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Crimes Against Humanity: the Nuclear Terrorists "USA"

Crimes Against Humanity: the Nuclear Terrorists "USA"

Alex Zot'ev

More recently, I wrote about how the Ukrainian military, as if by accident, fire high-powered weapons nuclear waste repository, located near the Donetsk. Talked about and what terrible consequences will inevitably lead to the systematic bombing of already being in a deplorable state of the object. Article received considerable attention, but there was a certain amount of readers who said that Kiev would not go to such an extreme step. I certainly believe the opposite. Kiev and its strategic partner - the United States, will go to great lengths in order to clean up the rebellious Donbass and create an exclusion zone on the border with Russia.To skeptics have fallen in the last doubts "viability" of Kiev, will tell you about nuclear terrorism conducted by the United States, which led to disastrous consequences including a large and densely populated poisoning territories and mass death of civilians. It will focus on the use of munitions containing depleted uranium in itself.

During the Cold War and its attendant arms race, the Pentagon has received intelligence information that the Soviet military tank armor developed, which are not able to break through standing in the armies of NATO ammunition. Ammunition required for upgrading metals greater than the density of lead. Group weapons designers came up with the idea to use for fabrication of depleted uranium - 238. This decision was immediately recognized tactically correct, since launching the production of such weapons the US government in one fell swoop solve two problems at once - went back in time invulnerability Soviet tanks and sharply reduced the number located on the territory of the country of radioactive waste, which at the time of release of the first installment of "enhanced" ammunition the United States has accumulated more than 500 000 tonnes. Following the tradition of strategic rivalry, after the US, projectiles with high kinetic energy, containing depleted uranium, have been producing Britain, France and the Soviet Union. But to apply this ammunition in local conflicts decided only the United States ...

 For the first time the US military used a "dirty" ammunition in 1991, the conflict in the Persian Gulf. The combined forces of member countries of NATO, who defended the independence of Kuwait, actively tried to wipe out the Iraqi province of Basra, while US forces mass of munitions with uranium core. Actively used data and ammunition in the war with Iraq, launched in 2003. All of these companies during the US military was released on Iraqi targets 14,000 tank shells and 940,000 30-millimeter ammunition with a core of depleted uranium. 

The United States got rid of 320 tons of dangerous radioactive waste. Needs to use ammunition with high kinetic energy against a poorly armed Iraqi army was not ...

The next country whose land and people poisoned with radioactive waste "spread democracy" Americans became Yugoslavia.March 24, 1999, after Serbia failed to comply with the requirements of NATO to withdraw troops from the Serbian Autonomous Region of Kosovo and Metohija, the allied forces military unit was hit on the Serbian town. Serbia actively bombed for 78 days, which cost the lives of more than 2,000 people, 400 of them - children, more than 10,000 Serbs were seriously injured. The use of depleted uranium munitions during the shelling proved 113 locations! They were mostly civilian objects and peaceful settlements.

In 2001, given the massive complaints Serbs and peacekeepers involved in the operation "Merciful Angel", the UN commission to visit the area where the fighting took place with the use of radioactive ammunition, and conducted surveys at 11 sites. Outcome made experts think - 8 out of 11 surveyed sites were seriously infected. Along the way, we found out that most of the water in Kosovo is not suitable for human consumption, due to heavy contamination with radioactive isotopes! The scandal emerged in countries whose soldiers participated in the "peacekeeping" mission. Suddenly died 18 before completely healthy peacekeepers in eight of the dead was diagnosed with leukemia ...

Despite the numerous documented facts of deaths from cancer among those who were in the area of ​​the use of enhanced 238 munitions as among the civilian population and the military, the world community is in no hurry to recognize the harmful effects on the environment and people of this "harmless" on their view isotope half-life of 4.5 million years. Serbia, who tried to file a lawsuit in the United Nations International Criminal Tribunal for the country, a bomb Balkan country in 1999, stumbled upon an unexpected opposition Carla del Ponte, who heads the tribunal in those years and will do everything in order to claim the Serbs were not heard. Requests from other civilized countries to impose a moratorium on the use of military uranium-238, stumbled upon an insurmountable opposition from France and the UK, the permanent members of the UN Security Council.

What is dangerous projectiles equipped with a core of depleted uranium? With the explosion of data ammunition into the atmosphere gets depleted uranium in the form of "ceramic spray" which is sprayed over tens of kilometers. Getting in the human body, uranium particles accumulate in the liver and kidneys, which in turn contributes to cancers and causes damage to internal organs. But the worst thing is that the infection 238 causes subsequent generations change at the genetic level! That is the problem faced as residents of Basra and Serbia and NATO operations brave participants who returned home after the victorious wars, and unexpectedly, from young and healthy men turned into permanent emaciated chemotherapy patients oncology clinics. In 70 percent of the peacekeepers have been in the area of ​​active use of uranium munitions, children were born with abnormalities, anomalies and congenital deformities. As, however, and the inhabitants of Basra, which still suffer from radioactive contamination of their land. Mass of thyroid cancer and leukoma for residents of Serbia and Iraq is commonplace. Currently, the Serbian daily cancer diagnosed in one child! Survey areas exposed to shelling ammunitions containing depleted uranium, have shown that the isotope poisoned the water and caused leukemia in goats and cattle. Traces of uranium are found in the same wild animals. There is information that the shells with depleted uranium used, and are currently in use in Afghanistan.

What happened in Iraq and Serbia once again shows us that America can not be evaluated beyond the normal civilized state. Tens of thousands of hectares of land poisoned with radioactive isotopes infested river, sick animals, people who die in great agony, children fall ill in the womb - for all this to answer a single state whose government arbitrarily to assume the functions of the global arbiter of who is to live and who will die. And fulfilling these declaratively mandated functions, the US does not shrink or what methods - the hands of US politicians and the military on his elbows in blood. As, in principle, and their weak-willed allies who have already and are happy to stop but can not.

Today, the US is in another dirty war, this time in the territory of the Slavic state, Ukraine. US military advisers pushed commanders APU to all new and new crimes, pushing their heads against the inhabitants of the same country, provoking further development of civil fratricidal war. And when I say that the Ukrainian military did not go to the deliberate destruction of radioactive waste disposal sites and poisoning the groundwater and reservoir, from which the abstraction of drinking water in Donetsk, cesium isotopes, I say - remember Basra and Serbia, there were also civilians, and they also did not believe that their land, water and air poisoned "civilized and highly developed" Americans. But those who do not act on these weighty arguments, I gently remind the use of phosphorus bombs in the bombardment of civilian towns of Donbass. Traits that separate good people from bad people, the Ukrainian government and its Western allies have already crossed into the bad side. What will happen next is too terrible even to predict ...

Alex Zot'ev

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