Saturday, December 20, 2014

George Soros is wanted as head in puppet regime Ukrainian Central Bank (NBU).

December 2014, Kiev, Ukraine a Failed State
George Soros is wanted as head in puppet regime Ukrainian Central Bank (NBU). 

Numbers of foreigners in puppet regime of Ukraine increases: Now George Soros is wanted as head of Ukrainian Central Bank (NBU).

Quoted from Ukrainian media:
"As head of the National Bank of Ukraine considered 5 candidates, such as billionaire George Soros. This was reported by a number of sources in the Parliament and close to the President Peter Poroshenko. According to the source, Soros may head the NBU said, ex-IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn. Also among the contenders there are 

more "representatives of the US Federal Reserve."

For sure such persons as George Soros and Dominique Strauss-Kahn couldn't be heads of Ukrainian National Bank. Just because Ukraine is too poor a country for them. But using this rumors Kiev junta accustoms Ukrainians to the idea that they will be ruled by foreigners.

Even in Libya after NATO occupation Libyans only are members of puppets regime. In fact, it meant nothing for ordinary Libyans, members of Libyan regimes rob country and run away. From October 2011, every 5-6 month Libya had new puppet government. Now Libya has 2 governments and the situation there is same as in Iraq and Somalia. It is another victory of NATO democracy for sure. Mass rapes, tortures, executions are daily routine in the newly democratic Libya, it is this reason why this country has literally disappearrd from the media. Now EU/USA/Israel want the same for Ukraine. 

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