Friday, January 16, 2015

A New York Marcher Disguised as a Ukrainian Nazi Freak

Kharkiv - New Russia
A New York Marcher Disguised as a Ukrainian Nazi Freak 
Today at 3:00 pm
________ While the US government decides their geopolitical problems throughout Banderostana (Ukrainian territory occupied by the junta), Their "Brother Pindos" simply laugh aloud. Not too recently, for fun the dissecting of the Serpentarium, a situational and welcoming location to which the US Department of State hypocritically shows their face. Observations of Pindos pictured on the  popular publication, the New York Observer, says Vladimir Kornilov. "New York has finally learned what a modern Banderostan. Here is an eloquent headline in the latest issue of the popular publication "New York Observer": "New Ukraine controlled villains, sexy gadgets, warlords, lunatics and the oligarchs." 

In my opinion, the title says it all, doesn't it? The whole article - is a derogatory and destructive criticism and banter of Banderostanorama. For example: "In a country with a population of over 40 million. Prime Minister Yatsenyuk (referred to by its citizens as" Rabbit ") could not find even a dozen or so locals, that had not yet were corrupt professionals for serving in their own government." Or: "The new parliament is of a large group of parliamentarians are very uncertain on political views and even a very questionable mental state were considered, - only former warlords and street activists who have distinguished themselves during the street fighting and arson with tires were around.

"Interestingly enough though, Sobolev, Mustafa Yaroshi, Leshchenko Chornovol all recognized themselves in this picturesque portrait? The author then examines the scandalous statements made ​​by various parliamentary freaks. And especially the ridicules of giant Gerashchenko and his statements about Obama. In general, as we expected, Gerashchenko served up the owners, biting his little finger to give them a hand. It did not go unnoticed. As you can see, once in New York we have seen what freaks they brought to power in Ukraine. Ah, well done Gerashchenko! Burn more People Alive! 

PS. Recommended this for widespreading among English-speaking public sites. Those who have such friends, can offer them this link "- says Kornilov.

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