Saturday, February 28, 2015

Militia: "In all parts of the front there remains skirmishes"

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Defense line
Today at 12:30 pm

Militia: "In all parts of the front there remains skirmishes" 

Posted by militia: "In the DNR units of the APU continued shelling Donetsk Airport, militia positions in the Sands, and hitting eastern outskirts of the 'noise-north' Gorlovki. 

It has still not terminated, collisions in the Mariupolkom direction continue. In all other sections of the fronts of the LC & DNI arise shootouts with the APU. The enemy tries to take advantage of our neutral positions. Militia items removed were almost all the artillery caliber of 120 mm. At one position remains mortars, tanks, armored combat vehicles, storage and heavy infantry weapons - that will not allow the enemy in case of attack break through the front. 

There was a fixed withdrawal of artillery of the APU - but only in small quantities. The parties continue to rotate troops. The enemy is concentrating troops on the main lines. Also recorded was that the enemy artillery accumulates in the direction of Donetsk. Republican forces there are on full alert and ready to withstand any blows". 

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