Sergei Leshchenko said to Facebook, Igor Kolomoisky c using submachine took office "Ukrtransnafta" in Kiev.
Earlier, according to the newspaper "Izvestia", the leadership of the company was dismissed former head of Alexander Lazorko. According to the decision of the Supervisory Board "Ukrtransnafta" exercise the powers of chairman of the company until August 10 was Yuri Miroshnikov. Oust him from office, and try to regain the power of "his" manager Igor Kolomoisky and arrived accompanied by armed men.According Leshchenko, causes of action are the oligarch that Lazorko "paid hundreds of millions of hryvnia for Kolomoisky drained from the system oil raw materials."
In turn, he Kolomoisky said that there was a raider seizure enterprise Miroschnik appointed head itself, and the situation with "Ukrtransnafta" presumably stands deputy from "Block Poroshenko" Igor Kononenko.

Insult journalist

Meanwhile, another wave of criticism of the actions of the oligarch Igor Kolomoisky has risen due to the fact that he used abusive language against journalists "Radio Liberty" Sergei Andrushko. The incident occurred just after the Governor, accompanied by armed men entered the state company "Ukrtransnafta".
A reporter's question about the station that the head of the Dnipropetrovsk administration, accompanied by armed men do at night in the office of the state enterprise, Kolomoysky obmateril journalist and asked why he was not interested in how "the company were Russian saboteurs", reports  InoTV citing "Radio Liberty ".
"With you wanted to see. Another possibility is not to see you. Why do not you ask how raider seizure "Ukrtransnafta" has passed and Russian commandos here? We freed the building from the Russian saboteurs "- said Kolomoisky journalist.
In this regard, the deputies of the Verkhovna Rada has already demanded the resignation of Igor Kolomoisky as governor of Dnipropetrovsk region. "Who today controls the company, please explain. And secondly, on behalf of journalists, who are elected by the Parliament, we express our indignation words Kolomoiskiy against journalists Andrushko and demand his resignation, and also requested the Committee of freedom of speech in the Verkhovna Rada to evaluate the statements of Mr Kolomoisky against journalists Andrushko, this is unacceptable, "- said at a meeting of the Verkhovna Rada deputy Leshchenko.
Deputy Energy Minister Alexander Svetelik said he needed some time to deal with what happened. 

Why are silent Ukrainian media

It is worth noting that the journalist Sergei Andrushko had once found himself in a similar incident. In 2010, he worked at the Ukrainian channel STB and was sent to cover the exhibition "Agro-2010" during the visit there of President Viktor Yanukovych.However, the protection of the president does not allow journalists to some reasons to follow the President, and when the journalist tried to break through the cordon, it was applied to the power reception, resulting Andrushko was knocked to the floor.
This story received wide publicity and was covered by all   in Ukraine. Sergei Andrushko tried to open a criminal case against Yanukovych guard. When he was refused, he tried to seek compensation. These trials also widely covered in the media.As a result, the State Guard Department of Ukraine apologized to the journalist for "excessive use of force by law enforcement agencies."
Today, the journalistic community of Ukraine did not respond to an insult journalist American radio station. 
On this occasion spoke only of the parliamentary committee on freedom of expression and information policy. He, according to RBC-Ukraine, decided to demand that the head of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration Igor Kolomoisky public apology for the journalist Sergei Andrushko inflicted abuse. However, the Committee did not support the recommendation to suspend Kolomoiskiy from the duties of the governor at the time of the investigation.
According to the Ukrainian journalist Maxim Ravrebe which he expressed on his page on network Facebook, Kolomoysky for journalists is "walking a plastic card", and this explains the silence press corps of Ukraine, who spoke in support of his colleague: "Half of media resources - it. Why quarrel with the employer, is not it? ".

Do dismiss Poroshenko Kolomoiskiy?

Verkhovna Rada deputy of the Bloc Poroshenko journalist Mustafa Nye suggested that the president and prime minister of Ukraine should take the decision to remove Igor Kolomoisky as governor of Dnipropetrovsk region. "If Peter Poroshenko and Yatsenyuk really believe that this man may be power, I have one question: how do they differ from Viktor Yanukovych and Mykola Azarov? This man has no right to wear the title of a public servant. The President and the Prime Minister have all the levers to correct the error. Any agreement with him will destroy the credibility of the first persons of the country, "- said the deputy.
"The story of the triple citizenship governor, which is a direct violation of the law" On the chapters Ode ", repeat is not funny. I remind you that officially Igor Kolomoisky is the governor of Dnipropetrovsk region, civil servants of the first category. Technically and legally, Mr. Kolomoisky has no relation to the work of the state company "Ukrtransnafta". At the same time the state (!), The company "Ukrtransnafta" has a direct relationship, and is one of the key infrastructure assets financial-industrial group Privat, whose majority shareholder is the businessman Igor Kolomoisky "- said Mustafa Nye.
According to the journalist, if Peter Poroshenko leave the incident without attention, it shows a lack of power in Ukraine: "Leaving the incident without reaction, the president and prime minister will sign his own weakness. This will signal to the world, of all the many organizations and States that we are trying to restore aid to the economy and the army, which in Ukraine is really no one has a monopoly on the use of power - neither law enforcement agencies nor the legitimately elected president, nor appointed by the Parliament, Prime Minister. "

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