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#Kolomoisky opened a second front against the #Ukraine

For our and your "freedom": obmateril journalist Igor Kolomoisky opened a second front in the Ukraine

The second phase of the civil war in the Ukraine - a war for the property - will be more severe. So says the CEO of the Center for Political Information Alexei Mukhin. Thus he commented on the recent developments in Kiev, where the oligarch and the governor of the Dnipropetrovsk region, Igor Kolomoisky, accompanied by armed men seized the office of "Ukrtransnafta". Also on Kolomoiskiy flurry of criticism for what he profanity spoke about the work of the local office of the American "Radio Liberty".
Igor Kolomoisky
Photo: © AFP
Visit the oligarch and the governor of the Dnipropetrovsk region Igor Kolomoisky at the office of "Ukrtransnafta", accompanied by armed men - is evidence of a new phase of the civil war in Ukraine. Such an opinion in an interview with  RT expressed CEO of the Center for Political Information Alexei Mukhin.
"In fact, the civil war in the Ukraine into the second phase - the phase of the war for the property. It will be no less bloody and quite possibly more severe, "- said the expert.
According to Mukhin, and Kiev authorities and Ukrainian oligarchs are now "in a state of nervous tension," as the United States, the IMF and the EU require that the country was created "to manage the situation." However, this will mean that over the redistribution of property.
"It is clear that Igor Kolomoisky - one of the most significant representatives of large property in Ukraine - the last person who is interested to these processes under the control   . And he will render all resistance ", - said the head of the Center for Political Information.

Capture office

Recall, on the eve of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of "Block Poroshenko" Sergei Leshchenko said to Facebook, Igor Kolomoisky c using submachine took office "Ukrtransnafta" in Kiev.
Earlier, according to the newspaper "Izvestia", the leadership of the company was dismissed former head of Alexander Lazorko. According to the decision of the Supervisory Board "Ukrtransnafta" exercise the powers of chairman of the company until August 10 was Yuri Miroshnikov. Oust him from office, and try to regain the power of "his" manager Igor Kolomoisky and arrived accompanied by armed men.According Leshchenko, causes of action are the oligarch that Lazorko "paid hundreds of millions of hryvnia for Kolomoisky drained from the system oil raw materials."
In turn, he Kolomoisky said that there was a raider seizure enterprise Miroschnik appointed head itself, and the situation with "Ukrtransnafta" presumably stands deputy from "Block Poroshenko" Igor Kononenko.

Insult journalist

Meanwhile, another wave of criticism of the actions of the oligarch Igor Kolomoisky has risen due to the fact that he used abusive language against journalists "Radio Liberty" Sergei Andrushko. The incident occurred just after the Governor, accompanied by armed men entered the state company "Ukrtransnafta".
A reporter's question about the station that the head of the Dnipropetrovsk administration, accompanied by armed men do at night in the office of the state enterprise, Kolomoysky obmateril journalist and asked why he was not interested in how "the company were Russian saboteurs", reports  InoTV citing "Radio Liberty ".
"With you wanted to see. Another possibility is not to see you. Why do not you ask how raider seizure "Ukrtransnafta" has passed and Russian commandos here? We freed the building from the Russian saboteurs "- said Kolomoisky journalist.
In this regard, the deputies of the Verkhovna Rada has already demanded the resignation of Igor Kolomoisky as governor of Dnipropetrovsk region. "Who today controls the company, please explain. And secondly, on behalf of journalists, who are elected by the Parliament, we express our indignation words Kolomoiskiy against journalists Andrushko and demand his resignation, and also requested the Committee of freedom of speech in the Verkhovna Rada to evaluate the statements of Mr Kolomoisky against journalists Andrushko, this is unacceptable, "- said at a meeting of the Verkhovna Rada deputy Leshchenko.
Deputy Energy Minister Alexander Svetelik said he needed some time to deal with what happened. 

