Monday, December 8, 2014

Turkey to eject tankers with fuel for Ukraine passing through Turkish Straits

Turkey to eject tankers with fuel for Ukraine passing through Turkish Straits 

Ukraine's intention to ensure the supply of liquefied natural gas (LNG) from the United States to reduce its energy dependence on Russia, "stuck in the Bosporus." The American edition of Bloomberg notes that LNG can be delivered from the United States (in the future) to the terminal, which Ukraine wants to build in the Black Sea, only through the Turkish Straits. However, Turkey will not allow LNG tankers to enter the Bosphorus, for safety reasons, but also because of the pressure of the strait.
It seems that Erdogan is trying to impose its rule in the region, and competitors are not necessary. They do not need and Russia, which as a result of this new partnership together with the Turkish side takes full control of transit. Some fans criticize the policy of Vladimir Putin enthusiastically chanting - "and now the United States at any time block the transit flow, as Turkey - a NATO country! " Anything can happen. But only here now Turkey - the buyer and transit, and to block valves, ultimately, will have her.
Europe will also be forced myself to go for gas, as in the good old days "scoop" was opened in the prosperous villages - I still remember the long queues "Gus", which consisted of people with red balloons. Block the transit? Imagine a situation where you need the goods, is vital to a specific product, but some transatlantic mug forbids you to buy this product.
Turkey - the buyer. Europe - the buyer. Freeze and jump in the cold - it is their right. Only here who wants to realize this right? In the meantime, fuel tankers for "nezalezhnoy" ... create traffic jams, no worse than those we have seen in the hours of "peak" in Moscow and St. Petersburg.
Good luck, "the president" Poroshenko and his owner - a chocolate dude and a fan of American gum from Washington. Meanwhile, it seems, Ankara and Moscow to tell each other jokes ... about the new emancipated blacks and arbitrariness in relation to the black population of the United States of America.

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