Friday, January 30, 2015

Israel opens to hide War Criminal Nazi murderers of Political Elite in Kiev


Friday, January 30, 2015

Israel opens to hide War Criminal Nazi murderers of Political Elite in Kiev

As the political elite Kiev is readying to run., They have already prepared escape routes and passports of other states.

It is interesting to know whether the Ukrainian patriots, that the head of the National Security Council Alexander Turchinov Israeli passport? Do the relatives of those who were sentenced on Independence Turchynov to the role of "sacred victims" that the pastor in Israel opened the account on which no less than 80,000,000 (eighty million dollars), which Turchinov stole from the state, as the first vice Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko at?

Known exactly. In Turchinov have an Israeli passport.
Known exactly. The passport is inscribed a new name.
Known exactly. Israel refuses to give information, what new name to Alexander Turchinov, as a citizen of Israel.

It is sad that a Jewish and democratic state is host to war criminals - such as Alexander Turchinov, at whose hands the blood of hundreds of civilians Donbass blood "sacred victims" Maidana and ashes burnt-Odessa.

I would like to ask a question the state of Israel. Is it for the great Jewish "Nazi hunter" Simon Wiesenthal dedicated his life to the search for war criminals to Israel in the 21st century hid the new Nazi murderers on their territory?

Adolf Eichmann.
Franz Stangl.
Hermina Braunshtayner.
Klaus Barbie.
Karl Silberbauer.
Franz Murer.
Erich Rayakovich.

Alexander Turchin?


Ministry of Defense destroying traces of their Crimes in the Donbas.


Ministry of Defense destroying traces of their Crimes in the Donbas.

Friday, January 30, 2015 
Olga Talova

Punishers go home. 24-th separate assault battalion "Aydar" Land Forces Armed Forces of Ukraine, which is officially subordinate to the Ministry of Defense and operates in the Luhansk region comprising the units of ATO, disbanded.

This was announced by the battalion commander "Aydar" Sergei Melnychuk, now MP. Combat pretended to be terribly distressed and annoyed.

"The battalion was disbanded already three days ago. According to the documents it does not already exist. The Minister of Defence and Chief of General Staff say they have not signed such an order. But the front has come documents that such a unit does not exist, as well as printing the new unit. We will picket the Ministry of Defence to the battalion continued to exist and to protect the integrity of Ukraine ", - he said.

In fact, all this ritual dances. Aidar was not for several reasons. One of the most important: the militia attack on all fronts. Aidar has long been at the forefront was not, he looted in Lugansk and Donetsk region, "the Ukrainian territory." Sadism and lawlessness aydarovtsev so moved beyond that even the media junta like "Mirror of the Week" began to demand punishment and trial of "Hero ATO."

In addition, "Aydar" became a regular face criminal news: soldiers looted shops, beaten and robbed people of Kiev, squeezed business. In December last year, Chief of Staff of Armed Forces of Ukraine Viktor Muzhenko said that by the end of 2014 the battalion "Aydar" should be restructured - for the reasons described above.

And now the Ministry of Defense got rid of a lesson in Balaclava, clean them from the ranks of Defense. Although aydarovtsy sake of decency little pomitinguyut under the walls of the ministry, they are happy that everything is developed.

Firstly, their commander long entrenched in the parliament and develops there laws about how much it costs to pay off the mobilization. Secondly, it is not necessary to go to the front, where there is very fierce fighting and preparing the next pot. Third (and this is acknowledged by the volunteers themselves aydarovtsy) "work Punisher" became unprofitable: nothing left to steal, all the rich houses and apartments they plundered the summer, and jackals for a couple of sheets or baby mattress Hero ATO considered it unsound. Again, they just stopped paying wages.

For authorities also beneficial to eliminate "Aydar" which is known as one of the first volunteer battalions, went to fight in the east of Ukraine. Splayed battalion will not be able to participate in a coup and overthrow the president, if in Kiev is still going to happen next Maidan.

In addition, debunked the myth of heroes - volunteers who have prayed for svidomye ukropatrioty. APU and the General Staff made it clear that the army will be cleaned from sheluponi Maidan, so soon have to say goodbye and with other gangs punitive, like "Azov", "Dnipro", "Miner" - Ministry of Defense does not want to take responsibility for them and share the blame for war crimes, terrorism and other civilians. Yes, by the way - the responsibility - this is a key reason for the sudden dissolution of the battalion sadists and killers.

Experts give the Ukrainian army a few weeks of "life", therefore "Aydar" and merged in advance. It is unlikely that one of his men will be punished: Battalion disbanded, documentary evidence of it also did not turn out as they did not have snipers on the Maidan. Find karbata fighters will not be possible, they dissolve in a "peaceful environment." The failure to mobilize, and now the dissolution of the destroyer battalions says that ukroarmii not be long, but during this time she will actively destroy the traces of their crimes in the Donbas.



Wednesday, January 28, 2015

1. Mobilization in Dnepropetrovsk almost choked.

" Today we can say that in the Dnipropetrovsk region wishing to go fight in the area of ATO, no . In this case, as reported in the regional military commissariat, the number of evaders is growing. If in May last year to September 5000 was just evaders, then a few days since the beginning of the fourth wave of mobilization has 2,000. In Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration confirmed that more than two thousand people covered by the fourth wave of mobilization, disappeared without a trace. "

2. Another village of Odessa region rebelled against the mobilization

" Villagers Dmitrovka Bolgrad district of Odessa region expelled from the military commissars agendas . According to local residents, the village in the ranks of the armed forces planned to call about 200 people - despite the fact that the entire population of the village is about 5,000 people, including women, children and the elderly. As a result, Mobilizing a serious blow to the economy of the settlement, the locals say. "

3. Village Kulevchi Odessa region rebelled against the mobilization and drive the recruiting office staff

" On January 23, the village Kulevchi Saratsky district area residents rebelled against the mobilization and kicked out of the village staff recruiting office . According to them, that are going to bring to the village of 240 people found the agendas in advance, and in a matter of minutes in the village square, about 500 people gathered . Agenda came handing six staff recruiting office, and understanding among the local people they met. Residents corny recruiting office staff kicked out of their villages. "

A mobilization in western Ukraine has become a farce. Thanks to Yuri Biryukov, Presidential Adviser Poroshenko, who openly shared thrash and groove zapadenskih military offices and recruits . Yury Biryukov proved himself a great hidden secret service agents Novorossia.

Already all - in Kiev and Dnepropetrovsk and Donetsk, and in Moscow - it is clear that this wave of mobilization of the latter. On another attempt at edinoUkrainy simply do not have time - people would run away before. At APU will no longer forces to stand up after this defeat. Especially because now they are waiting embarrassingly painful surprise - and not where they are waiting. It's not where they're afraid.

And after the defeat of the administrative resource will collapse even faster than the remnants of the Ukrainian army dobegut to Kiev to overthrow the "traitor" Poroshenko.

EdinoUkraina destroyed so quickly that in Kiev and Dnepropetrovsk growing panic. Even "Chabadnik" Boris Filatov suddenly thought of God .

Boria "Fil" Filatov can understand - his patron Benya even afraid to show his nose in Dnepropetrovsk, protects your skin. And Boris Filatov realizes that now his skins "politely" looking towards DRG New Russia. Which is already in Dnepropetrovsk. Who quietly sit on the flats, reviewing good movies on the network, and wait when you can start.

It will be a good spring. For the New Russia.

And a very bad spring. For Ukraine.


