Sunday, March 15, 2015

298 People Lost their Lives, But #US Officials conceal the truth about #MH17

Robert Perry: the US does not reveal the uncomfortable truth about MH17

USA prefers to conceal the truth about the plane crash MH17, because it is unprofitable, says American journalist Robert Perry in the publication.

Since the accident flight MH17 in the Eastern Ukraine has been more than eight months.

The official conclusion of the American intelligence on events has remained unchanged Since the initial report from 22 July 2014, which was posted, noted in the publication, due to the statements of witnesses in social networks.

"As you know, I cannot go into Details, But I can share that the consensus of the intelligence fraternity of the United States certainly supports the conclusions of the report dated the 22nd of July," said a spokesman for the national intelligence of the United States Kathleen Butler Robert Perry. In July of last year's tragedy MH17 immediately became the basis of the anti-intrusion, helped to justify the imposition of penalties against Russia, thus further aggravated the situation in the Ukraine.

But, emphasizes Perry, when " the effect of imposing out, the Obama administration simply stopped talking about the tragedy. Perry notes that the capital of the USA was time for it to analyze data from satellites and other electronic sources of observation, as well as among them, the telephone But the Obama administration has not revised its initial hasty conclusions.

"This strange behavior only reinforces the suspicion that the government of the United States has information that contradicts their initial hasty conclusions, But officials holding high public office do not wish to make changes to the report, because It will put them in an awkward position," says Perry.

Sources Perry in the intelligence community confirms that analyzed a large amount of information, and several analysts have come to see that the plane was shot radicals of the Ukrainian army, not a militia.

Despite these data, the American intelligence agencies, summarizes the journalist, with the most expensive and advanced intelligence system in the world, until now have not updated the data of the original report on this tragedy.

Flight MH17 Amsterdam - Kuala Lumpur crashed on July 17 under the Donetsk in Eastern Ukraine. In the cabin there were 298 people. They all lost their lives. The Kyiv authorities have charged in the crash militias, those told that they do not have the tools that would allow to shoot down aircraft at this altitude. In the preliminary report on the inquiry stated that the plane broke up in flight due to structural damage caused by external impact of multiple high-energy objects ", But the source of these objects to install failed.

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