Why are silent Ukrainian media

It is worth noting that the journalist Sergei Andrushko had once found himself in a similar incident. In 2010, he worked at the Ukrainian channel STB and was sent to cover the exhibition "Agro-2010" during the visit there of President Viktor Yanukovych.However, the protection of the president does not allow journalists to some reasons to follow the President, and when the journalist tried to break through the cordon, it was applied to the power reception, resulting Andrushko was knocked to the floor.
This story received wide publicity and was covered by all   in Ukraine. Sergei Andrushko tried to open a criminal case against Yanukovych guard. When he was refused, he tried to seek compensation. These trials also widely covered in the media.As a result, the State Guard Department of Ukraine apologized to the journalist for "excessive use of force by law enforcement agencies."
Today, the journalistic community of Ukraine did not respond to an insult journalist American radio station. 
On this occasion spoke only of the parliamentary committee on freedom of expression and information policy. He, according to RBC-Ukraine, decided to demand that the head of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration Igor Kolomoisky public apology for the journalist Sergei Andrushko inflicted abuse. However, the Committee did not support the recommendation to suspend Kolomoiskiy from the duties of the governor at the time of the investigation.
According to the Ukrainian journalist Maxim Ravrebe which he expressed on his page on network Facebook, Kolomoysky for journalists is "walking a plastic card", and this explains the silence press corps of Ukraine, who spoke in support of his colleague: "Half of media resources - it. Why quarrel with the employer, is not it? ".

Do dismiss Poroshenko Kolomoiskiy?

Verkhovna Rada deputy of the Bloc Poroshenko journalist Mustafa Nye suggested that the president and prime minister of Ukraine should take the decision to remove Igor Kolomoisky as governor of Dnipropetrovsk region. "If Peter Poroshenko and Yatsenyuk really believe that this man may be power, I have one question: how do they differ from Viktor Yanukovych and Mykola Azarov? This man has no right to wear the title of a public servant. The President and the Prime Minister have all the levers to correct the error. Any agreement with him will destroy the credibility of the first persons of the country, "- said the deputy.
"The story of the triple citizenship governor, which is a direct violation of the law" On the chapters Ode ", repeat is not funny. I remind you that officially Igor Kolomoisky is the governor of Dnipropetrovsk region, civil servants of the first category. Technically and legally, Mr. Kolomoisky has no relation to the work of the state company "Ukrtransnafta". At the same time the state (!), The company "Ukrtransnafta" has a direct relationship, and is one of the key infrastructure assets financial-industrial group Privat, whose majority shareholder is the businessman Igor Kolomoisky "- said Mustafa Nye.
According to the journalist, if Peter Poroshenko leave the incident without attention, it shows a lack of power in Ukraine: "Leaving the incident without reaction, the president and prime minister will sign his own weakness. This will signal to the world, of all the many organizations and States that we are trying to restore aid to the economy and the army, which in Ukraine is really no one has a monopoly on the use of power - neither law enforcement agencies nor the legitimately elected president, nor appointed by the Parliament, Prime Minister. "

Оригинал новости RT на русском:

EU is experiencing economic difficulties because of the shameful sanctions against Russia

Marine Le Pen: the EU is experiencing economic difficulties because of the shameful sanctions against Russia

The leader of the French party "National Front" Marine Le Pen said that sanctions against Russia are "shameful measure" introduced by the European Union at the request of the United States. Their actions regarding Russia brings nothing but harm the European economy.
Marine Le Pen: the EU is experiencing economic difficulties because of the shameful sanctions against Russia
Photo: © Reuters
EU countries are facing economic difficulties as a result of the imposition of sanctions against Russia, the leader of the French right-wing party "National Front" Marine Le Pen. She stated this on the TV channel "Russia 24", RIA Novosti reported.
"I think that the European Union is clearly complied with the United States. After all, sanctions are not only awkward gesture, they are also completely ineffective, it can clearly be seen. The only result of the imposition of sanctions is of great economic difficulties faced by the EU ", - she said.
According to policy, sanctions have had a serious negative impact on France. "I believe that the sanctions - a shameful measure, which was introduced by the European Union at the request of the United States. This has exacerbated the situation and greatly complicate the work of diplomats, "- she added.
The head of the National Front stressed that such steps in international politics are returning boomerang. "I know that many sectors of the French economy suffered serious losses due to sanctions. In particular, it is worth mentioning apple producers, as well as pig farms "- explained Le Pen.
She also cited the example of farmers from Germany, who were forced to shift to the internal European market and creating increased competition, suffered serious losses."Germany occupied most of the Russian market. Once the pork exports from Germany stopped, they transferred these amounts to the internal European market, which led to lower prices and dealt a serious blow to our producers, "- said the politician.
Earlier, the West imposed sanctions against Russian politicians, businessmen, and then the defense and commodity companies and state-owned banks because of the situation around Ukraine. Russia as a response to limited food imports from the countries concerned. Moscow has repeatedly stated that it is not a party to the conflict and the Ukrainian domestic interested in Ukraine to overcome the political and economic crisis.