The most Important Military Secret in Novorossiya - "Is not to win too fast" all Ukraine

The most Important Military Secret in Novorossiya - "Is not to win too fast" all Ukraine

January 30, 2015

Everything in the world is repeated - something as tragedy, something as farce. Over the past 10 months of the war occurred an armed coup, symbolizing "triumph of European values", gradually degenerated into an ordinary fascist regime headed by billionaire and a bunch of frightened officials still Yushchenko's spill cling to power solely from a sense of self-preservation.

Even the public rhetoric of senior officials Bandera mode slipped from discussing a bright future in a common family of European nations after the signing of the "Association Agreement with the European Union" to the demagogic-painful cries of "Ukraine shoulder to shoulder with Germany defended Europe from the Soviet aggressor in the Second World War and today stands barrier in front of the Russian occupiers. " In fact - this is nothing more than a vain attempt to obtain from the West of money on their content.

For domestic consumption used arguments, more reminiscent of the rhetoric Goebbels early spring 1945. Increasingly, in the press and jingoistic segment of the Internet there is information about the miracle weapon that put the Ukraine and the United States which bullet-proof stainless Ukrainian cyborgs not only beat off the ruins of the Donetsk airport, but will be included in the Kremlin no further than the spring and summer -osenyu this year.

And along with this there is a growing wave of discontent with senior officials in Kiev Bandera mode, louder talk about betrayal heads of the army and the state, the urgent need to organize the third maidan, martial law, to invite foreign troops to protect Europe from Russian barbarians here and now

All the signs near disaster. In Hitler's Germany, too, on the eve of the defeat of an attempt on the Fuhrer, were separate negotiations, invented the very "vundervaflyu" (miracle weapon), which is able to turn the tide of the war and to reject Russian army to Moscow.

In this plane lies a series of war crimes, hastily cobbled together at the knee to beg the United States and the European Union next credits and direct military assistance.

Volnovaha, Donetsk, Mariupol. Three times in two weeks destroyed dozens of civilians in an attempt to coerce the West into a large-scale assistance to the dying Bandera-fascist regime.

Actions completely senseless from a military point of view and advantageous only to the Nazis. Obviously designed for a benevolent consumer who will not ask "Who benefits?" And conduct even a cursory investigation.

All these facts indicate that the leadership of the Bandera regime is well aware that "to death four steps" and rushes frantically trying to find that "magic weapon", which is only able to save mode if you do not, then at least the life of its leaders.

At the same time, the US and the EU, on which their hopes in Kiev, not in a hurry to take measures to save the rulers of Kiev. Yes, conversations and expressions of public support is more than enough. Yes, Kiev promise and membership in the European Union (ever) and NATO (a little later).

Yes, Russia condemn and ensure that sanctions are not only not diminished, but will be strengthened. Even expanded lists of officials in Russia, which has banned entry into the state of the civilized world. That is, do everything that does not require real gestures and costs. While there, go and costs. Demonstartivno-mocking. As an example, Canada's decision to allocate Kiev assistance amounting to 52 million dollars. And this at a time when Kiev criminals in power, fighting against its own population, asking for at least $ 15 billion!

But just as macro-financial assistance, as well as vundervaffe nobody Kiev does not. Moreover, even the promised and agreed upon billions every way delayed. Occurs exactly the same thing as using the former regime.

And Yushchenko and Yanukovych, SBA loans IMF started to slip after the second tranche and ordered to live long.

Similarly, today, promised to release in December last year, the third tranche is not only isolated and a month later, but not even agreed upon. Arrived with inspection in January, the IMF mission left stonily and vague promises to give an answer later.

Such close attention to the IMF loans is easy to explain - it is guided by other international financial institutions when making decisions about allocating resources of a country. Now, all froze in anticipation.

Although there is no doubt - the third tranche of the loan will be highlighted. As well as other loans from the World Bank, EBRD et cetera. That's when they will not wonder weapon and no one save.As the experience of last year, the West allocates credit resources even less than that needed Bander-junta to service its external debt.

For example, in 2014 the budget balances of Ukraine had to tear out and give blood 11.2 billion dollars. Despite the fact that the West has provided a $ 9 billion. There is no reason to hope that this year will be different. In states that Kiev calls his loyal friends and colleagues sit hardened cynical pragmatism. They also see that the power of Kiev Nazis hangs in the balance and no it will not save billions. So do not give more than they Kiev will be immediately returned.

See it in Kiev. And this is the reason of war hysteria on the front, all the more obvious showdown in Bander-junta and an endless succession of war crimes with more terror in the controlled area.

Under these conditions, the opponents of the "dictator" Valtsmana (Poroshenko) in the two breakaway republics were in a unique position. For the first time in the history of warfare in political and military leaders of the warring parties, the most urgent task is to not allow your enemy to lose too soon. To not own army won a decisive victory at this stage of hostilities.

Few people today doubt that any significant victory militias (although we can talk about the armed forces of New Russia - WPC), such as the liberation of Mariupol, will lead to a revolution in Kiev and Poroshenko ouster from power.

This means rapid collapse of the junta-Bandera, which will come in the last stage of its existence - a frank and unbridled Nazism. Direct military dictatorship, terror of civilians, the military situation and the way ...

That will inevitably lead to loss of control regions and riots everywhere, not excluding Galicia - the only region politically and ideologically, morally and historically supporting neo-Nazism Bandera spill.

It would seem that perhaps closer and quick victory should be the aim and objective of the Kiev regime opponents. In fact it is not. And although this right and to be honest since March last year, most people did not understand that the purpose of the present war are very different.

Victory is the expulsion of the Nazis and the overthrow came to power illegally, and not a military victory. And - on the territory of Ukraine, and not in two, five or even ten areas. If today will fall front and peregryzet Bander-junta in Kiev, DNR and LC is simply not enough forces and means for the liberation of all Ukraine and the establishment of power.

VSN today has the most optimistic estimates about 40 thousand. Man. That's enough to make the Left Bank, but only just. 40 thousand. Simply dissolve, divided into military commandant's offices and units that will have to perform police functions in the liberated territories.

Moreover, there is, in principle, even the backbone of civil administration, which can be transferred to a temporary manual control at least the regional center, not to mention hundreds of other settlements.

VSN today are really able to rout the troops of the Nazis. But are unable to take the lead and control of the liberated territories.

That is why the main question of the day is: "Is not it too fast we win?".

And the main task today is to create units and who will control the order in the rear of the advancing army, and politicians - to form the backbone of the civil administration that will be able to establish a peaceful life in the liberated territories. And this problem is not one month.

And that is why today and until May BCH should slowly and gradually grind the enemy armored vehicles and artillery, refraining from big victories and too hasty advance.

Such is the strange war for prying eyes. But we do not need the ruins of Ukraine. How do not need millions of victims. We just need to Ukraine-all Ukraine. Ukraine, which was created by our ancestors. Jewel in the crown of the Russian Empire. Part of the Russian World. The state, whose population is descended from Kievan Rus.

So, we'll just have to expel the Nazis from their land. Only.

Author: Michael Onufrienko

Everyone’s duty right now is to help the Donbass, containing Western aggression

"When the word comes ‘it’s time’"--Zakharchenko's geopolitical analysis

Everyone’s duty right now is to help the Donbass, containing Western aggression


By Aleksandr Zakharchenko

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

If one is to speak without geopolitical complexities and nuances, the situation is extremely simple. This is a battle for the continent, for the international system, for one’s own taiga. They are desperately attacking us and are trying to take us down quickly. They use all means at their disposal, except for direct military intervention on Russia’s territory. They are destroying Russians outside their borders, they are raising foreign legions in order to invade the country. The West undertook to destroy us for the simple reason it is trying to avert its own destruction. The main factors are the destruction of the economy and of the political authorities of Russia.

