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"I was born in and died in #Odessa." | Brazhevsky Andrew G. 30/08/1987 - 05/02/2014

                  "I was born and died in Odessa."

Brazhevsky Andrew G. 30/08/1987 - 05/02/2014 

He graduated from the Odessa National Academy of Telecommunications im.A.S.Popova and courses "5-ka" at kompyuternoy Academy "STEP" .Vladel basic skills of software development in PHP with MySQL. Could disassemble and reassemble your PC, reinstall the operating system, owned office programs. Worked as a programmer. Loved life and his city.

When in February 2014 to power in Ukraine came neo-Nazi forces, I joined the national teams of Odessa to help law enforcement agencies to protect their city and its citizens against radicals. Together with fellow "Borotba" took part in the protection of the tent camp on the Kulikovo field.
May 2, we under the onslaught of brutal neo-Nazis retreated into the building of the House of Trade Unions, which they set on fire.

Fleeing from the fire, I jumped out of the building, but on the ground I, burned and was barely alive, they finished me with bats and legs. I was not so painful as the burns and beatings as the shame for the bad people in human form. I saw fascism and I remembered the words of Julius Fucik: "People, I loved you. Be careful! ".

"What I really wanted for Ukraine was not fascism and there to be peace. "

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