Оригинал новости RT на русском:

U.S. Govt. aggressively threatened the Germans if aiding Snowden's Asylum

US Government Threatened Germany Over Aiding Snowden

By SM Gibson
Global Research, March 20, 2015

Although previously speculated, the United States did in fact strong arm at least one nation to prevent them from offering Edward Snowden asylum or aiding him in securing travel arrangements via their country, according to Snowden associate Glenn Greenwald.

German Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel stated this week that the United States threatened to halt relaying all intelligence information with Berlin if they assisted the NSA whistleblower in anyway. “They told us they would stop notifying us of plots and other intelligence matters,”Gabriel said.

Gabriel commended the work of Greenwald and other reporters as he delivered a speech regarding the journalistic efforts made concerning the Snowden leaks. The Vice Chancellor displayed regret that the former Booz Allen employee was forced to seek political shelter in “Putin’s autocratic Russia”. As the German leader elaborated that no nation was able or inclined to offer Snowden assistance, an interjecting voice from the crowd bellowed out, “Why don’t you bring him to Germany, then?”

Gabriel countered the interruption by claiming that his government would be legally bound to extradite the American refugee if he stepped foot on German soil.

At the conclusion of the address, Greenwald, who was present at the event, questioned Gabriel as to the truth about why Germany didn’t offer Snowden asylum — because under international law, once asylum status has been granted, the subject would no longer be considered a fugitive. According to The Intercept, the vice chancellor responded by saying,

The U.S. government had aggressively threatened the Germans that if they did so, they would be “cut off” from all intelligence sharing. That would mean, if the threat were carried out, that the Americans would literally allow the German population to remain vulnerable to a brewing attack discovered by the Americans by withholding that information from their government.

This would basically mean that the U.S. was prepared to hold the people of Germany and their safety hostage in the name of pride. If for some reason Vice Chancellor Gabriel was not being truthful in his remarks, his words could be deemed a fear tactic in order to make the people of Germany believe that asylum for Snowden is a detriment to their own well-being. Either way you look at it, the people of both the United States and Germany, along with their freedoms, come out on the losing end.

#US opens a new struggle with overstretched #Debtlimit

#US opens a new struggle with overstretched #Debtlimit

Old song about the main or most rubber government debt in the world. On Sunday expired permit Congress US executive to carry out loans. Simply put, the US again reached the ceiling of borrowing, and this problem needs to be solved.

Finance Minister Jack Lew has already appealed to Congress with the problem and said that now the Ministry of Finance will use extraordinary measures to fund the federal government. However, Liu said that the expansion of the debt limit should not lead to an increase in government spending. If the debt ceiling is not raised, the US authorities have cut funding for government programs. And of course, in the case of unraised theoretically limit the United States can declare a technical default, although this is an unlikely scenario.

Moreover, according to estimates agency that monitors the public debt, taking into account the specific measures the Ministry of Finance Government will lose the opportunity to borrow roughly the period from 1 October to 31 December. We recall that the US Congress back in 1917 passed a law on the general government debt limit, but , after fierce battles on raising the limit in recent years, the law just decided to abolish it, and introduced the resolution to borrow just before 15 March. It is also worth paying attention to one more interesting point. 

US authorities all over the world trumpeting the recovery of its economy and an improvement in the labor market. But is it really? So far, we only see that in the United States reduced the budget deficit, but the need for borrowing is steadily increasing, that is, GDP growth does not lead to an increase in the tax base. Moreover, we talk about reducing the unemployment rate to 5.5%, but, as we have previously mentioned, this figure has nothing to do with reality, because of the number of labor force continues to retiring people. The schedule, which we present below, clearly illustrates this.

