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LifeNews has prepared a special report, security forces have agreed not to shoot at each other

Summaries of the militia of New Russia
LifeNews has prepared a special report, security forces have agreed not to shoot at each other
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Donetsk airport - hotspot truce LifeNews has prepared a special report on the hot spot, where militias and security forces have agreed not to shoot at each other.The old terminal of Donetsk airport is under control army Donetsk People's Republic.

Ukrainian security forces are locked in the new terminal. December 12 militia under the command of the commander allowed Motorola DSR Dome produce rotation fighters to take out the wounded and taken to the airport provisions. And six months ago between the militias and security forces occurred the first battle of the air harbor. LifeNews has prepared a report, which gathered the history of confrontation at the airport in Donetsk. May 26, 2014 from the Airport Sergei Prokofiev flew the last plane en route from Donetsk to Kiev. 

Early in the morning on the same day the militia battalion "Vostok" under the command of Alexander Hodakovskogo intended to occupy the building without firing a shot. Later, however, a special operation called a failure, since the airport was Kirovograd Special Forces, which had a fierce resistance to the militia. In addition, the Ukrainian army with the help of aviation soldiers supported by attacking forces DNR. 

To help the Ukrainian special forces are also transferred 3 units, consisting of natsgvardeytsev and militants "Right sector" in the amount of two thousand people. Apart from the fact that the Ukrainian security forces exchanging fire with the militia, they looted shops "duty free" at the airport, taking alcohol, food and money.
During June, the two sides carried out small operations in the vicinity of the airport. There were local battles and skirmishes. The situation changed after Igor arrived in Donetsk Fusiliers. Ukrainian fighters began to strike residential areas of Donetsk, because of artillery shelling many people suffered and died. Losses also suffered with the security forces and militias, fighting was going on during the day and at night. 

In September, management DNR decided to throw to the front line three of the most reputable department: "Somalia", "Sparta" and "tag" under the leadership of Givi, Motorola and Abkhazia . From the earliest days redeployment soldiers began to throw all the forces of Ukraine on and on. Thus, the militia recaptured the police station and airport hotel, and then surrounded the Ukrainian security services. In late September, the militia began to sweep the airport.On October DNR army came close to building a new terminal. 

Third of militia established DNR flag over the old terminal, but even after that fighting continued. For a further two months hand fought for the local advantage. By early December, the militia finally took control of the airport grounds and the building of the old terminal air harbor. The crew LifeNews first visited the old terminal building after a storm, during which the building was under the control of militia units "Sparta" under the command of Motorola.
Now several dozen Ukrainian fighters locked in the building of the new terminal. In addition, the soldiers settled in the APU Avdeyevka and sand, occasionally firing capital DNR and Gorlovka of artillery.
Ukrainian side was allowed to use the ceasefire to bring in supplies and rotate troops

In the wake of the latest ceasefire in war-torn eastern Ukraine, commanders from both sides of the conflict met and shook hands at the wrecked airport, agreeing that they do not want the “fraternal” conflict to continue, according to a report.

The Ukrainian army, accompanied by observers from the Organization of Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), delivered supplies to their forces besieged in the Donetsk airport on Friday, LifeNews reported.

Army trucks marked by white flags also delivered 51 soldiers to the airport and took out 48 troops, after the militias allowed the Ukrainian military to rotate forces.

The commanders of the conflicting sides met at the site of the airport – which has been reduced to rubble in the past months – and shook hands, saying that the war must be stopped.

“I think it's a war between brothers that nobody wants. The top brass should sort things out. And us? We are soldiers, we do what we're told,” said a Kiev army battalion commander known as 'Kupol.'

“I hope things will be OK in the future; that with this ceasefire, we can all take our proper places, without too much fighting,” answered the anti-government forces battalion commander, known as ‘Motorola'.

Kupol agreed, saying: “I think we should make peace. Let's not go looking for trouble. Let's come to terms.”

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