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Important Events #Novorossiya Today March,15,2015


Important events Novorossia today

15:40 war correspondent "Radio Liberty" in the Donbass Babitsky dismissed in connection with the publication of information about the atrocities of Ukrainian nationalists. This is the journalist said in an interview with the newspaper Lidove noviny Prague. "I took video of the exhumation of four bodies - two civilians and two rebels. According to local, it was not the militia, and ordinary villagers Novosvetlovka. They were killed Ukrainian volunteers from the battalion" Aydar, "- he said, noting that took happening on September 2 last year. 

14:30 Message from Gorlovki: The city is not clear what is happening. APU fire on positions of militias and is an attempt to break from Magdalinovka. Now urgently performed martial construction  

13:57 More than a hundred Russian journalists were expelled from the territory of Ukraine, told the TV channel "112 Ukraine" adviser to the head of the Security Service of Ukraine Markiyan Lubkivsky. "We operate a figure close to 100, and this figure has not changed very much. Perhaps only increase several positions. We are talking about hundreds of Russian journalists, perhaps a few more who are denied entry to Ukraine, or who have been expelled from the country ", - said Lubkivsky. 

13:20 In Novopavlovsk held sessions with the staff of 2 infantry battalion HM LC. The People's Militia LC conducts classes on military training combat units. Military and spend coherence with other units and perform combat missions. 

13:18 Posted by resident Dokuchaevsk: In a city full of silence, like the calm before the storm terrible. In the village. Novotroetskoe a large crowd of National Guard and technology. say that across the front line are local clashes. Big fights in Shirokino and granite. Posted by resident Konstantinovka: We shoot with Konstantinovka already 2 hours, about 11:00, according to residents, all falls aside Gorlovki. The city is very noisy. 

13:03 near the village of Sands, near Donetsk, killed soldier regiment "Dnepr-1" Alexander Oksentyuk (call sign "Swat"). Such information is reported to the press service of the regiment on his page on Facebook. 1:01 p.m. for alcohol Ukrainian military now faces a fine of from 4.5 to 10 thousand dollars, or arrest for 10 days, local media reported. Act No. 1762 "On Amendments to some legislative acts of Ukraine concerning strengthening the responsibility of soldiers, commanders providing additional rights and responsibilities in laying special period "came into force. 

12:58 Ukrainian security forces 55 times violated the ceasefire in the Donets Basin for the past day, said Defense Ministry spokesman Eduard Basurin DNR. "Over the past day, we recorded 55 violations, mostly security forces used mortars caliber 82 and 120 millimeters. The main part of violations was recorded along the northern outskirts of the city of Donetsk "- quoted by RIA Novosti Basurina. Also, Defense Ministry spokesman DNR noted that the number of violations increases. "Yes, we can say that the number of violations has increased", - he added. 

11:49 Trucks extraordinary columned Russian Emergencies Ministry carrying humanitarian aid arrived on March 15 in Makeyevka, reports DAN from the event. A total of 29 trucks arrived Makeyevka. According to the deputy chief of the Center for Recovery Management Donetsk People's Republic of Larissa Goncharenko, 24 truck deliver fertilizer and seeds for sowing, five - building materials. Goncharenko pointed out that agricultural goods include 40 tons of barley seeds and 216 tonnes of fertilizers, including 12 tons of agrochemicals, 100 tons of mineral fertilizers, 100 kg of ammonium nitrate. 

11:44 Extraordinary Emergencies Ministry convoy arrived in Lugansk and Novosvetlovku Novoannovku and begins the process of unloading machines. About this LuganskInformTsentru head of the Center for Recovery Management (UCV) LC Alexander Drobot. According to him, only the Republic of profits 45 cars with humanitarian aid. "We have brought various goods, but mostly it's building materials and supplies needed for sowing," - Drobot said. "In particular, the crop loads of profit on agricultural warehouses in Novosvetlovku Novoannovku and the rest as usual - in Lugansk," - said the head of the UCV. He stressed that there were no delays or emergency situations during the movement of the column was not. 

11:42 On the morning of March 15, were shot position forces battalion "Azov" in the area Shirokino. This was told by Advisor to Interior Minister Zorian Shkiryak. It is alleged that at 6:15 am militia made ​​several volleys at positions "Azov" in the area Shirokino. The forces of the so-called P, in turn, responded with fire. Not dead. 

10:33 Night in Donetsk was quiet, peaceful environment is preserved in the morning, said today in the capital city administration DNR. "The night of 14 March 15, passed without incident, - reported in the City Hall. - As of 8:30 in a tranquil setting. Reports from residents of incidents do not come. " Rehabilitation work continues in Donetsk. "On the morning of March 15 is de-energized 17 transformer substations, does not serve the coolant 33 boiler" - said the city administration. Life-support systems of the city are operating normally. 

10:12 More than 100 German citizens have joined the ranks of the militia in eastern Ukraine, RIA "Novosti" with reference to the publication Welt am Sonntag. As investigated edition, it is mainly about migrants from the former Soviet Union, but in the ranks of the militia there and former Bundeswehr soldiers. 

9:20 Prior to the approval of the Verkhovna Rada of territories with special status of the Contact Group met in Minsk does not make sense. This was on March 14, told reporters spokesman DNI in the Contact Group, Vice-Speaker of the People's Council DNI Dennis Pushilin. "It makes no sense to meet the Contact Group in Minsk to approval by the Verkhovna Rada of territories with special status" - he said, answering a question corr. DAN. 

9:11 Ukrainian Interior Minister Arsen Avakov announced its intention to enter into a contract for the purchase of 15 armored vehicles "Kozak" for the needs of the National Guard of Ukraine. The head of the Interior Ministry wrote on his page on Facebook.Avakov said that on Saturday, the first production armored vehicle "Kozak" production Kiev NGO "Practice" published by order of the National Guard, was presented at the test site in New Petrovac, near Kiev. Ukrainian Interior Minister Arsen Avakov announced its intention to enter into a contract for the purchase of 15 armored vehicles " Kozak " 

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