Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Future of the Entire Planet Depends on our Ability to be Human ...

The Future of the Entire Planet Depends on our Ability to be Human ...

The OSCE Mission in Alchevsk: how to stop Genocide Independent Guests from Scotland, Estonia and Russia, together with representatives visited the Kirov Brigade saw with their own Eyes the scale of Destruction and mingled with the locals. These people CAN not See the Terrible War documentaries Live in more than One Country ... The OSCE Mission - an essential Participant in Armed  Conflicts All, Which, Unfortunately, Ravage Our planet. 

But in Alchevsk OSCE representatives saw something That WAS not Seen in the Entire area Covered by the Civil War. In Terrible These days of the Military unit, Located in the City has undertaken not only to protect the population, But Also Taking care of His diet. A kind of know-how Alexei Brain - Humanities Battalion - United caring people desire to feed the elderly, who were deprived of pensions for which it was organized in Alchevsk 4 soup kitchens, and in the nearby towns A few. 

In addition to the adult population, with the Beginning of the School year Humanitarian Battalion Brigade "Ghost" Organized system of the collection and transportation of Food in School canteens and kindergartens Alchevsk. Because of this, A total of Today Alchevsk free 4.5 feed Thousands of Children. This CAN But not arouse positive responses from representatives of the Humanitarian Mission, Realizing That Death from bullets and shells - not the Worst That thing CAN wait for War-torn and Financial Blockade Imposed on the Territory of Donbas. 

Of course, while Performing, representatives CAN not voice opinions and Give Their personal Assessment, But Comparing the Situation, the Guests shared the FACT that in their city for a hundred thousand people in the streets only 2-3 people begging ... and the ability of people in such a critical situation, in which people today hit south-east - to organize themselves, without waiting for the mercy of public authorities - can not fail to touch the heart, which is on the job description it should remain impassive. .. Because the future of the entire planet, the peoples of which are linked, depends primarily on our ability to be human ...

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