The main factor that might allow them to accomplish this is the decay within Russia, a split within the Russian government, the spreading of hatred among the people. That’s the reason for the constant provocations and the divide-and-conquer policies: inter-ethnic animosities, hatred toward the state, toward big capital (specifically the pro-Russian), toward the Orthodox Church, toward its own people and everything around it. All of that is being done to get Russia to destroy itself from within. But that’s precisely what is not happening. Everything is breaking apart against the unity of the government which has the support of its people which feels as if it was in a besieged fortress together with its leader. Even capitalists like Usmanov, Vekselberg, and others, who chose the West, moved their assets from offshore accounts back to Russia. Even Shuvalov swore his loyalty to Putin in Davos. To say nothing of ordinary mortals. No matter how much is said about “Putin the billionaire” and the government for sale, in spite of all the problems and the worsening financial situation, the solidarity with the national leader is not only not growing weaker, but is getting stronger. What is more, the people want him to act more firmly and not compromise with the West, no matter what the cost.

This is what angers the West so. It is trying to promote division and chaos in Russia but it is not happening. The only remaining possibility is to try to destroy the economy, to deprive Russia from access to dollars (which for the West itself is the equivalent of hara-kiri), or to convince Russians that Putin is their enemy and thus deprive him of his national support. Yes, the so-called patriotic maidan. There is an opportunity here, but a small one. And it is closely tied to the situation on the Donbass. It’s a primitive calculation: keep shouting that “Donbass was abandoned”, “there are idiots in the Kremlin”, “Surkov sold out”, etc. Putin is kept out of the line of fire in the first round, and the whole emphasis is on the myth of a palace coup (i.e., Putin was betrayed, they are deceiving him). But they are also pushing the “Putin abandoned the Donbass” line, and sooner or later someone will shout “we have no Czar!” and “down with the Czar!”. This, in a situation of conflict with the West, ought to help topple the “Putin regime.” Donbass is being used as leverage to increase dissatisfaction with the Kremlin: if you introduce Russian forces, you become an international pariah and Hitler (which is more or less how he has been labeled), if you don’t send in troops, you are a traitor.

Moscow chose an intermediate approach of containing Western aggression (until the x-hour) and indirect military confrontation on Ukraine’s territory. Yes, this is not the best variant from the perspective of the Donbass inhabitants. Moreover, it is a forced strategy based on the current realities: Russia’s forces are insufficient for a rapid victory over the consolidated West which, even though it is a giant clay feet, is still the dominant force in the world. As part of this post-Crimean strategy, Russia is taking steps which are far from obvious, but which nevertheless allow the aggression to be repelled. Yes, the position adopted by the eternal critics, who demand a cardinal resolution of the Ukrainian question arguing that it will have to be done “sooner or later”, may seem just and attractive to a patriotically-minded people who suffer at the sight of the dead inhabitants of the Donbass. But the critics don’t want to understand that in their desire to strike the final blow here and now, they are helping the West by forcing the Kremlin to strike when the West still has sufficient power. But the time is working against Washington. Even though it is assembling foreign legions against Russia and is taking Russian lives every day, it is not accomplishing its own task of destroying Russia in the nearest few months. To remove it from the world map as a single political unit. Break it up as an organism. If you want to take up the fight “sooner”, you may not find yourself living in Russia “later.”

If the majority of us understand it with our hearts and minds, then the final victory will be Russia’s. But if we stray from that path, even with good intentions, in the hopes of solving the problem here and now, we will lose. Everyone’s duty right now is to help the Donbass to the extent they can, and not give in to emotions, even if they are sincere or provocative. Be fully prepared for the moment when the word comes “it’s time.”

Translator’s Note: Zakharchenko is without any doubt one of the foremost Russian leaders of our time, one who not only proved himself an able commander of the DPR, but also someone who has a grasp of the big picture. And the big picture is one in which the West is suffering a systemic crisis not unlike the Great Depression, and is trying to stave off an internal breakdown through political and economic expansion. Hence the recent regime changes in the Middle East and elsewhere, hence the Maidan. EU and the US must keep finding new markets, otherwise their internal policies of austerity are bound to destroy their own economies. It need not be so—Greece’s recent election represents a ray of hope that Western institutions may yet be reformed. But one should not put too many hopes in the little Greece’s ability to stand alone against Germany and its quislings within the EU bureaucracy. What is happening in Ukraine is today’s equivalent of the Spanish Civil War. Then, too, USSR stood alone against fascism, hoping to enlist the help of like-minded citizens of Europe and to send a message to the aggressors. Had that war ended differently, tens of millions of people would not have perished in the Second World War. The stakes are equally high today. Russia’s stand is aimed at encouraging resistance within the EU (Greece’s suggests its stand is already having an effect) and also persuading would-be aggressors that the cost of aggression would be too high. As much is at stake in the Donbass today as was in Spain in 1938.
Source: When the word comes ‘it’s time’

Monday, January 26, 2015

Moms in Ukraine, Save your Sons. In Debaltseve came to these DEATH !


Monday, January 26, 2015      
Moms of Ukraine, save your sons: Generals APU running from the Donbas, throw ordinary soldiers
Due to the threat of further attack militants urgently preparing for the evacuation of the SBU operational headquarters deployed in Kramatorsk. In addition, hastily left the area of combat operations in Debaltseve operational group of the General Staff. The commanders complain that they can not communicate with the leadership in Kiev and personally Commander Muzhenko. To prevent escape soldiers from the battlefield in Debaltsevskom boiler appeared "detachments" from the volunteer battalions. "
Ordinary soldiers generals APU going to throw at slaughter. For pictures on the camera Western media. Moms Ukraine, save your sons.
It will be worse Ilovaisky boiler. It will be invisible death from the sky - "Grad", artsnaryady and fire. In Army Novorossia three times more artillery systems than in summer 2014.
After the Army of Ukraine killed civilians, women and children in Donetsk and Gorlovka, Army Novorossia one will not regret.
For Vanya!
PS Mom Ukraine, save your sons. In Debaltseve them came DEATH !
Please PPS maximum spread.


Ukraine is a Civil War, there are already many understand it...

Ukraine is a Civil War, there are already many understand it... 

PETERSBURG, January 26 - RIA Novosti. 

Kiev refuses to follow the path of peaceful settlement of the conflict in the Donbas and used peaceful respite to regroup their forces, said on Monday, Russian President Vladimir Putin.
"Unfortunately, the official Kiev authorities refuse to follow the path of peaceful settlement, do not want to solve the political means. That first law enforcement agencies have used, then the security service, then the army," - Putin said while interacting with students of the National University of mineral resource "Mountain" in St. Petersburg.
The President noted that when it was resisted, the official Kiev to stop the fighting. "And used, unfortunately, only a peaceful respite to regroup, and again started. Thousands of people have already died. This, of course, the real tragedy," - said the president.
In Ukraine, he said, come "tragic events, in fact, a civil war." "And in Ukraine, in my opinion, for many are well aware," - said Putin.



Monday, January 26, 2015 

In recent years, many Ukrainian politicians, worrying about whether the country, whether of their own rating, filled the information space calls for the immediate introduction of martial law in the country.

