Sunday, December 21, 2014

The collapse of a Canary in a Coalmine

The collapse of the statehood of a canary in a coalmine

The struggle for self-determination in Donbass, unfolds against the backdrop of deepening Ukrainian crisis, accompanied by the destruction of any and all of the State that hit Kiev now completely dependent on the West.

This was said deputy of the National Council of the People's Republic of Donetsk, a member of the political council of the Social-Political Movement "New Russia" Miroslav Rudenko.

- Minsk talks were on the verge of collapse. How do you assess this fact?

- On the part that Ukraine goes punching conditions unacceptable to us: this is evident by the constant postponement of the contact group, and statements of Leonid Kuchma that he does not see the feasibility of these meetings. Due to the reluctance of both the Ukrainian side, and those who are behind it, to establish a dialogue: Kyiv is not independent, it operates with an eye to the EU and the United States, for serving their interests.

If we talk about peace initiatives with Poroshenko - there's always behind him a figurehead Biden or other supervisor so that all efforts are directed in their direction: the force pushing Ukraine to an entirely unnecessary demise for her to continuing the conflict.This, without letting him die out, Americans kindle the Ukrainian fires. Despite the fact that the country is no longer solvent or sovereign, the war drags on in all parameters: starting internal riots against the power blackouts, there is much confusion and vacillation in the penal battalions that are engaged in outright looting the public.

Therefore, if the government in Ukraine is to survive, it must sit down with the Donbas at the negotiating table and resolve these problems: any further continuation of the conflict for her - is an
unaffordable gamble.

- In many Ukrainian cities are held mass rallies. Somewhere they have social roots somewhere features are openly nationalist provocations related to the redistribution of power and property ...

- Nationalists is not one, and in the present circumstances of their various groups begin to fight among themselves. Continuing state failures, and in these conditions exacerbating the conflict between the ideological clichés: it is necessary to recall that in the 1940s the main opponents were Bandera Melnyk. And now will only intensify clashes between nationalist groups: code anywhere vacuum - a natural destruction, chaos, lawlessness and Makhnovism in the worst sense of the word.

Ukrainian nationalism - the snake that eats itself. His destructive ideology - the clearest example of anti-system configured to self-destruction since its inception in the XIX century, when the founders renounced his Russian roots. Rod underlying - Russophobia: Take it - and all the constructions will be insolvent nationalists.

The project "Ukraine" was originally opposed to the Russian people and in it the rate is always on reformatting the consciousness of the masses. Remember Talerhof and Terezin, remember how in the civil war nationalists plant on Ukrainian land the German and Austro-Hungarian army as OUN was in fact the Nazi saboteurs associated with the secret police of the Third Reich. I do not think that these people do not understand that is a puppet in the hands of their masters.

- Now we are seeing the natural ending of the project "Ukraine" ...

- Many smart people, for example, Andrew Vajra, Gleb Bobrov and Fedor Berezin, knowing where everything moves, predicting the final. I hope that after going through all these tests, sanity will prevail: Ukraine will return to the bosom of the Russian world, people will come to the realization that Kiev - the mother of Russian cities and regional features - not a cause for conflict that can not be trusted our historical enemies, which for centuries We tried to remove and take away our territory.

Hangover Ukrainian nationalism, unfortunately, heavy for all of us, but it will have to move. Policy comprador elites that led to the collapse of the USSR, when the elite to destroy the state for the sake of money-laundering a liberal Western world fails: it is now clear that none of the Slavs in the "golden billion" will not be allowed on the hallway.

The first time these elites rocked when Donbass rebelled. Then the Party of Regions thought again be able to fool everyone and win long-term cheating. But did not work: they have lost if not all, the lot. This is a lesson for all of us: we are only now otvoёvyvaem their democracy.

- Why does the US show his extreme concern desires neobanderovtsev return Ukraine's status as a nuclear power?

- They need a controlled and controlled chaos: if Kyiv has nuclear weapons, it could go beyond Washington's plans. When this raging passion, the question arises: where will go nuclear weapons in such conditions, especially in the presence of non-independent and absolutely corrupt elite.

About the prospect of turning Ukraine into a pariah state like North Korea, we can not forget that the degradation of the entire industrial complex practically deprived the country of high technology: it is absolutely incapable of such technology to serve as nuclear weapons.

- In the ranks of punitive actions of the Chechen mercenaries, in particular, the so-called "Battalion of them.Dudayev's ", whose members are criminals hiding from retribution for the atrocities committed by them against his own people. As you know, today the vast majority of Chechens actively supports the Donbass in their just struggle for freedom ...

- This once again shows that we are not an ethnic conflict and confrontation between those who defend their right to be people with traditional values, and those who are at different signs attendants is a new world order.This ideological conflict: people who love their people will not be pawns in the hands of western rulers.

Radical Islamism, professed by the aforementioned part of accomplices Bandera, in fact far from traditional Islam - is the practice of the same terror that adhere carriers of ideas of Ichkeria and Wahhabism. Therefore, to some extent it is close to Ukrainian nationalism and hostile Chechen people.

For all these are western curators: the West is well able to fight someone else's hands, to find contradictions to play them and raise part of the people against their own brothers. He finds those who are willing to comply with the requirements for compensation: how Gorbachev bought the Nobel Peace Prize, and then buy the grants, indirect financing, participation in the conflict and the promise to make the regional warlords.

- Avengers refuse to pass humanitarian aid to those who are in dire need ...

- The policy of genocide carried out by Kiev towards the people of Donbass, you begin to understand not during attacks and other terrible events, and when received orders to withdraw budgetary organizations and businesses, the social sphere. Withdraw where there is no infrastructure, jobs, housing.

If during the Great Patriotic War, the evacuation process consisted in the construction of all necessary at the new location, the junta now one task: to destroy what is, without thinking about the consequences, not the people. It is the policy of genocide at the state level: Ukraine - State terrorist and those who are engaged in the implementation of this policy - the criminals! Monstrous, that many people in this genocide retracted.

- However, the Donbass fights, and does not intend to give up ...

- If the summer was some dual power, now it departs, people are beginning to work in the new reality, understand that that other State. Built their local government, gradually paid social benefits and wages, restore destroyed.

What is happening in the Donbass - the beginning of the liberation of all peoples and nations on a global scale and the struggle for the right to be sovereign and independent.

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