Thursday, February 19, 2015

Militia reported the capture of mercenaries from the US

Militia Reported Capture of the Mercenaries from the US

Serzov | Date: 2/19/2015

Militias Debaltseve captured an American sniper, who had not had time to evacuate the city, said the militia Alexander Zhuchkovsky. "Yesterday we came from Donetsk to Moscow to a teleconference with the NDP, and among other things we were asked about foreign mercenaries in the Donets Basin, particularly trainers and fighters of NATO. 

This question is asked frequently, a lot of information and confirmed the facts a little. And today, just as Debaltseve militia took an American sniper, a US citizen. Apparently, he did not have time to evacuate the city with his unit, who evidently did not expect that we would occupy so rapidly (usually mercenaries quickly pulled out of the environment), "- wrote Zhuchkovsky on his page on the social network. 

"Sniper militia immediately passed the MGB. It is a pity that the guys did not occur to photograph the American and his documents, but the information is correct. Can still in a state security DNR later confirmed these things should be shown. Unfortunately, our bodies enough to share information on foreign mercenaries and saboteurs, "- he added. Earlier Thursday, the Ukrainian military Eugene Chudnetsov voluntarily surrendered captured militia, said that among the volunteers Ukrainian battalion "Azov" there are foreigners who come with foreign weapons.


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