Thursday, December 4, 2014

(Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten, DWN) Called Ukraine a Failed State

Sale of a failed state started

Despite the formal alliance of countries with the United States, in Germany, a high proportion of the public and the media, who are ardent opponents of such cooperation, which gives them a reason to call what is happening in Ukraine by their real names.

Without beating around the bush and false reverence to the Ukrainian "Europeans", an influential German newspaper "German economic news» (Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten, DWN) called Ukraine a failed state, which is openly condemned to sale. According to journalists, to foreigners "privatize" Ukraine as soon as possible, in the Cabinet introduced a former employee of the State Department - US investment banker Natalia Yaresko. A "new-old" government Yatsenyuk edition caustically she called the Cabinet, formed for sales, wrote RP.

Having studied the biography of the new Minister of Finance - ex (ex right?) Employee of the US State Department Natalia Yaresko suspiciously quickly obtain Ukrainian citizenship - DWN journalists came to the conclusion that it would be "responsible for the sale" of Ukraine.

Formally, of course, the process of taxis Yatsenyuk, which Victoria Nuland said, "this is our man," but it Yaresko whose investment fund - one of the sponsors of the Fund Yatseniuk "Open Ukraine" will become the de facto curator of total privatization of everything.

Before visiting an investment banker private investment company Horizon Capital and CEO of the US-funded Fund Private Equity Fund WNISEF, responsible for investments in Ukraine and Moldova, Yaresko worked at the US State Department. In particular - he was the head of economic department of the US embassy in Ukraine. She participated in the activities of the "orange power" - was a member of the Advisory Council for Foreign Investments under Yushchenko during the premiership of Tymoshenko.

Yaresko investment fund, sponsored by the Yatsenyuk, in turn, receives funding from the banking lobby Chatham House, NATO, German Marshall Fund and the US State Department. In general, the best curator for sale in Ukraine is not found. 

"Previously, such actions were distributed only in football. But the era of robberies brings what is likely, such policies will play the role of the future well-endowed legionaries "- quips German journalists, commenting on the appointment of foreigners in the Ukrainian government. And then explain why chosen such words Poroshenko, "unorthodox solution."

"The debt crisis de facto failed state can only be solved by numerous sales to foreign investors. This is a classic model of expropriation, which is used if the corrupt and incompetent government sent his country to the precipice "- sums up the Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten.

Concerned about whether those who have gathered to sell Ukraine, the fate of ordinary citizens? The question is, can, and rhetorical. But the answer to the surface: the fate evroukraintsev nobody should worry. After all, they have chosen their way to the scaffold. Betrayed and sold only friend for the sake of their own narrow-mindedness, greed and arrogance - izopyut his cup to the dregs.

Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten 

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