Friday, January 16, 2015

A"Cyborg" from Donetsk Airport Reported Running Out of Ammunition...

A"Cyborg" from Donetsk airport reported running out of ammunition...

19:08, 16 January 2015

Chapter DNR Alexander Zakharchenko with the flag, which was removed from 
the Donetsk airport terminal (Frame: YouTube video)

The Ukrainian military defenders in Donetsk airport, run out of ammo. This is what one of them told the TV channel "112 Ukraine" . According to him, there's not enough ammunition left "for another fight."

Earlier, one of the defenders of the airport, (in the Ukraine for their resistance, these UA soldiers are called the "cyborgs") said that he and his colleagues have nowhere to retreat. "Our situation is worse and worse ... We have been pelted from above. We have tightened in on the area of 20 meters. Along the perimeter of shoot. Already we all have nowhere to go, "- said he.

In a usual fashion typically used in Kiev, the Advisor to the President of Ukraine Yuri Biryukov admitted that due to the fact that the fighting has been going on at the new airport terminal so long (just until recently, it was under the control of our"cyborgs"), The Ukrainian military can no longer help with artillery."Yesterday artillery worked quite closely but, unfortunately, the mass of the separatists erupted into the new terminal, and now, in fact, it is the close contact fire inside the terminal," that he sees trouble with - said he.

In this case, Biryukov, referring to a conversation with the president stressed that the issue of surrendering the airport was not even discussed.

What will end the battle for the Donetsk airport?

In the press center of the anti-terrorist operation (officially it's referred to as the military actions against the decoupling of Donbass.) In their summary at 15:00 hrs. local time was reported that the Ukrainian military are still in the building of the new terminal, where they were "still trying unsuccessfully to dislodge the militants." In this case, the General Staff of Armed Forces of Ukraine acknowledged that the situation remains critical in the defense at the airport.

It has been reported that at the airport they are trying to take out the wounded. According to the latest data of the Ukrainian side, the intensity of the shelling by "militants" has declined slightly. However, the military did not rule out that the enemy was preparing for a decisive battle.

Fighting for the Donetsk airport has continued constantly in recent months. An object-controlled partly by Ukrainian military, it is trying to discourage supporters of the breakaway republic of Donetsk, claiming that there being shelling by Donetsk Army. On the morning of January 16 , representatives of DNR announced that the airport is fully under their control. However, the Ukrainian side stated that it continues to hold some military forces there.

COMMENT BY POSTER: Kiev is under the control of the US CIA special forces who will put all the propaganda in the world out there to get people to believe the lies about their involvement in the #Ukraine Coup and the other dispicable war-crimes, including #MH17 as a false-flag, in order to get Russia into ousting Putin and for them to install a western puppet leader such as they have in Poroshenko. The reasons for this are the inherent collapse of the Dollar as the worlds favored currency to settle global debt. The entire US government as well as the United Nations, the #EU and #NATO, have been hijacked by an anglo-saxon Zionist Cabal of Thieving Bankers called the #IMF.
While all the signs for this being the case are now commonly known worldwide, the US is using it's military might for the purposes of these Demonic Elite. Putin has shown the world just how far these crazy fools will go to further their evil agendas and axis of control. Read the alternative News sites that at least make common sense and don't be fooled by the Western Media Machine.

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