Apparently, this is where lies the ultimate question why at such a rapid reduction in the number of unemployed taxable base is not sufficient. In fact, this banal manipulation of statistics, which, however, can be found almost everywhere. Take, for example, statistics on inflation in the US and Europe. In the US, it includes the cost of the lease, and in Europe there is, and if in the United States to remove this component, the situation there is even worse than in Europe, the opposite is true. Moreover, the cost of rent in the Old World is growing much faster than in America, and if Europeans have used the American system of calculations, they have inflation would be higher than in the US.


Max Keiser: Financial Rock ‘N’ Roll

Max Keiser is outspoken to say the least.
He hosts the Keiser Report, his show for Russian English-language channel RT, alongside his wife and producer Stacy Herbert, and is known for his angry outbursts against those he calls the “banksters”.
He was a Wall Street stockbroker in the 1980s, an experience he often draws on to guide viewers through the otherwise impenetrable jargon of global finance.
Now, though, he is based in the heart of London, which he says is the centre of the world when it comes to financial misconduct.
He is entertaining and funny – a difficult thing to pull off with what’s essentially a show about money.
In the past Keiser has encouraged viewers to take direct action to crash JP Morgan by buying silver.
More recently he coined the acronym GIABO, or Global Insurrection Against Bankster Occupation, to describe protests such as Occupy that express frustration with corruption in politics and finance.
He is a staunch advocate of moving money from fiat currencies, which are not backed by a physical commodity, into gold, silver, and, more recently, bitcoin.
Epoch Times: Your show is on RT, formerly known as Russia Today, but in the past you’ve done shows for the BBC, Press TV and Al Jazeera. Is there something about RT that particularly appealed to you?
Max Keiser: I like their rock ‘n’ roll attitude. The people who hate RT are the same people who hated Elvis Presley and Little Richard. It’s challenging the established narrative. There’s a global consensus, it’s called a Washington Consensus, and it’s challenging it, making people quite nervous.

Epoch Times: The show is often accused of being negative about America. Is that because there is nothing positive to report about the US?
Mr. Keiser: I report on the nexus of the global banking scandals and that would be the US and the UK. As a matter of fact I’m harder on the United Kingdom than the US. I’m much harder on George Osborne than Janet Yellen, for example.
The global kleptocracy is headquartered in the City of London. That’s why we moved to London, we’re war reporters. We’re covering the carnage that is the City of London as they destroy the global economy.

Epoch Times: Does RT have a pro-Russian editorial bias?
Mr. Keiser: The editorial bias of the Keiser Report is my own editorial bias towards gold! Since we started doing this show the Russian government has increased their gold purchases by hundreds and hundreds of tonnes, so I think the bias and influence goes from the Keiser Report to Russia not the other way round.
I know for a fact that I have an influence on their economic decisions. I also know that they have zero influence on my content.
Max Keiser in New York (Stacy Herbert)
Max Keiser in New York (Stacy Herbert)
Epoch Times: You often promote gold, silver, and bitcoin as ways for people to escape the fiat money system, but these assets can go down in value as well as up. Do you feel responsibility for the people who have invested based on your advice?
Mr. Keiser: The case for buying gold, silver, and bitcoin is still as strong as it ever was.
We started talking about gold at $400, silver at $6, and bitcoin at $3, so they’re up substantially from those levels. If you had been buying every year for the past five, six, seven years and averaging your position you’d still be up overall, and they’re still the place to be if you want economic sovereignty or a place to weather the storm of this continued crisis in the banking sector.
You’re going to have more big banks collapsing and more wealth confiscation. What we saw in Cyprus with the confiscation of bank deposits, that’s going to be rolled out all over Europe. They’ve already laid the groundwork, Brussels has passed laws making that possible.
If you want to preserve wealth there’s really only gold, silver, and bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
The day-to-day price is meaningless because the alternative is losing 100 per cent of your fiat versus having some wealth preservation in precious metals and crypto.
We’re going to have a world where the dollar is no longer the dominant world reserve currency
Epoch Times: When do you think this collapse might come?
Mr. Keiser: The timing depends on how much more quantitative easing we’ll see from the global central banks.
In my view, the last major shoe to drop was the European Central Bank announcing that they’re going to print more than a trillion euros to keep the zombie banks alive. So after they get through with that and it doesn’t work, there will be no banks left of any major size to do quantitative easing.
This will become obvious by the fourth quarter of this year or the first quarter of next year. It’ll become obvious that they’ve run out of runway and that’s when we’ll see, as economists euphemistically say, a reversion to the mean. So the bubble pops and we’re back to prices that would be more reflective of the actual reality of the economy.

