Thursday, December 4, 2014

Vladimir Putin gave an Assessment of the Events that Shook Ukraine

Vladimir Putin gave an assessment of the events that shook Ukraine

In his address to the Federal Assembly of the Russian President Vladimir Putin gave an assessment of the events that shook Ukraine in 2014.

"We have condemned the coup and seize power by force in February this year. And what we see now in the Ukraine, the tragedy in the Southeast fully confirms the correctness of our position, "- said the head of state.

He recalled that "it all started with the technical solutions of President Yanukovych to move the signing of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the European Union. In this case, it was not even on the refusal of the document, but only to postpone for finalization. "

"How in this connection can support the armed seizure of power, violence, and murder? Some of the bloody events in Odessa are worth when people burned alive. How can I keep trying to using the armed forces to suppress the people in the south-east, disagree with this outrage. Moreover, under the hypocritical talk about the protection of international law and human rights. It's just pure cynicism "- the president said.

Vladimir Putin expressed confidence that the people of Ukraine will give more to these events a fair assessment.

"American" friends "always interfere in Russia's relations with its neighbors. Sometimes not even know who better to talk: directly with representatives of some states or directly with their patrons and sponsors "- ironically remarked Vladimir Putin.

He stressed, in the case of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU in general, there was no dialogue. Russia has been said that this is not her thing, if we talk in a simple way, in a national way. All statements that Russia and Ukraine - members of the CIS free trade zone that the two countries is deep, historically rooted cooperation in industry and agriculture, in fact, a single infrastructure not only no one wanted to be considered, but even listen.

"Then we said that we will defend our legitimate interests unilaterally, and will not pay for wrong, in our view, the policy. As a result, the contract was signed, but the implementation of its trade part postponed until the end of next year - said Putin. - The question is, for what made the coup, for which kill people, destroy the economy, financial, social sphere? Ravaged the country. "

"We are told that this is a well-balanced policy, which we must blindly obey. This will not happen, "- said the President.

Recall, Russian President Vladimir Putin today address to the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation with the annual address.

Performance took place in the St. George Hall of the Kremlin in the presence of about 1,100 delegates. Among them are members of the Federation Council, State Duma deputies, members of the Government, the leaders of the Constitutional and Supreme Courts, regional governors, Chairman of Legislative Assembly of the Federation, the heads of traditional religions, public figures, including the head of the Public Chamber of Regions and the heads of major media.

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