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US House of Representative's announcement of the New Cold War...

"The announcement of the Cold War" - US House of Representatives adopted the "anti-Russian" resolution

12.04.2014, 20:39

US lawmakers have adopted so-called "anti-Russian" Resolution 758. Most of the items of the resolution involves an appeal to the US President with a demand to take a number of measures in relation to Russia in connection with the situation in Ukraine. Among other things, the document provides for the introduction by the US and its allies to new sanctions against Russian officials and freezing their foreign accounts. Another point of the resolution is to create the American broadcast media to the country with the Russian-speaking population.
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US House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed a resolution, the main points of which are directed against Russia. 411 against 10 - with a score of American parliamentarians condemned "the ongoing political, economic and military aggression" by Russia against Ukraine.

                                                                      "The EU, Europe and our other allies need to aggressive pressure on Mr Putin to make it behave differently", - said the document, Senator Adam Kinzinger.

Resolution 758 includes more than a dozen items, including support for the Ukrainian authorities to the defense and intelligence means the termination of cooperation with Russia on the part of NATO and its allies, as well as the implementation of pressure on the various states in order to accede to the "anti-Russian coalition of sanctions."

Another point of the resolution is "the creation and dissemination of news and information in Russian in countries with Russian-speaking population."
The new "cold war"

US House of Representatives adopted a resolution №758 Russia tantamount to a declaration of "cold war." So says a member of the House of Representatives in the US Congress Dennis Kucinich. He calls to get out of the dialectic of conflict. His treatment leads

How emphasizes Kucinich, calls to isolate Russia can be interpreted as calling for the preparation of the war with Russia. According to Kucinich, just saber rattling has led to the beginning and growth of the "cold war." It's time to demand, he said that the United States for an international order resorted to diplomacy, rather than an increase in military spending.

"It is time the United States to abandon the dialectic of conflict and to look for ways to restructure diplomatic relations with Russia, to retreat from risky ventures under the cover of NATO," - says the senator.
Washington impressed by the Russian media

In August of this year at a meeting of the Governing Council on Broadcasting (Broadcasting Board of Governors, BBG) United States, where questions of advocacy to ensure Washington's policy in relation to the Ukrainian events, Deputy Secretary of State Richard Stengel expressed surprise at the efficiency of the Russian TV channels and publications.

By the meeting was connected via teleconference chief foreign policy adviser to President Barack Obama, Ben Rhodes. US Undersecretary of State for Public Diplomacy Richard Stengel asked him to comment on the public controversy over Ukraine between Moscow and Washington.

In this case, Stengel admitted that surprised on how well the Russian side to defend their positions, in particular in social networks. "I believe that in this area we have to be out of competition, but in fact it is not so" - confessed American diplomat, who himself was recently journalists and media executives.

In response, Rhodes described the situation in Ukraine "ideal test" for propaganda apparatus US State Department and praised for "aggressive use of its communication tools for broadcasting in Ukraine and the region as a whole."

He agreed with the person that the US has to operate in conditions of "increased competition" and that Moscow "has invested enormous resources in their broadcasts, primarily through the channel Russia Today». Stengel said earlier in this context of "billions of dollars".

In his opening remarks, Rhodes assured the BBG, that President Obama personally pays great attention to the reorganization of the apparatus of international broadcasting United States and recently held a separate meeting on this issue. At the same time, according to presidential advisor in the White House based on the fact that this unit is necessary to maintain direct state participation, as well as to avoid duplication of decentralization and supervisory and management functions.

However, later Deputy Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy, Richard Stengel, speaking at a Washington research organization "Project on American security," said Washington rejected the idea of ​​creating a channel for broadcasting in Russia.

"We really need to communicate its position in Russian to the population of Russia and Ukraine, - he said. - But we do not create a service broadcasting in Russian. " "In fact, I was there said that, although Russia has successfully implemented such a project, it is an older model" - said US Undersecretary of State.


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