Monday, December 1, 2014

People's Republic of Odessa | I'm staying here!

People's Republic of Odessa

Today at 7:00 am

I'm staying here!
We are from Odessa, we from Kharkov, Nikolayev !!!!! terrible happened. This is not a revolution, not a revolt of the oligarchs and even rebellion against the vile, corrupt power. It's much worse. Very few people realize how horrible, tragic scenario is developing before our eyes. 

We lived in the same city, families were friends, went to visit each other, sometimes over a glass of vodka were arguing about the country's direction, discussing identity of individual politicians, if they quarreled briefly it is usually during the regular election campaigns. The first thunder in 2004. At that time, were indeed cases where due to the difference of views on the events taking place in the camp broke up it is quite strong and happy family. 

Now a booming thunder that cracked the earth itself and divided souls. In our country, there are no more Russian or Ukrainian who could live together. Crack forever divide people into those who are "Rus" and those who "nerus." Now and forever we will fiercely hate each other. We will never forgive these people what they really are going to sell our land, along with the graves of our ancestors, together with our Holy faith of our sworn mental and geopolitical enemies.
They are waiting to see what would finally all We all left with our Russian land, threw it as unnecessary mother sold the lady took an armful of old people and children, have disappeared and vanished in time. For us to prepare a simplified regime for Russian emigration and at the same time think that we should be grateful to my mother Russia for such a generous gesture.
For me, the departure - a betrayal. The enemy will get my native Russian land, I can not understand how you can leave it without a fight, as you can change the Motherland on what that political or other global interests. I do not understand and will never understand.

We are experiencing a great tragedy, like the one in which many centuries ago, Serbia will become a satanic Albanians or Croats, and to this day odnokrovniki furiously cut each other. We have no choice, or we will destroy them, or they destroy us. The world is over for me, and it looks good. I'm staying here.

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