Monday, December 1, 2014

DNR beginning to pay pensions. Authorities Donetsk People's Republic, as promised.

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 DNR beginning to pay pensions. Authorities Donetsk People's Republic, as promised


Correspondents "KP" is transmitted from Donetsk: DNR beginning to pay pensions. Authorities Donetsk People's Republic, as promised, on December 1, they began to give social benefits the elderly. Money DNR most pensioners have not seen since August, Kiev simply ceased to transfer blood elderly region . 

Local politicians asserted: "once separated, let you DNR pays". Cynical "forgetting" to add that for several months the company Donetsk region do not re-register with the tax office DNR, and therefore properly pay taxes (and considerable) in Kiev. And some of them in the form of pensions, had to go back. However, here a few months did not receive anything. It turns out that the money Donetsk elderly were just shamelessly stolen Ukraine.
Pensioners got out for some time: once a month went to the territory controlled by the Ukraine, and received money there. Ukrainian media then dubbed Donetsk elderly "pensiynymi terrorists." Like, by a little, and then they still ... As a result, Poroshenko and Co., prefer to spend money on the elderly and on shells, again did not like it, and tightened the rules: Now, to get a well-deserved, one must move across the border, obtain the status of "immigrant" and dwell there. Where they live at the same time in non-native settlements in fact, no one said. And on Monday pensions from DNR began receiving grandparents Donetsk.
To make this possible, had to work hard: Kyiv disabled region from its server database, so the list of those who rely money had to be over. - Ten people Launches! - Protection shout. - Well, finally waited - happy elderly people pulling in the hands of a passport. - Not, of course - sigh, on the spot, Leonid, Honored Miner. - A thousand hryvnia (about 3300 rubles - Ed.) Just gave, earlier I was 3777. But also happy. From August to November saw nothing.
Well, stocks were. How to spend? Yes wife give a woman always knows best how to manage money. - Yes, anything - puts the purse in his thousand grandmother Antonina. - Granddaughter New Year much waiting, wants to be in a new dress, that's it, and buy now. Maybe for a gift will be more ... - And I even very good - says Galina Vavrenyuk. - I have always got something like this. Nothing, coping, that great humanitarian aid rescued, my son lives in Russia, he helped constantly. Who will pay utility services.But what? Home heat, water is, in fact, people work on it, they should also get their money ... - ... run more pensioners! - Speak protection. But it turns out that evening to five elderly people in the queue in the street no longer exists. - Is it all got? - Ask operatsionistok. - Of course not. Many simply do not believe that the payment actually will begin December 1 ...

DNR beginning to pay pensions from 1 December.

Despite the queue, many did not believe that the payments will begin on December 1 ...

Lists of those who had to make money to rely again.

Kiev refused to pay money to pensioners from the end of August.

In DNR began to pay pensions. - Finally, after a long wait! - Happy people.

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