Epoch Times: What happens after the collapse?
Mr. Keiser: The dollar loses its place as world reserve currency. Right now we’re seeing a huge rally in the dollar as its death rattle. Once this is over China, Russia, Iran, and the other countries are going to be trading outside of the dollar. They’re setting up the SWIFT programme outside of the dollar, they’re doing rating agencies that are not based on the three big rating agencies that are very much in bed with the same group of banksters. So we’re going to have a world where the dollar is no longer the dominant world reserve currency, it’ll be a multi-polar currency world.
On the other hand the collapse of the dollar does not automatically mean China becomes the dominant currency. I don’t think we’re going to hand the baton from America’s domination to China’s domination, except whatever country is the first to introduce a gold-backed currency. If China introduced a gold-backed renminbi they would be the dominant country in the world and then that would be a question: do we want China to be the dominant country in the world?
If Russia introduced a gold-backed ruble they would dominate the world. If Iran was suddenly able to price their energy assets in something other than the US dollar they would have a completely different political situation in the world. So it gets back to gold.
Max Keiser (Stacy Herbert)
Max Keiser (Stacy Herbert)
Epoch Times: Do you think it’s possible to predict the market?
Mr. Keiser: On the one hand, you don’t want to be able to predict outcomes because the economy is lubricated by the money that flows into it from the losers. If everybody is making perfect predictions and prices were accordingly moving in that direction there would be stagnation in the economy. There would be no excess liquidity whatsoever. The excess liquidity in the system is based on the losers.
It’s pretty well known that to get the timing right is borderline impossible. You can get a trend correct but to get the absolute date right is hardly ever the case.
The only way you can guarantee the outcome of a prediction in the financial markets is if the market is completely broken. For example, I can predict to you right now that the price of gold will continue to have difficulty over the next six months because that market is completely broken, it’s rigged 100 per cent. But so many other markets are also rigged.
The fourth point I’ll make repudiates everything I just said, but it is an interesting point. With so-called big data, the ability to gather enormous quantities of data, to analyse it, and to tap into the collective zeitgeist, you can now begin to make predictions. But the access to that information is being monopolised by the NSA, the CIA, and Wall Street.
It’s no coincidence that hedge funds can now legally hire CIA analysts with access to big data to give them stock tips, essentially. They know that a certain percentage of the population might suddenly be interested in a certain toy that’s manufactured by a certain company. They can do the analysis and come up with a winning trade that has extraordinary upside with almost no downside whatsoever.
It would be great if it were publicly available, but it’s not. It’s being hoarded just like all this free money, by the same people that are printing all the free money.

Epoch Times: Could some of what you talk about be regarded as conspiracy theories?
Mr. Keiser: Every conspiracy starts as a theory. What happens is that all investigative journalism is being painted with a brush called “conspiracy theory”. In the old days before the media was completely dominated by shysters and kleptocrats they used to call this investigative journalism.

