Saturday, January 17, 2015

That is What They Don't Say: A Few Facts About Putin

That is What They don't Say: A Few Facts About Putin

That is what they do not say: A few facts about Putin: Over the past 12 years of Putin as president of  Russia the budget has increased by 22 times, military expenditures - 30 times, the GDP - 12 times, the international reserves have grown 48 times! He returned operations of 256 mineral deposits in the Russian jurisdiction. Russia jumped from 36th place in the world in terms of GDP, to second place. Ripping "liberals" in the history of enslaving the production sharing agreements, Nationalized the oil industry by 65% and 95% of natural gas and many other resource industries.

He raised agriculture of Russian produce for 5 consecutive years, which ranked it 2nd-3rd in the world grain exports, ahead of the US, which is now in 4th place. He increased the average salary in the public sector by 18.5 times in the workplace, and that is still very trifle: Putin has reduced the lifespan of the Russian population from 1.5 million a year in 1999 to 21 thousand in 2011, ie. 71.5 age.12+ years, and the average pension - 14 times. 

In addition, Putin canceled the Khasavyurt agreements - so that we defended the integrity of Russia, made ​​public more NGOs - subdued the fifth column and forbade any deputies to have accounts abroad. He staunchly defended Syria, and ended the war in Chechnya. Through all  this he also held a triumphant Winter Olympics Games in Sochi! & Returned Crimea home to Russia!

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