Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Russian Government Begins Assisting LC and DNR

Kharkiv - New Russia

Today at 7:00 am

The Russian Government Begins Assisting LC and DNR
____________________________________ The Russian Government constitutes an Interagency Commission to Provide Humanitarian support to affected Areas DNI and LC. The Corresponding order signed by Prime WAS Dmitry Medvedev MINISTER. On the Commission Will be Responsible Authorities Interaction with the Banderostana ( ukrainian Territory occupied by the Junta) on the Issues of the Reconstruction and Humanitarian Aid of ProVision to the population in These Areas, as well as the Coordinate Activities of the Executive branch of the Federal, Regional and Municipal levels to Provide Humanitarian support Novorossia. Responsible for the Activities of the Commission Appointed Economic Development, Chairman of the Commission Appointed DEPUTY MINISTER of the Ministry. ACCORDING to the document, the Commission Will Also work in the Rostov region. 

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