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The most Important Military Secret in Novorossiya - "Is not to win too fast" all Ukraine

The most Important Military Secret in Novorossiya - "Is not to win too fast" all Ukraine

January 30, 2015

Everything in the world is repeated - something as tragedy, something as farce. Over the past 10 months of the war occurred an armed coup, symbolizing "triumph of European values", gradually degenerated into an ordinary fascist regime headed by billionaire and a bunch of frightened officials still Yushchenko's spill cling to power solely from a sense of self-preservation.

Even the public rhetoric of senior officials Bandera mode slipped from discussing a bright future in a common family of European nations after the signing of the "Association Agreement with the European Union" to the demagogic-painful cries of "Ukraine shoulder to shoulder with Germany defended Europe from the Soviet aggressor in the Second World War and today stands barrier in front of the Russian occupiers. " In fact - this is nothing more than a vain attempt to obtain from the West of money on their content.

For domestic consumption used arguments, more reminiscent of the rhetoric Goebbels early spring 1945. Increasingly, in the press and jingoistic segment of the Internet there is information about the miracle weapon that put the Ukraine and the United States which bullet-proof stainless Ukrainian cyborgs not only beat off the ruins of the Donetsk airport, but will be included in the Kremlin no further than the spring and summer -osenyu this year.

And along with this there is a growing wave of discontent with senior officials in Kiev Bandera mode, louder talk about betrayal heads of the army and the state, the urgent need to organize the third maidan, martial law, to invite foreign troops to protect Europe from Russian barbarians here and now

All the signs near disaster. In Hitler's Germany, too, on the eve of the defeat of an attempt on the Fuhrer, were separate negotiations, invented the very "vundervaflyu" (miracle weapon), which is able to turn the tide of the war and to reject Russian army to Moscow.

In this plane lies a series of war crimes, hastily cobbled together at the knee to beg the United States and the European Union next credits and direct military assistance.

Volnovaha, Donetsk, Mariupol. Three times in two weeks destroyed dozens of civilians in an attempt to coerce the West into a large-scale assistance to the dying Bandera-fascist regime.

Actions completely senseless from a military point of view and advantageous only to the Nazis. Obviously designed for a benevolent consumer who will not ask "Who benefits?" And conduct even a cursory investigation.

All these facts indicate that the leadership of the Bandera regime is well aware that "to death four steps" and rushes frantically trying to find that "magic weapon", which is only able to save mode if you do not, then at least the life of its leaders.

At the same time, the US and the EU, on which their hopes in Kiev, not in a hurry to take measures to save the rulers of Kiev. Yes, conversations and expressions of public support is more than enough. Yes, Kiev promise and membership in the European Union (ever) and NATO (a little later).

Yes, Russia condemn and ensure that sanctions are not only not diminished, but will be strengthened. Even expanded lists of officials in Russia, which has banned entry into the state of the civilized world. That is, do everything that does not require real gestures and costs. While there, go and costs. Demonstartivno-mocking. As an example, Canada's decision to allocate Kiev assistance amounting to 52 million dollars. And this at a time when Kiev criminals in power, fighting against its own population, asking for at least $ 15 billion!

But just as macro-financial assistance, as well as vundervaffe nobody Kiev does not. Moreover, even the promised and agreed upon billions every way delayed. Occurs exactly the same thing as using the former regime.

And Yushchenko and Yanukovych, SBA loans IMF started to slip after the second tranche and ordered to live long.

Similarly, today, promised to release in December last year, the third tranche is not only isolated and a month later, but not even agreed upon. Arrived with inspection in January, the IMF mission left stonily and vague promises to give an answer later.

Such close attention to the IMF loans is easy to explain - it is guided by other international financial institutions when making decisions about allocating resources of a country. Now, all froze in anticipation.

Although there is no doubt - the third tranche of the loan will be highlighted. As well as other loans from the World Bank, EBRD et cetera. That's when they will not wonder weapon and no one save.As the experience of last year, the West allocates credit resources even less than that needed Bander-junta to service its external debt.

For example, in 2014 the budget balances of Ukraine had to tear out and give blood 11.2 billion dollars. Despite the fact that the West has provided a $ 9 billion. There is no reason to hope that this year will be different. In states that Kiev calls his loyal friends and colleagues sit hardened cynical pragmatism. They also see that the power of Kiev Nazis hangs in the balance and no it will not save billions. So do not give more than they Kiev will be immediately returned.

See it in Kiev. And this is the reason of war hysteria on the front, all the more obvious showdown in Bander-junta and an endless succession of war crimes with more terror in the controlled area.

Under these conditions, the opponents of the "dictator" Valtsmana (Poroshenko) in the two breakaway republics were in a unique position. For the first time in the history of warfare in political and military leaders of the warring parties, the most urgent task is to not allow your enemy to lose too soon. To not own army won a decisive victory at this stage of hostilities.

Few people today doubt that any significant victory militias (although we can talk about the armed forces of New Russia - WPC), such as the liberation of Mariupol, will lead to a revolution in Kiev and Poroshenko ouster from power.

This means rapid collapse of the junta-Bandera, which will come in the last stage of its existence - a frank and unbridled Nazism. Direct military dictatorship, terror of civilians, the military situation and the way ...

That will inevitably lead to loss of control regions and riots everywhere, not excluding Galicia - the only region politically and ideologically, morally and historically supporting neo-Nazism Bandera spill.

It would seem that perhaps closer and quick victory should be the aim and objective of the Kiev regime opponents. In fact it is not. And although this right and to be honest since March last year, most people did not understand that the purpose of the present war are very different.

Victory is the expulsion of the Nazis and the overthrow came to power illegally, and not a military victory. And - on the territory of Ukraine, and not in two, five or even ten areas. If today will fall front and peregryzet Bander-junta in Kiev, DNR and LC is simply not enough forces and means for the liberation of all Ukraine and the establishment of power.

VSN today has the most optimistic estimates about 40 thousand. Man. That's enough to make the Left Bank, but only just. 40 thousand. Simply dissolve, divided into military commandant's offices and units that will have to perform police functions in the liberated territories.

Moreover, there is, in principle, even the backbone of civil administration, which can be transferred to a temporary manual control at least the regional center, not to mention hundreds of other settlements.

VSN today are really able to rout the troops of the Nazis. But are unable to take the lead and control of the liberated territories.

That is why the main question of the day is: "Is not it too fast we win?".

And the main task today is to create units and who will control the order in the rear of the advancing army, and politicians - to form the backbone of the civil administration that will be able to establish a peaceful life in the liberated territories. And this problem is not one month.

And that is why today and until May BCH should slowly and gradually grind the enemy armored vehicles and artillery, refraining from big victories and too hasty advance.

Such is the strange war for prying eyes. But we do not need the ruins of Ukraine. How do not need millions of victims. We just need to Ukraine-all Ukraine. Ukraine, which was created by our ancestors. Jewel in the crown of the Russian Empire. Part of the Russian World. The state, whose population is descended from Kievan Rus.

So, we'll just have to expel the Nazis from their land. Only.

Author: Michael Onufrienko

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