Epoch Times: You’ve long talked about bitcoin while most mainstream financial commentators ignore it. What’s the future for the digital currency?
Mr. Keiser: The bitcoin adoption rate is the key number to look at, how many people are using bitcoin, which is driven by bank failure.
The ancillary start-up market of new businesses and venture funding is extremely high – you can make the comparison to the Internet during its early days. Big venture capital guys are all over it.
The price obviously got way ahead of itself and my feeling is that this was driven almost entirely by the Mt Gox episode. From my professional experience as a guy who has three patents in the virtual currency industry, I will tell you that there was an enormous amount of price rigging over there at Mt Gox.
So when they went offline the price of the coin has reverted back to what would be a normalised trend line had there not been this price rigging.
Most people reading this will say, “Well that sounds to me like bitcoin itself is not safe” but that’s not what I’m saying. The bitcoin protocol itself is still as indestructible as it ever was. It attracted a bad actor in the form of Mt Gox and it went on this rollercoaster ride.
But they’re gone and I think all the bad news is gone. What I mean by that is that bitcoin is now suffering from bad news fatigue! No bad news is hurting it, it’s like people are sick of the bad news and they’re not selling. The people who own it now are holding it and we’ve got new buyers, so I think for 2015, especially with banks back on the radar as in trouble, adoption rates will continue to go higher and the price will do well this year.
It will be an alternative asset. A lot of hedge funds who are jumping ship out of their securities that are not doing well, they’re going to start looking at bitcoin

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#Kolomoysky with gunmen arrived at the office of "Ukrtransnafta"

Hot Kolomoysky with gunmen arrived at the office of "Ukrtransnafta"

Chairman of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration Igor Kolomoisky, accompanied by armed men arrived at the office of PJSC "Ukrtransnafta" in Kiev.

This was announced by MP from the "Block Poroshenko" Sergei Leshchenko in his Facebook.

"There was a smell of kerosene. According to Acting the head of "Ukrtransnafta" Kolomoysky personally accompanied by armed men, machine gunners arrived in the office of the state-owned company to drive out of the office and the power of the new head back to the place of his manager Mr. Lazorko, who paid hundreds of millions of hryvnia for Kolomoisky drained from the system oil feedstock " - wrote Leshchenko.

Leshchenko also added that the building of "Ukrtransnafta" is the head of the Kiev militia Alexander Tereshchuk.

"I called Avakov about capturing people Ukrtransnafta Kolomoiskiy. Avakov argues that barricaded inside the building is the head of the Kiev police and hung up. Thus, Avakov will be solely responsible for all illegal actions that are taking place this night inside Ukrtransnafta "- wrote Leshchenko.

In turn, Minister of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine Volodymyr Demchishin, who arrived at the scene, said that "Ukrtransnafta" in Kiev there is no armed men, RBC-Ukraine.

"I have weapons, frankly, did not see. We have passed from the first to the seventh floor - I did not see weapons. I spoke with Mr. Lazorko, Mr Kolomoisky - weapons nowhere. People are different, but the weapons with clubs I have not seen "- said Demchishin


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Voice of America Admits Reign of Terror in Kiev-Controlled Mariupol

US-Funded Propaganda Channel Admits Reign of Terror in Kiev-Controlled Mariupol

In what it seems like a paradox, the government-funded Voice of America is doing a better journalist job than "independent and free" russophobic media like CNN, NBC and Fox News.

"My sister ran into here (apartment). She can see that our father face had the bruise from this tool. His face had been beaten. It looked like they've beaten his head on the table. The man took him away after beating him."