Their proposals hard not meet neither understanding nor support at the highest levels of government. Fearing that the government can take such a decision, and the people - even approve, on Sunday in a live program TSN with a bunch of "arguments", from which it follows that the military situation in the country can not be entered,appeared adviser Yury Biryukov Poroshenko. The most important in this voicing the curtain of its release.

Imposition of martial law in the current situation in Ukraine is impractical started Biryukov.
"But that will change the official introduction of martial law? Change people's attitude to the events in the East of Ukraine from the fact that it is only called martial law? Oh no! "- He insists.

According to him, those who call for martial law, forget that they will have to pay for it and so pretty bleak democratic freedoms and confiscation of property in favor of the army. "Do not forget that the military situation - it is also a restriction on freedom of expression, the restriction of the right of assembly, the restriction means of communication, off the Internet, forfeiture of any property in the interests of the army and the possibility of forced labor in favor of the army. And when it comes to this point, as a rule, supporters of the military situation has become silent "- explains the Adviser.

And most importantly, that plundered the public treasury of the country which is at war, will not be replenished loans from Western financial institutions.

"After martial law - it is a translation of the rails throughout the economy only to the war. And we must remember that in our economy in general APB situation. We need including loans of the same International Monetary Fund. A country where martial law, no credit does not give "- summed up Biryukov.



Monday, January 26, 2015 

Another, is the fourth wave of mobilization Christmas cannon fodder on the "protection" of Donbass, which he never asked, touches not only the disadvantaged rural population of Ukraine, but also snickering crowd from the capital, which had hitherto remained outside the military recruiting the needs of the regime.

However, the people of Kiev, in practice, not in a hurry to show, and even more so to realize their "patriotism", preferring to praise Ukraine and fight the "lugandonami" in sofa battalions and divisions.

According to information available to the well-known human rights activist Tatyana Montyan, moblizatsiya in Kiev over the brink of failure. Anyway, in an area that is home to herself Montyan, the regime failed to persuade to go for the death of any one person.

"By the way, yesterday learned from one of the official Darnytsa district of Kiev, which has a distribution list to mobilize in our area for 300 people.

Have not been able to mobilize, not one "- said Montyan on his page in Facebook.

Later Montyan again reminded all sane, and not only from Kiev that "one recommendation: do legs, because they can put to intimidate others."



Monday, January 26, 2015

Ukrainian generals and politicians "have already lost" the war, and "The West did not help." It stated punitive battalion commander "Azov" and now lawmaker Andrew Biletsky, in his "Zvernenni to the nation," which was published on his official page on Facebook.

He called in vain hopes of the nation said that "Russia will calm down", but, nevertheless, called its members to mobilize into cannon fodder and go die in the East.

"The situation at the front is critical. Awakening can be very painful. We must face the truth, "- said in his message.

According to Biletskiy Ukrainian side failed preparing for confrontation. He is sure that in Kiev even "four months" truce "did nothing to strengthen their" defense ".
"I do not want to be like tens and hundreds of heralds and rear heroes that soothe the nation. Lull their "heroism", "stabilization" of the front, thousands of allegedly destroying enemy tanks and burned. Awakening can be very painful. We must boldly and directly face the truth. Against us powerful and sneaky enemy. Long prepared for this aggression. Must say to ourselves that we euphemistically called enemy - friend and strategic partner. What we were not prepared for the current confrontation. And even with a four months 'truce' did nothing to strengthen their own defense. That all this time we were hoping for an abstract "maybe": Russia can calm down if we forget about the Crimea; West can help us, etc. Russia has not calmed down, and the West has not helped, "- said Biletsky.
"It is time to take the most important for themselves as for the people, the decision to live or die. If you die, everything is easy and understandable. If you live, it means - fight! Cruel, painful, long and with full dedication.
This war can not be a war, generals and politicians. Their war they have already lost.
This war - the war of the armed people. Here, at the front, full of weapons and determination.
We need men, soldiers, volunteers. Need anyone for whom Ukraine and her will - the real things that are worth dying.
Come! Front-line brotherhood tells you: "Welcome!". Glory to Ukraine! "- Calls on the punisher.


Sunday, January 18, 2015

To Help People's Republic of #Donetsk (#SHARE)

You Too Can Help People's Republic of Donetsk

Today at 4:35 am

Military Commissariat DNR appealed to residents of the Republic of Citizens wishing to voluntarily be accepted for military service for the protection of the People's Republic of Donetsk, contact the military commissariat of the DNI in the community. Everyone accepted for military service are guaranteed clothing and food security, decent timely payment of salaries for the family .

Just spoke with Motorola. At the airport tin. The Ukrainian side beats out all that you can and throws the assault infantry and vehicles. Motorola and his men there now. Keeping defenses. In Sparta, the completion of a large, but the recruits came almost "naked." So now urgently form a military cargo: Dreams of Motorola are vests, helmets, unloading, shape, ankle boots, medicines, as well as help for Gorlovki and soon, send to Donetsk. Any & All Help is appreciated its not through!

You Too Can Help by pledging by phone:
Division VC DNR on Kiev, Voroshilovsky and Kalinin district of Donetsk - (050) 854-44-07 (0622) 57-35-00;

Division VC DNR for proletarian Budennovsk district of Donetsk - (095 ) 898-69-50, (062) 313-03-67;

Division VC DNR on Petrovsky-Kuibyshev district of Donetsk - (050) 473-71-40, (062) 313-03-67;

Division VC DNR on Central urban areas of Makeyevka - (066) 900-24-24 (0623) 22-25-20;

Division VC DNR for Horlivka - (095) 183-05-25 (06242) 4-22- 50; VC DNR

Division for Soviet district of Makeyevka - (095) 149-29-17 (06232) 03.03.02;

Division VC DNR on Chervonogvardeysky district of Makeyevka - (050) 918-68-10, ( 06232) 4-15-46;

Division VC DNR on Amvrosievsky area - (095) 670-40-94 (06259) 2-21-91;

Division VC DNR on Yenakievo - (099) 216-13-12, (06252) 5-32-58;

Division VC DNR on Novoazovsk-Telmanovskiy area - (095) 168-50-07 (06296) 3-14-42;

Division VC DNR on Snezhnyanskiy-Torez area - (050) 754- 92-22, (06256) 5-30-40;

Division VC DNR on Starobeshevskaya area - (095) 017-95-71 (06253) 10.05.54;

Division VC DNR on Khartsyzk - (050) 571 -13-87 (06257) 7-55-52;

Division VC DNR on Shakhtersk - (063) 306-17-40 (06255) 4-23-15.

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Robert Parry explains: Powers Inside the #NeoCon U.S. Govt. & #MSM

Neocons: The ‘Anti-Realists’ By Robert Parry
January 17, 2015

Robert Parry explains: Powers Inside the #NeoCon U.S. Govt. & #MSM

Special Report: America’s neocons, who wield great power inside the U.S. government and media, endanger the planet by concocting strategies inside their heads that ignore real-world consequences. Thus, their “regime changes” have unleashed ancient hatreds and spread chaos across the globe, as Robert Parry explains.

Historically, one of the main threads of U.S. foreign policy was called “realism,” that is the measured application of American power on behalf of definable national interests, with U.S. principles preached to others but not imposed.

