Monday, February 23, 2015

"Putin Interview" Posted by el_murid .

"Putin Interview" by el_murid .

Putin's interview given to Solovyov, has all the hallmarks of situational - it is very short for some initiatives that we have to somehow justify and voice. It is extremely conciliatory - Putin actually managed to even apologize for his words about the "miners and tractor", which he does not in principle. Question - what Putin wanted to say in this interview - hardly worth looking at some of his specific words and phrases. Here it is important tone and addressee.

The victory put the militia under Debaltseve Poroshenko in an extremely difficult situation in the country. Grouping Kolomoiskiy-Turchinov, Yatsenyuk-Avakova was a reason for his accusations, and these people are just not interested in Putin as partners. They are completely dependent on the United States and go full steam ahead to military confrontation - and the price and its result is absolutely not interested.

The ability of this group demonstrated attacks. Last act of terrorism, for which there is Avakov, strikes at another relatively neutral clan Ukraine - Kharkiv Mayor Kernes clan. Under threat is the Kremlin's plan for pacification and vpihivanie Donbass back on their own terms. In the Ukrainian press, which can not be controlled Poroshenko begin to publish articles on the topic "Well it" in relation to the Donbas. The general message of these articles - you need to stop the senseless war of Donbass, leaving him to rot on their own, you will need to destroy its territory to the ground and give Russia - let tormented.

We have other, more important goal - Crimea. Such reversal is fundamentally contrary to the overall strategy of the Kremlin, which covers a bloody Donbass Crimea. And if that innovation comes from Washington (and doubt it is not necessary), the Kremlin faces a very unpleasant prospect - everything that makes the whole of last year, can go down the drain. Unfortunately, the catch-up strategy, which adheres to the Kremlin, with the obligatory impact initiatives enemy, inevitably leads to such unpleasant discoveries - the opponent has the ability to dramatically change their plans, and you have to start with a clean slate opposition to them - then again you find yourself faced with the fact the new shift pattern of confrontation.

Crimea allowed Russia for some time to fully seize the initiative and lead to any situation favorable to her side. However, the inclusion of a sudden brakes in May launched a situation 180 degrees. We can only respond to changes. And well, if at the time. Hint Putin is quite clear. It is addressed to Poroshenko.

Turn to internal problems. We will not get in the way and we will not use your current impotence. Under the internal problems absurd to understand the economy - the current Kiev deeply spit on it, otherwise he would not have undertaken a no war, nor even a coup a year ago. Internal problems - an elite war between clans and Poroshenko Kolomoiskiy and joined them politicians. Putin obviously puts winning Poroshenko. He addressed and a short interview.

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