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#Debaltsevsky Boiler. Evening of February 15 | #colonelcassad

Debaltsevsky boiler. Evening of February 15

February 15 19:37

By the evening of 15 February, both sides confirmed the truce in most parts of the front, with the exception of some areas. Major fighting continued in the area and Debaltseve Logvinova, as well as according to the OSCE in the area of ​​Lugansk and Raygoroda, where he continued firing.

A scalable option in the district Debaltseve Logvinova and continues to develop a conflict with the environment group that begins to experience difficulties with supply and shortage of ammunition. Actually, as Zaharchenko promised, fighting in Debaltsevskom boiler near Minsk agreements do not fall, and then continue.

In this video as it confirms control of the M-103 (broken machinery and corpses are attached, so all the photos and videos in the online broadcast on the "Voice of Sevastopol" for February 15 Plus hysterical story about the junta's battalion was surrounded in the pot already (it also happens). 

40th Battalion in teroborony Debaltseve was surroundedCossacks offer to leave the military "boiler", but the order of the General Staff is not. locked environment around the position of the 40th mechanized infantry battalion jotdelnogo (aka the 40th battalion of territorial defense "Kryvbas") on the outskirts of Debaltseve. Battalion from different sides continue to report on their environment. "Our fighter with one of the checkpoints near Chernukhin called a friend, said: "Boris, we are surrounded by" good-bye "- said Olga volunteer, which helps military zone ATO. Based on the survey data, it says that the main strongholds of the 40-ki now really in the environment. "For the people here is not a" pot "because other roads to drive Debaltseve somehow possible. For kids it's" pot "," - said the volunteer. At the entrance to the main boat-point Debaltseve forces ATO - is t .N. "Cross", the intersection at the entrance to the city. It is unknown what with the "cross" now, but last week it not once had to beat the separatists. Headquarters "Kryvbas", which is a two-story building is divided - the military, which belong to the headquarters, hiding from the shelling in cellars. "Shoot , some Cossacks came to them to negotiate. Surrounded they have long - Sinkovsky (zamkombata - Ed.) Have said that they are surrounded by. He said that they are already in the cellars. This is the building where the headquarters - the second floor no. Sinkovsky also said that the guys do not even have cars if they retreat - I have no idea how to do it, "- said Julia, the wife of a soldier of the 40th Battalion, who serves on the staff. He made ​​contact this morning. According to her, the OSCE was to come to the position of the 40th Battalion, to observe the implementation of agreements Minsk today at 10:00. But no one came. She also learned that the separatists seized a radio station 40 Battalion. At some point, the connection was restored, but for how long line she does not know. According to her, the fighters on the radio offered military waste. "Something there should do it, and pull them out of the order no. I understand that they are waiting for the order, "- said Julia. - We Fund "–Ądnist" passed tuda10 parcel number, and so far they have not come down, to get to him in the position it is impossible ", - the woman added. contacted the deputy battalion commander of the 40th Battalion Yuri Sinkovsky. "I certify that no truce there. There are fights on the "defensive midfielders." An hour ago, ended the fight in the area Logvinova. There are kindly requested to invite representatives of the OSCE and to show what is there to still truce. No truce. There are fights, Chernukhin, Logvinova. Setting is not even that 40-ki, but they leaked between "opornikami" and partly strongholds have surrounded. This fact also confirm, "- said zamkombata.Rodion Korovkin, former chief of staff of the battalion, in a telephone conversation also said that he has information about the "pot" of fighters. "At the moment that the message that I received this morning, near 9:00 - this guys came out (to communicate - ed.) - they are completely surrounded. Ammunition them enough for 30-40 minutes of battle. Communication with anyone they do not have to help him do not come. This is from the words of the children. Operational information I do not know, because I'm not the chief of staff, "- said Korovkin. "How to help them, I do not know. We comply with the peace agreement in Minsk. Assault, attack, we have no right to deploy a full-scale operation to free those or other strong points or positions. The boys are fighting not offensive and defensive. The president's decision was - to declare martial law, so let him announce ... Our boys die. I do not call for the introduction of the EP, but I see no other way out, "- said Sinkovsky. Before the 40th Battalion received artillery support.Now, in connection with the notification, it is not. "Or let them invite representatives of the OSCE on this road Arttemovsk-Debaltseve for Debaltseve, let us see what there truce. Start it will be presented by the whole thing, as long as our boys are still out there and keep defense there! Just watch how they consume - is not correct. It's not that destroy, they bravely fight. repel the attacks. But this is wrong, where is this truce? We must do something about it, "- said Sinkovsky that very worried about the fighters. "There is no help for them and is not suitable. Guys poor sitting there. We have already thought about how to rescue them - maybe by the wives get together, go to the draft board, that someone somehow push, though kak help. The authorities said that no ring there, and they sit in the ring, "- said in comments Oksana, wife of a soldier of the 40th Battalion, which for several days did not get in touch. We remind about the environment 40 th battalion learned this afternoon from one of the soldiers of the battalion. "We're surrounded. Our commanders are now talking with the commanders of the Cossacks to leave us, "- said the military, to get through to the correspondent According to him, locked environment detachment of Cossacks. At the headquarters of ATO could not confirm these words. "We have no such information, we do not confirm, "- said the speaker ATO Andrei Lysenko. At the same time, 40 fighter-ki said that the military leadership is probably not aware of the situation, which turned out to be a division - because staff" Kryvbas "is also surrounded. That night, the positions of the 40th Battalion was restless, despite the truce. For him fired, including heavy artillery. According to the fighter, communication with the outside world there is little, sending volunteers from the battalion do not reach, it is impossible to take out the dead. " Here are just a couple of days ago the wounded managed to take out, and 200s here we are, "- said He also denied Semenchenko that the road from Lugano to Debaltseve free. Battalion holds positions in a place that continuously under fire from all weapons, over one and a half months. "We are in that time - not a step back, stand on your" - said the fighter. To exit from the environment at the battalion no special equipment, will have to make a forced march in the hope that help with technology at a checkpoint. It was reported that the day before yesterday "Kryvbas" requests increased support artillery battalion in daily several dead and wounded. 42_40y_batalon_teroboroni.html - Zinc In general, using articulated Zaharchenko legal collisions, Debaltsevskuyu group will finish and the fighting has been going on a local scale, but of course even here the intensity of the fighting fell. According to reports from both sides, the junta still can not take a chance and leave the roads and through the fields between the reference points VSN. Unlock the road to Debaltseve she is unlikely to succeed.

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