This approach traced back to the early days of the Republic when the first presidents warned of foreign “entangling alliances” – and President John Quincy Adams, who was with his father at the nation’s dawning, explained in 1821 that while America speaks on behalf of liberty, “she has abstained from interference in the concerns of others, even when conflict has been for principles to which she clings, as to the last vital drop that visits the heart. …

“Wherever the standard of freedom and independence has been or shall be unfurled, there will her heart, her benedictions and her prayers be. But she goes not abroad, in search of monsters to destroy.”

Prominent neocon intellectual Robert Kagan.
Photocredit:Mariusz Kubik,

However, in modern times, foreign policy “realism” slid into an association with a cold calculation of power, no longer a defense of the Republic and broader national interests but of narrow, well-connected economic interests. The language of freedom was woven into a banner for greed and plunder. Liberty justified the imposition of dictatorships on troublesome populations. Instead of searching for monsters to destroy, U.S. policy often searched for monsters to install.

In the wake of such heartless actions – like imposing pliable “pro-business” dictatorships on countries such as Iran, Guatemala, Congo, Indonesia, Chile and engaging in the bloodbath of Vietnam – “realism” developed a deservedly negative reputation as other supposedly more idealistic foreign policy strategies gained preeminence.

Some of those approaches essentially turned John Quincy Adams’s admonition on its head by asserting that it is America’s duty to search out foreign monsters to destroy. Whether called “neoconservatism” or “liberal interventionism,” this approach openly advocated U.S. interference in the affairs of other nations and took the sides of people who at least presented themselves as “pro-democracy.”

In recent years, as the ranks of the “realists” – the likes of George Kennan, Henry Kissinger and Brent Scowcroft – have aged and thinned, the ranks of the neocons and their junior partners, the liberal interventionists, swelled. Indeed, these “anti-realists” have now grown dominant, touting themselves as morally superior because they don’t just call for human rights, they take out governments that don’t measure up.

Victoria Nuland at Ukraine's Maidan Riots

The primary distinction between the neocons and the liberal interventionists has been the centrality of Israel in the neocons’ thinking while their liberal sidekicks put “humanitarianism” at the core of their world view. But these differences are insignificant, in practice, since the liberal hawks are politically savvy enough not to hold Israel accountable for its human rights crimes and clever enough to join with the neocons in easy-to-sell “regime change” strategies toward targeted countries with weak lobbies in Washington.

In those “regime change” cases, there is also a consensus on how to handle the targeted countries: start with “soft power” – from anti-regime propaganda to funding internal opposition groups to economic sanctions to political destabilization campaigns – and, then if operationally necessary and politically feasible, move to overt military interventions, applying America’s extraordinary military clout.

Moral Crusades

These interventions are always dressed up as moral crusades – the need to free some population from the clutches of a U.S.-defined “monster.” There usually is some “crisis” in which the “monster” is threatening “innocent life” and triggering a “responsibility to protect” with the catchy acronym, “R2P.”

But the reality about these “anti-realists” is that their actions, in real life, almost always inflict severe harm on the country being “rescued.” The crusade kills many people – innocent and guilty – and the resulting disorder can spread far and wide, like some contagion that cannot be contained. The neocons and the liberal interventionists have become, in effect, carriers of the deadly disease called chaos.

And, it has become a very lucrative chaos for the well-connected by advancing the “dark side” of U.S. foreign policy where lots of money can be made while government secrecy prevents public scrutiny.

As author James Risen describes in his new book, Pay Any Price, a new caste of “oligarchs” has emerged from the 9/11 “war on terror” — and the various regional wars that it has unpacked — to amass vast fortunes. He writes: “There is an entire class of wealthy company owners, corporate executives, and investors who have gotten rich by enabling the American government to turn to the dark side. … The new quiet oligarchs just keep making money. They are the beneficiaries of one of the largest transfers of wealth from public to private hands in American history.” [p. 56]

And the consolidation of this wealth has further cemented the political/media influence of the “anti-realists,” as the new “oligarchs” kick back portions of their taxpayer largesse into think tanks, political campaigns and media outlets. The neocons and their liberal interventionist pals now fully dominate the U.S. opinion centers, from the right-wing media to the editorial pages (and the foreign desks) of many establishment publications, including the Washington Post and the New York Times.

By contrast, the voices of the remaining “realists” and their current unlikely allies, the anti-war activists, are rarely heard in the mainstream U.S. media anymore. To the extent that these dissidents do get to criticize U.S. meddling abroad, they are dismissed as “apologists” for whatever “monster” is currently in line for the slaughter. And, to the extent they criticize Israel, they are smeared as “anti-Semitic” and thus banished from respectable society.
Thus, being a “realist” in today’s Official Washington requires hiding one’s true feelings, much as was once the case if you were a gay man and you had little choice but to keep your sexual orientation in the closet by behaving publicly like a heterosexual and surrounding yourself with straight friends.

In many ways, that’s what President Barack Obama has done. Though arguably a “closet realist,” Obama staffed his original administration with foreign policy officials acceptable to the neocons and the liberal interventionists, such as Robert Gates at Defense, Hillary Clinton at State, Gen. David Petraeus as a top commander in the field.

Even in his second term, the foreign-policy hawks have remained dominant, with people like neocon Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs Victoria Nuland enflaming the crisis in Ukraine and UN Ambassador Samantha Power, an R2Per, pushing U.S. military intervention in Syria.

A Slow-Motion Catastrophe

I have personally watched today’s foreign-policy pattern evolve during my 37 years in Washington — and it began innocently enough. After the Vietnam War and the disclosures about bloody CIA coups around the globe, President Jimmy Carter called for human rights to be put at the center of U.S. foreign policy. His successor, Ronald Reagan, then hijacked the human rights rhetoric while adapting to it to his anticommunist cause.

Because Reagan’s usurpation of human rights language involved support for brutal right-wing forces, such as the Guatemalan military and the Nicaraguan Contra rebels, the process required an Orwellian change in what words meant. “Pro-democracy” had to become synonymous with the rights and profits of business owners, not its traditional meaning of making government work for the common people.

But this perversion of language was not as much meant to fool the average Guatemalan or Nicaraguan, who was more likely to grasp the reality behind the word games since he or she saw the cruel facts up close; it was mostly to control the American people who, in the lexicon of Reagan’s propagandists, needed to have their perceptions managed. [See’s “The Victory of Perception Management.“]

The goal of the young neocons inside the Reagan administration – the likes of Elliott Abrams and Robert Kagan (now Victoria Nuland’s husband) – was to line up the American public behind Reagan’s aggressive foreign policy, or as the phrase of that time went, to “kick the Vietnam Syndrome,” meaning to end the popular post-Vietnam resistance to more foreign wars.

President George H.W. Bush pronounced this mission accomplished in 1991 after the end of the well-sold Persian Gulf War, declaring “we’ve kicked the Vietnam Syndrome once and for all.”

By then, the propaganda process had fallen into a predictable pattern. You pick out a target country; you demonize its leadership; you develop some “themes” that are sure to push American hot buttons, maybe fictional stories about “throwing babies out of incubators” or the terrifying prospect of “a mushroom cloud”; and it’s always smart to highlight a leader’s personal corruption, maybe his “designer glasses” or “a sauna in his palace.” 

The point is not that the targeted leader may not be an unsavory character. Frankly, most political leaders are. Many Western leaders and their Third World allies – both historically and currently – have much more blood on their hands than some of the designated “monsters” that the U.S. government has detected around the world. The key is the image-making.