This is the chilling testimony of Mariupol resident Anna about her father being kidnapped by "unknown men without identification". They've beaten her father and threatened to shoot her. She has no idea where he is now. "No one is protected and if you criticize the local administration you are considered to be a separatist" concludes desperate and frightened Anna.
It is estimated that more than 3,000 Ukrainian citizens are either detained or "mysteriously disappeared" when arrested by the Ukrainian secret service for allegedly being separatist or spying against Ukrainian state.
In a surprisingly honest video report, State Department-funded Voice of America sheds light on state terror imposed upon Mariupol residents who are mostly pro-Russian.
Summary of this video provided by VOA stated:
"Since the last month's cease fire went into effect, shelling around the port city of Mariupol has decreased, but it is thought pro-Russian separatists remain poised to attack."
It is worth noticing that Neo-Nazi Azov battalion has for several times repeatedly and openly stating that they will not respect the Minsk 2 cease fire and they will continue their fight against "Russian terrorists". This is well documented with numerous footages of Azov paramilitary attacking position of rebels in Shirokino 20 km outside of Mariupol. So it seems that the ones eager to continue fighting around Mariupol are Kiev forces, not so much Donetsk ones.
VOA continues:
"For the city’s authorities, a major challenge is gaining the trust of residents, while at the same time rooting out informants who are passing sensitive information to the rebels."
According to pro-Kiev city authorities, Mariupol remains a deeply divided and the estimation is that just 30% supports the government. And this is said by the government sources who are not to be trusted as we experienced in the past.
Even US government-funded VOA can not ignore the fact that many Mariupol residents consider Ukrainian forces, especially Azov battalion, as marauders, invaders and occupiers. A similar sentiment is shared by Slavyansk residents.
According to the local mass media, over a hundred people were detained within a few days. In social networks, there are messages that “they catch everyone who looks wrong or says something wrong: the “rats” are seen walking at the markets and in the buses listening to what the passengers say.
There are assumptions in the mass media that the detentions are connected with the coming POW’s exchange between Ukraine and Novorossiya and the wish of the Ukrainian side to give away, figuratively speaking, these “baby’s dummies” – the people accidently caught in the city streets instead of the “political prisoners”.
It seems that any resident that is not supporting Kiev authorities is treated as a potential suspect and "Russian spy".
In addition, most of the Mariupol residents believe that the rocket attack in January that killed more than 30 people is a false flag operation executed by Ukrainian forces in order to blame rebels. A local who is afraid to speak openly gave his estimation:
"75% of people here are sure that this was provocation by the Ukrainian government".
It is especially hypocritical that VOA, which is so dedicated to promoting freedom and human rights, apologetically describes state terrorism as "rooting out informants". It is obvious that arresting citizens that disappear without trace and torturing them presents unconstitutional practice and flagrant violation of human rights.
Complete lawless continues to dominate in Ukraine. Unfortunately, even the human-rights-loving West turned a blind eye on Kiev blatant violation of basic human rights and complete disregard of basic principle of any civilized modern state - Rule of Law.

298 People Lost their Lives, But #US Officials conceal the truth about #MH17

Robert Perry: the US does not reveal the uncomfortable truth about MH17

USA prefers to conceal the truth about the plane crash MH17, because it is unprofitable, says American journalist Robert Perry in the publication.

Since the accident flight MH17 in the Eastern Ukraine has been more than eight months.

The official conclusion of the American intelligence on events has remained unchanged Since the initial report from 22 July 2014, which was posted, noted in the publication, due to the statements of witnesses in social networks.

"As you know, I cannot go into Details, But I can share that the consensus of the intelligence fraternity of the United States certainly supports the conclusions of the report dated the 22nd of July," said a spokesman for the national intelligence of the United States Kathleen Butler Robert Perry. In July of last year's tragedy MH17 immediately became the basis of the anti-intrusion, helped to justify the imposition of penalties against Russia, thus further aggravated the situation in the Ukraine.

But, emphasizes Perry, when " the effect of imposing out, the Obama administration simply stopped talking about the tragedy. Perry notes that the capital of the USA was time for it to analyze data from satellites and other electronic sources of observation, as well as among them, the telephone But the Obama administration has not revised its initial hasty conclusions.

"This strange behavior only reinforces the suspicion that the government of the United States has information that contradicts their initial hasty conclusions, But officials holding high public office do not wish to make changes to the report, because It will put them in an awkward position," says Perry.

Sources Perry in the intelligence community confirms that analyzed a large amount of information, and several analysts have come to see that the plane was shot radicals of the Ukrainian army, not a militia.

Despite these data, the American intelligence agencies, summarizes the journalist, with the most expensive and advanced intelligence system in the world, until now have not updated the data of the original report on this tragedy.

Flight MH17 Amsterdam - Kuala Lumpur crashed on July 17 under the Donetsk in Eastern Ukraine. In the cabin there were 298 people. They all lost their lives. The Kyiv authorities have charged in the crash militias, those told that they do not have the tools that would allow to shoot down aircraft at this altitude. In the preliminary report on the inquiry stated that the plane broke up in flight due to structural damage caused by external impact of multiple high-energy objects ", But the source of these objects to install failed.