EU countries are facing economic difficulties as a result of the imposition of sanctions against Russia, the leader of the French right-wing party "National Front" Marine Le Pen. She stated this on the TV channel "Russia 24", RIA Novosti reported.
"I think that the European Union is clearly complied with the United States. After all, sanctions are not only awkward gesture, they are also completely ineffective, it can clearly be seen. The only result of the imposition of sanctions is of great economic difficulties faced by the EU ", - she said.
According to policy, sanctions have had a serious negative impact on France. "I believe that the sanctions - a shameful measure, which was introduced by the European Union at the request of the United States. This has exacerbated the situation and greatly complicate the work of diplomats, "- she added.
The head of the National Front stressed that such steps in international politics are returning boomerang. "I know that many sectors of the French economy suffered serious losses due to sanctions. In particular, it is worth mentioning apple producers, as well as pig farms "- explained Le Pen.
She also cited the example of farmers from Germany, who were forced to shift to the internal European market and creating increased competition, suffered serious losses."Germany occupied most of the Russian market. Once the pork exports from Germany stopped, they transferred these amounts to the internal European market, which led to lower prices and dealt a serious blow to our producers, "- said the politician.
Earlier, the West imposed sanctions against Russian politicians, businessmen, and then the defense and commodity companies and state-owned banks because of the situation around Ukraine. Russia as a response to limited food imports from the countries concerned. Moscow has repeatedly stated that it is not a party to the conflict and the Ukrainian domestic interested in Ukraine to overcome the political and economic crisis.

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