What makes the process work is the application and amplification of double standards through the propaganda organs available to the U.S. government. The compliant mainstream American media can be counted on to look harshly at the behavior of some U.S. “enemy” in Venezuela, Iran, Russia or eastern Ukraine, but to take a much more kindly view of a U.S.-favored leader from Colombia, Saudi Arabia, Georgia or western Ukraine.

While it’s easy – and safe career-wise – for a mainstream journalist to accuse a Chavez, an Ahmadinejad, a Putin or a Yanukovych of pretty much anything, the levels of proof get ratcheted up when it’s a Uribe, a Saudi King Abdullah, a Saakashvili or a Yatsenyuk – not to mention a Netanyahu.

The True Dark Side

But here is the dark truth about this “humanitarian” interventionism: it is spinning the world into an endless cycle of violence. Rather than improving the prospects for human rights and democracy, it is destroying those goals. While the interventionist strategies have made huge fortunes for well-connected government contractors and well-placed speculators who profit off chaos, the neocons and their “human rights” buddies are creating a hell on earth for billions of others, spreading death and destitution.

Take, for example, the beginnings of the Afghan War in the 1980s – after the Soviet Union invaded to protect a communist-led regime that had sought to pull Afghanistan out of the middle ages, including granting equal rights to women. The United States responded by encouraging Islamic fundamentalism and arming the barbaric mujahedeen.

At the time, that was considered the smart play because Islamic fundamentalism was seen as a force that could counter atheistic communism. So, starting with the Carter administration but getting dramatically ramped up by the Reagan administration, the United States threw in its lot with the extremist Wahhabis of Saudi Arabia to invest billions of dollars in supporting these Islamist militants who included one wealthy Saudi named Osama bin Laden.

At the time, with Great Communicator Ronald Reagan leading the way, virtually the entire U.S. mainstream media and nearly every national politician hailed the mujahedeen as noble “freedom fighters” but the reality was always much different. [See, for instance,’s “How US Hubris Baited Afghan Trap.”]

By the end of the 1980s, the U.S.-Saudi “covert operation” had “succeeded” in driving the Soviet army out of Afghanistan with Kabul’s communist regime ultimately overthrown and replaced by the fundamentalist Taliban, who stripped women of their rights. The Taliban also provided safe haven for bin Laden and his al-Qaeda terrorist band, which – by the 1990s – had shifted its sights from Moscow to Washington and New York.

Even though the Saudis officially broke with bin Laden after he declared his intentions to attack the United States, some wealthy Saudis and other Persian Gulf billionaires, who shared bin Laden’s violent form of Islamic fundamentalism, continued to fund him and his terrorists right up to – and beyond – al-Qaeda’s attacks on 9/11.

Then, America’s fear and fury over 9/11 opened the path for the neocons to activate one of their longstanding plans, to invade and occupy Iraq, though it had nothing to do with 9/11. The propaganda machinery was cranked up and again all the “smart” people fell in line. Dissenters were dismissed as “Saddam apologists” or called “traitors.” [See’s “The Mysterious Why of the Iraq War.“]

By fall 2002, the idea of invading Iraq – and removing “monster” Saddam Hussein – was not just a neocon goal, it was embraced by nearly ever prominent “liberal interventionist” in the United States, including editors and columnists of the New Yorker, the New York Times and virtually every major news outlet.

At this point, the “realists” were in near total eclipse, left to grumble futilely or grasp onto some remaining “relevance” by joining the pack, as Henry Kissinger did. The illegal U.S.-led invasion of Iraq also brushed aside the “legal internationalists” who believed that global agreements, especially prohibitions on aggressive war, were vital to building a less violent planet.

An Expanding Bloodbath

In the rush to war in Iraq, the neocons and the liberal interventionists won hands down in 2002-2003 but ended up causing a bloodbath for the people of Iraq, with estimates of those killed ranging from hundreds of thousands to more than a million. But the U.S. invaders did more than that. They destabilized the entire Middle East by disturbing the fragile fault lines between Sunni and Shiite.

With Sunni dictator Saddam Hussein ousted and hanged, Iraq’s vengeful Shiite politicians established their own authoritarian state under the military wing of the U.S. and British armies. Neocon hubris made matters worse when many former Sunni officials and officers were cashiered and marginalized, creating fertile ground for al-Qaeda to put down roots among Iraqi Sunnis, planting a particularly brutal strain nourished by Jordanian terrorist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.

Zarqawi’s Al-Qaeda in Iraq attracted thousands of foreign Sunni jihadists eager to fight both the Westerners and the Shiites. Others went to Yemen to join Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. Trained in the brutal methods of these Iraqi and Yemeni insurgencies, hardened jihadists returned to their homes in Libya, Syria, Europe and elsewhere.

Though the disaster in Iraq should have been a powerful cautionary tale, the neocons and the liberal interventionists proved to be much more adept at playing the political-propaganda games of Washington than in prevailing in the complex societies of the Middle East.

Instead of being purge en masse, the Iraq War instigators faced minimal career accountability. They managed to spin the Iraq “surge” as “victory at last” and maintained their influence over Washington even under President Obama, who may have been a “closet realist” but who kept neocons in key posts and surrounded himself with liberal interventionists. [See’s “The Surge Myth’s Deadly Result.”]

Thus, Obama grudgingly was enlisted into the next neocon-liberal-interventionist crusades in 2011: the military intervention to overthrow Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi and the covert operation to remove Syria’s Bashar al-Assad. In both cases, the propaganda was ramped up again, presenting the opposition groups as “pro-democracy moderates” who were peacefully facing down brutal dictators.

In reality, the oppositions were more a mixed bag of some actual moderates and Islamist extremists. When Gaddafi and Assad – emphasizing the presence of terrorists – struck back brutally, the “R2P” crowd demanded U.S. military intervention, either directly in Libya or indirectly in Syria. With the U.S. mainstream media onboard, nearly every occurrence was put through the propaganda filter that made the regimes all dark and the oppositions bathed in a rosy glow.

After the U.S.-led air war destroyed Gaddafi’s military and opened the way for an opposition victory, Gaddafi was captured and brutally murdered. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who might be called a “neocon-lite,” joked: “We came, we saw, he died.”

But the chaos that followed Gaddafi’s death was not so funny, contributing to the killing of U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other American diplomatic personnel in Benghazi on Sept. 11, 2012, and to the spreading of terrorism and violence across northern Africa. By July 2014, the U.S. and other Western nations had abandoned their embassies in Tripoli as all political order broke down.

Syrian Madness

In Syria, which had long been near the top of the neocon/Israeli hit list for “regime change,” U.S., Western and Sunni support for another “moderate opposition” led to a civil war. Soon, what “moderates” there were blended into the ranks of Islamic extremists, either the Nusra Front, the al-Qaeda affiliate, or the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria or simply the Islamic State, which evolved from Zarqawi’s Al-Qaeda in Iraq, continuing Zarqawi’s hyper-brutality even after his death.

Though the mainstream U.S. media blamed almost everything on Syrian President Assad, many Syrians recognized that the Sunni extremists who emerged as the power behind the opposition were a grave threat to other Syrian religious groups, including the Shiites, Alawites and Christians — and that Assad’s authoritarian but secular regime represented their best hope for survival. [See’s “Syrian Rebels Embrace al-Qaeda.“]

But instead of looking for a realistic political solution, the neocons and the liberal interventionists insisted on a U.S. military intervention, either covertly by arming the opposition or overtly by mounting a Libyan-style bombing campaign to destroy Assad’s armed forces and open the gates of Damascus to the rebels. Under pressure from the likes of Ambassador Power and Secretary of State Clinton, Obama bowed to the demand to ship weapons to the rebels, although the CIA later discovered that many U.S. weapons ended up in extremist hands.

