Friday, January 30, 2015

Ministry of Defense destroying traces of their Crimes in the Donbas.


Ministry of Defense destroying traces of their Crimes in the Donbas.

Friday, January 30, 2015 
Olga Talova

Punishers go home. 24-th separate assault battalion "Aydar" Land Forces Armed Forces of Ukraine, which is officially subordinate to the Ministry of Defense and operates in the Luhansk region comprising the units of ATO, disbanded.

This was announced by the battalion commander "Aydar" Sergei Melnychuk, now MP. Combat pretended to be terribly distressed and annoyed.

"The battalion was disbanded already three days ago. According to the documents it does not already exist. The Minister of Defence and Chief of General Staff say they have not signed such an order. But the front has come documents that such a unit does not exist, as well as printing the new unit. We will picket the Ministry of Defence to the battalion continued to exist and to protect the integrity of Ukraine ", - he said.

In fact, all this ritual dances. Aidar was not for several reasons. One of the most important: the militia attack on all fronts. Aidar has long been at the forefront was not, he looted in Lugansk and Donetsk region, "the Ukrainian territory." Sadism and lawlessness aydarovtsev so moved beyond that even the media junta like "Mirror of the Week" began to demand punishment and trial of "Hero ATO."

In addition, "Aydar" became a regular face criminal news: soldiers looted shops, beaten and robbed people of Kiev, squeezed business. In December last year, Chief of Staff of Armed Forces of Ukraine Viktor Muzhenko said that by the end of 2014 the battalion "Aydar" should be restructured - for the reasons described above.

And now the Ministry of Defense got rid of a lesson in Balaclava, clean them from the ranks of Defense. Although aydarovtsy sake of decency little pomitinguyut under the walls of the ministry, they are happy that everything is developed.

Firstly, their commander long entrenched in the parliament and develops there laws about how much it costs to pay off the mobilization. Secondly, it is not necessary to go to the front, where there is very fierce fighting and preparing the next pot. Third (and this is acknowledged by the volunteers themselves aydarovtsy) "work Punisher" became unprofitable: nothing left to steal, all the rich houses and apartments they plundered the summer, and jackals for a couple of sheets or baby mattress Hero ATO considered it unsound. Again, they just stopped paying wages.

For authorities also beneficial to eliminate "Aydar" which is known as one of the first volunteer battalions, went to fight in the east of Ukraine. Splayed battalion will not be able to participate in a coup and overthrow the president, if in Kiev is still going to happen next Maidan.

In addition, debunked the myth of heroes - volunteers who have prayed for svidomye ukropatrioty. APU and the General Staff made it clear that the army will be cleaned from sheluponi Maidan, so soon have to say goodbye and with other gangs punitive, like "Azov", "Dnipro", "Miner" - Ministry of Defense does not want to take responsibility for them and share the blame for war crimes, terrorism and other civilians. Yes, by the way - the responsibility - this is a key reason for the sudden dissolution of the battalion sadists and killers.

Experts give the Ukrainian army a few weeks of "life", therefore "Aydar" and merged in advance. It is unlikely that one of his men will be punished: Battalion disbanded, documentary evidence of it also did not turn out as they did not have snipers on the Maidan. Find karbata fighters will not be possible, they dissolve in a "peaceful environment." The failure to mobilize, and now the dissolution of the destroyer battalions says that ukroarmii not be long, but during this time she will actively destroy the traces of their crimes in the Donbas.


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