Sunday, February 15, 2015

#Ukraine #Ceasefire Day 1| Is #WorldPeace Possible ?

#Ukraine #Ceasefire Day 1| Is #WorldPeace Possible ? 

By: Adam Baum

#Ukraine #Ceasefire Day 1| Is #WorldPeace Possible ?

By: Adam Baum
Feb., 15, 2015
When I logged on to the News this morning, I was not surprised at all to see that Ukraine had already broke the Minsk2 agreement. What does baffle me is how the UN will play no part in this arbitration representing the global community as a whole. Has the UN in fact been totally subverted by the US zionist banking system, that to act as a sole and sovereign entity would mean their doom and the label of terrorist supporters put them in the US's crosshairs? How is it we have let money and so few greedy people, result in the a global institute entirely expendable to the principles of blood for for money, being the daily modus operandi? It's been a year now since the Ukraine Coup led to this US made Civilwar. Their attempts at framing Putin and Russia have failed so miserably, it is an embarrassment to all America and Europe.

When if ever will people who disapprove of the heinous war-crimes being committed under the False guise of Democracy, revolt as has been done in Greece and Iceland

There are ways to peacefully solve problems that Wars are being waged over simply in the interests of the US Military Industrial Complex and too large to fail Fiat Banking schemes.

Humans are the only species in the universe to be enslaved to a power vacuum money creates. Global resources and the consumption of them are finite, but the killing of another person in order to control the regulation of their distribution, should be the highest universal crime period.

Countries where resources are abundant need to help countries obtain a fair quantity. Food is the first and foremost replenishable resource that common sense and dignity should never be deprived any human being. What good is it to have a problem so easily prevented for the sake of Market Rigging ? It's no wonder so many bankers are committing suicide in these times of embarrassing exposure of their deviate practices.

The start of change, must come with one's self....use the mirror and ask it what you can do as a better person to begin to spread a message of hope to our families friends and communities. No one is born with's learned. Nobody is born to suffer, they're ignored as if they didn't exist.

Wisemen have said that, for us to not stand up and defend justice, is how injustice will prevail to shadow over our daily lives.

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