Still, with Obama dragging his feet on a larger-scale commitment, the neocon/liberal-interventionist coalition saw a great chance to push Obama into a bombing campaign after a Sarin gas attack outside Damascus on Aug. 21, 2013. The war hawks and the U.S. media immediately blamed Assad despite doubts among some U.S. intelligence analysts who suspected a provocation by the rebels.

Those doubts and Obama’s fear of an extremist victory led him to call off the planned bombing at the last minute, and he accepted a deal brokered by Russian President Vladimir Putin to arrange for Assad to surrender all Syria’s chemical weapons, while Assad continued to deny any role in the Sarin attack. The neocons and liberal interventionists were furious at both Obama and Putin.

Alarmed about this “realist” Obama-Putin collaboration, the “anti-realists” turned to demonizing the Russian president and driving a wedge between him and Obama. The place to splinter that relationship turned out to be Ukraine, where neocon Assistant Secretary of State Nuland was perfectly positioned to push for the ouster of elected pro-Russian President Viktor Yanukovych.

As Nuland noted in one speech, the U.S. government had invested $5 billion in the “European aspirations” of the western Ukrainians, including funding for political activists, journalists and various business groups. The time to collect on that investment came in February 2014 when violent demonstrations in Kiev, with well-organized neo-Nazi militias supplying the muscle, drove Yanukovych from power. [See’s “Neocons’ Ukraine-Syria-Iran Gambit.“]

The Ukraine coup played out along another historic fault line, between European-oriented western Ukraine, where Adolf Hitler’s SS had gained significant support during World War II, and eastern Ukraine with its ethnic Russian population and close business ties to Russia.

After the U.S. State Department rushed to embrace the coup regime as “legitimate” and as the U.S. media dished out anti-Yanukvych propaganda, such as citing a sauna in his home , Obama tagged along, falling into the neocon trap, again. U.S.-Russian relations spiraled into a hostility not seen since the Cold War. [See’s “Obama’s True Foreign Policy Weakness.”]

Shattering Ukraine

Yet, while the neocons and their liberal allies had “won” again, what did that winning mean for the people of Ukraine? Their country, already teetering on the status of failed state, slid into deeper economic chaos and civil war. With neo-Nazis and other extremists appointed to key national security positions, the new regime began lashing out at ethnic Russians who were resisting Yanukovych’s ouster.

Crimea voted overwhelmingly to secede from Ukraine and rejoin Russia, a move that Western government’s denounced as an illegal “annexation” and the major U.S. media termed an “invasion,” although the Russian troops involved were already stationed in Crimea under an agreement to maintain the Russian naval base at Sevastopol.

Ukraine’s eastern provinces also sought secession, prompting military clashes that inflicted some of the worst bloodshed seen on the European continent in decades. Thousands died and millions fled.

Of course, the standard line in the U.S. media was that it was all Putin’s fault, even as the Kiev regime shelled eastern cities and unleashed brutal neo-Nazi militias to engage in street fighting, the first time storm troopers emblazoned with Nazi insignias had been deployed in Europe since World War II. Yet, buoyed by how easily the anti-Putin propaganda had prevailed, some neocons even began fantasizing about “regime change” in Moscow.

Yet, if you were to step back for a minute and look at the history of the past 35 years – from the Afghan covert op through the Iraq War and the U.S. interventions in Libya, Syria, Ukraine and elsewhere – what you would see is the neocons and their liberal sidekicks behaving like the Sorcerer’s Apprentice, stirring up troubles that soon spun out of control.

Just look at the chaos that has been unleashed by these reckless neocon and liberal interventionist policies – from encouraging the rise of Islamic fundamentalism and facilitating the formation of al-Qaeda via the covert war in Afghanistan, from creating a hotbed for attracting and training jihadists during the Iraq War, from undermining regimes in Libya and Syria that – for all their faults – were trying to contain this spread of terrorism, and from provoking a new Cold War in Ukraine that risks bringing nuclear weapons into play in a showdown with Russia.

The latest outgrowth of all this trouble was the terror attack in Paris this month, with some European hotheads now calling for another neocon favorite idea, “a war of civilizations,” pitting Christian societies against Islam in some modern version of the actual Crusades.

Yes, I know we’re not supposed to talk about root causes of this chaos “at a time like this,” and we are surely not supposed to blame the neocons and their liberal interventionist chums. Instead, we’re supposed to escalate the conflicts and the chaos.

We’re supposed to continue the neocon “tough-guy-ism” — by repressing Muslims in the West, by ousting Assad in Syria, by crushing the ethnic Russian resistance in Ukraine, by destabilizing Russia, and by forsaking negotiations with Iran over its nuclear facilities in favor of more sanctions and maybe more bombing. All somehow in the name of “democracy” and “human rights” and “security.”

As we gaze out upon this mad house built by the neocons, we are witnessing on a grand scale the old adage about the inmates running the asylum, except that this asylum possesses the world’s most sophisticated weapons including a massive nuclear arsenal.

What the neocons have constructed through their skilled propaganda is a grim wonderland where no one foresees the dangers of encouraging Islamist fundamentalism as a geopolitical ploy, where no one takes heed of the historic hatreds of Sunni and Shiite, where no one suspects that the U.S. military slaughtering thousands upon thousands of Muslims might provoke a backlash, where no one thinks about the consequences of overthrowing regimes in unstable regions, where no one bothers to study the bitter history of a place like Ukraine, and where no one worries about spreading turmoil to nuclear-armed Russia.

Yet, this neocon madness – this “anti-realism” – has been playing out in the real world on a grand scale, destroying real lives and endangering the real future of the planet.

Investigative reporter Robert Parry broke many of the Iran-Contra stories for The Associated Press and Newsweek in the 1980s. You can buy his latest book, America’s Stolen Narrative, either in print here or as an e-book (from Amazon and You also can order Robert Parry’s trilogy on the Bush Family and its connections to various right-wing operatives for only $34. The trilogy includes America’s Stolen Narrative. For details on this offer, click here.

"I was born in and died in #Odessa." | Brazhevsky Andrew G. 30/08/1987 - 05/02/2014

                  "I was born and died in Odessa."

Brazhevsky Andrew G. 30/08/1987 - 05/02/2014 

He graduated from the Odessa National Academy of Telecommunications im.A.S.Popova and courses "5-ka" at kompyuternoy Academy "STEP" .Vladel basic skills of software development in PHP with MySQL. Could disassemble and reassemble your PC, reinstall the operating system, owned office programs. Worked as a programmer. Loved life and his city.

When in February 2014 to power in Ukraine came neo-Nazi forces, I joined the national teams of Odessa to help law enforcement agencies to protect their city and its citizens against radicals. Together with fellow "Borotba" took part in the protection of the tent camp on the Kulikovo field.
May 2, we under the onslaught of brutal neo-Nazis retreated into the building of the House of Trade Unions, which they set on fire.

Fleeing from the fire, I jumped out of the building, but on the ground I, burned and was barely alive, they finished me with bats and legs. I was not so painful as the burns and beatings as the shame for the bad people in human form. I saw fascism and I remembered the words of Julius Fucik: "People, I loved you. Be careful! ".

"What I really wanted for Ukraine was not fascism and there to be peace. "

Russian army, a new division "Arctic Brigade" ready for battle: in the Arctic Zone

Russian army, a new division "Arctic Brigade" ready for battle: in the Arctic Zone

The fighters drill as a motorized rifle brigade in an Arctic storm simulating enemy positions on the Kola Peninsula in the Murmansk region - a new division conducting military training.

Since mid-January its officially a new member of the Armed Forces of Russia and enters in a completely new fighting force designed to protect the interests of our country in the Arctic. "The structure and objectives of the team is unique. This team is fully developed, equipped, with special all the latest equipment designed for military service in the Arctic. The taskforce is ready, "- said the brigade commander Ilya Pavlovsky. At present, the Arctic brigade fighters have learned the basics of handling wheeled and tracked combat vehicles in Arctic conditions. The core of the 80th Brigade are made up of light multipurpose armed vehicles. In 2015, there will be absolutely new and unique machines designed specifically for heavy service under these harsh Arctic conditions. The order of the formation of the Arctic Brigade was given to the supreme commander less than a year ago. Now located in the village of Alakurtti is a new military town. All who arrived in the Arctic officers command were provided office and living accommodations. In the coming months, the staff of the arctic crews will continue to grow with new soldiers and officers rotating . For them, there is also built two additional barracks facilities. At these facilities are installed multiple cameras -filming the construction progress in real-time and following the representatives of the General Staff of the Army and the Northern Fleet command. 

Russia has started moving troops towards a new military installation that's 31 miles from the Finnish border, Damien Sharkov Newsweek reports citing a press statement from Russian admiral Vladimir Korolev.

As of Jan. 13, approximately 800 servicemen from Russia's Northern Fleet had been stationed in the Russian town of Alakurtti, in the Murmansk region. Alakurtti is due to become one of Russia's key strongholds in its quest to fortify its position and influence over the Arctic region.

The rest of Russia’s Northern Fleet — which includes 3,000 ground troops trained for combat in Arctic conditions are backed by 39 ships and 45 submarines — all will be stationed there "soon."

GoogleAlakurtti Military Base

Finnish news network YLE confirms that Russia has reopened its military base in Alakurtti. The base had previously been shut down in 2009, but was now being retrofitted to fit a garrison of 3,000 radio-electronics and special-weapons experts.

Russia's drive to militarize the Arctic is in keeping with the country's new militaryexpansion, which was signed into law on Dec. 26 last year. The new doctrine explicitly states that NATO's expansion was the main external threat facing Moscow and that Russia should reinforce its three key European geopolitical fronts.

“In 2015, the Defense Ministry’s main efforts will focus on an increase of combat capabilities of the armed forces and increasing the military staff in accordance with military construction plans. Much attention will be given to the groupings in Crimea, Kaliningrad, and the Arctic,” Russian General Staff chief Valery Gerasimov said, according to Russia's Sputnik news agency.

Business Insider

Aside from relocating personnel to Murmansk, Russia has undertaken a construction blitz across the Arctic in a bid to ensure that it remains an unchallenged military power in their homeland regions. Moscow is constructing ten brand new Arctic search-and-rescue stations, 16 deep-water ports, 13 new airfields, and ten ultra modern air-defense radar stations across its Arctic coast.

According to the Polish Institute of International Affairs (PISM), Moscow will also create in the Arctic a naval infantry brigade, an air defense division, a mechanized brigade, a coastal missile defense system, and anti-ballistic missile regiments in outlying archipelagos in the Arctic Ocean.

Russia's focus on the Arctic stems from its portion of natural resources under the ice pack. The US estimates that a possible 15% of the earth's remaining oil, 30% of its natural gas, and 20% of its liquefied natural gas may be stored within the Arctic sea bed.

Currently, Russia, Denmark, Norway, Canada, and the US all have partial claims to the Arctic Circle.


The crew of Russia's nuclear-powered submarine Yekaterinburg line up on its deck as it returns to Gadjiyevo base in Murmansk region LEV FEDOSEEV/FILES/REUTERS

That is What They Don't Say: A Few Facts About Putin

That is What They don't Say: A Few Facts About Putin

That is what they do not say: A few facts about Putin: Over the past 12 years of Putin as president of  Russia the budget has increased by 22 times, military expenditures - 30 times, the GDP - 12 times, the international reserves have grown 48 times! He returned operations of 256 mineral deposits in the Russian jurisdiction. Russia jumped from 36th place in the world in terms of GDP, to second place. Ripping "liberals" in the history of enslaving the production sharing agreements, Nationalized the oil industry by 65% and 95% of natural gas and many other resource industries.

He raised agriculture of Russian produce for 5 consecutive years, which ranked it 2nd-3rd in the world grain exports, ahead of the US, which is now in 4th place. He increased the average salary in the public sector by 18.5 times in the workplace, and that is still very trifle: Putin has reduced the lifespan of the Russian population from 1.5 million a year in 1999 to 21 thousand in 2011, ie. 71.5 age.12+ years, and the average pension - 14 times. 

In addition, Putin canceled the Khasavyurt agreements - so that we defended the integrity of Russia, made ​​public more NGOs - subdued the fifth column and forbade any deputies to have accounts abroad. He staunchly defended Syria, and ended the war in Chechnya. Through all  this he also held a triumphant Winter Olympics Games in Sochi! & Returned Crimea home to Russia!

What has your Leader done for your country? Leave a Comment below.....

Director of HRW Has Emotional Statement on Kiev use of Cluster Bombs

Free New Russia !!!
Today at 8:02 am
Director of HRW Has Emotional Statement on Kiev use of Cluster Bombs
Director of HRW has emotional statement on "Grads," According to the executive director of the international human rights organization Human Rights Watch, the Ukrainian authorities have to admit their mistakes and stop this disorderly conduct in combat operations in eastern Ukraine.

MOSCOW, January 17 - RIA Novosti .Kiev authorities should admit their mistakes if they intend to follow the path of building a democratic state, said the executive director of the international human rights organization Human Rights Watch (HRW), Kenneth Roth, commenting on Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk in Berlin. 
During his visit to Germany, responding to a reporter's question about the publication Frankfurter Allgemeine on Ukrainian security forces firing on settlements in the Donbass with cluster bombs, as well as from "Grads", the Ukrainian PM explosively responded that "there is no evidence of this! There is no evidence I say." He explained that Ukraine conducts its investigation into these allegations, but as long as security forces do not have access to the relevant sites. We offer instead they are best  to discuss the situation with regard to torture in the Crimea. 
"In fact, Human Rights Watch published a lot of evidence that Ukraine refuses to distinguish between military targets and civilians, as required by law and customs of war ", - said Kenneth Roth. According to HRW at a meeting with Ukrainian officials in November and December to provide detailed information, including the date, time and place of the incidents, in the cases of violations of the rules of war, "The proposal Yatsenyuk gave was again instead of all this focusing on us why not the investigation into Crimea which shows a disturbing assumption that all representations of the HRW on the conflict are somehow biased. 
He Yatsenyuk, and many others are likely to find it impossible that someone could objectively apply the laws and customs of war for both sides, "- said the head of HRW, adding that the organization regularly reports on the situation as the one or the other side. "Instead of denying reports of abuse of its military, Kiev needs to recognize the obvious and stop this disorderly conduct combat operation", - said Kenneth Roth, stressing that the new Ukrainian government should remember that the ability to recognize a mistake - is the first test of any true willingness to reform .