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At the airport in Kuala Lumpur, this giant screen to track weather information and the position of the different flights. On March 8, at 0 h 41, it displayed the MH370 to Beijing.© DAMIR Sagolj / REUTERS

December 21, 2014 | Updated December 21, 2014

We never found the Boeing 777 Malaysia Airlines and its 239 passengers missing on 8 March.Aviation enthusiast, author of "The House of Officers" and "the Edgar curse" has conducted the survey.

"Everyone is lying to us. There is a code of silence in this case, there are too many inconsistencies. I no longer trust anyone. "Ghyslain Wattrelos punctuates his last statement with a smile, expressing his determination intact and stays at length absorbed in his thoughts. Losing the same day, his wife and two of his children goes well beyond the drama.

This is an atrocity that no one is prepared. Y survive requires a huge effort that this man extent every day for nine months, so it is difficult to maintain consistency before such nonsense. The difficulty is even greater when the authorities in charge of shedding light on this tragedy absconding, as if the destruction of the MH370 flight on which 239 people disappeared , was nothing more than the realization a fatal probability in a secure world.

The disappearance of Air flight between Kuala Lumpur Malaysia in Beijing, March 8, 2014, is unlike any other accident identified so far. At its erasure without a trace adds the building, in record time, a wall of silence reminiscent erected by the US authorities during the explosion of TWA Flight 800 off the coast of New England. In the case of flight MH370, silence has replaced the excitement of the first hours with a rapidity which suggests that transparency is not the priority in this case. No doubt there would it be that speculation, if threats on this investigation had not been skillfully distilled by a Western intelligence agent. Many spies are frustrated writers. 

Hence the use of metaphors designed to discourage us to go further and make us understand, in the end, that "it is a highly sensitive matter of great complexity," and that " it is better to let time do its work rather than trying to speed it up, with all the risks that come up. " In the technological world of ours, particularly that of the US military, it is surprising that a jumbo 63 meters in length could literally fainted. As is surprising disregard for particularly abused families ... So we know it so active in hostage cases, little is understood that Fran├žois Hollande has not taken the time to receive the husband and father of the French victims which are, to date, only missing.

Monday, March 24, an officer in the Royal Australian Air, Marc Smith, patrol in AP-3C Orion.© Richard Wainwright / EPA / MAXPPP

Volatilization of the device has left no official record or by land or sea. Determined to very large data specified by an English geostationary satellite, the chosen zone in the southwest of the Indian Ocean, with raked considerable resources, has returned nothing. Not the slightest scrap and, of course, none of the black boxes of the device that would have to reconstruct the circumstances of the tragedy. By declaring the aircraft lost, the Malaysian authorities have recently invited the families of victims as observers to draw a line under this matter. 

Nearly nine months after the tragedy, they consider the insoluble matter. Yet, one thing appears as certain: it is not. March 8 this year, the captain of the Boeing 777-200 normally prepares for his evening flight. On the way to the airport, he decided to attend the trial of the main opponent to the Malaysian regime tried for "sodomy", medieval accusation that speaks volumes about the degree of the regime modernity. A caste of corrupt politicians take the country for fifty-seven years on the basis of bribe and nepotism, with limited taste for sharing. A 54-year Zaharie Bin Ahmad Shah , an experienced driver, is part of this elite would like to see their country go into a democratic era. Sentenced to five years imprisonment of opposition leader proves to him that this time did not happen and, according to some accounts, he was particularly upset. 

On a personal level, it is said he just divorce. The captain can not ignore in its cargo highly flammable lithium batteries have already caused serious incidents. Fariq Bin Ab Hamid, the first officer, is much younger, 27, and inexperienced, although he began his career at 20 years. It is about to marry his girlfriend and best known of one of her escapades, which led him to bring two young foreign tourists in the cockpit of a plane he copilotait, contrary to regulation. No doubt the captain while he takes knowledge of cargo loading. An airliner, even full passengers that their luggage is added, retains a substantial cargo carrying capacity.

Loading slip mentions lithium batteries, batteries that power these famous most devices from our connection frenzy. It can not ignore that they are highly flammable and causing several serious incidents, including the fatal crash of a UPS 747 that crashed after taking fire near Dubai airport. Manifesto he reprobation? We do not know anything. The remaining load is much more blurred. Fresh fruits are evoked, although the season do doubt their reality. NNR Global Logistics, the company charged freight, interrogated several times, follows the instructions and silence does not answer any question. 

The captain has certainly also viewed the passenger list, 227 people, mostly Chinese, but also Malaysians and, among other nationalities, two Americans and four French. He knows that two Iranian passengers travel in stolen European passports, and many others working in the field of remote control airplanes.One sensed the drama, Paul Weeks, an Australian who recently survived an earthquake in New Zealand and a serious car accident. Convinced that his time has come, he puts his ring and his watch to his wife, his two children. His wife convinces him to take them back, but he left with the certainty of never seeing her again.


Kuala Lumpur has a reputation of having a colander airport. Other passengers they boarded the plane without so be on the list? It's a possibility. One thing, however, is acquired. The drivers know their aircraft, the B 777-200, is one of the most sold in the world, the pride of Boeing, which has made ​​this widebody one of the safest modules in service on the planet, although phenomena wear could be observed on the fuselage of the oldest of them.
The MH370 took off from Kuala Lumpur to 0 h 41 local time. At 1 h 01, he confirmed to have reached its cruising altitude or 35,000 feet. The ACARS system that transmits flight data to technical maintenance work normally. The plane is heading north to Beijing. The flight plan provides that flies over Vietnam. As he leaves the Malaysian airspace last conversation takes place between the cockpit and air traffic control. The first officer takes leave of his interlocutors: "Good night! Malaysia 370. "Commentators then argue on the basis of alleged evidence of the air traffic controller, as there was a tone of defiance, a sardonic nothing in the way the officer put it, heralding following signs .
However, nothing indicates that the dialogue, in words or intonations, has varied uses. At 1 h 19, when the plane leaves the Malaysian airspace nothing abnormal transpires that flight. Then suddenly everything is spoiled. Three minutes later, 1 hour 22, the transponder unit that allows an aircraft to be located from the ground as well as by other aircraft, is suddenly disconnected. Ultimate contact with the outside, it is disabled by the driver in the event of serious electrical problem. Another three minutes later, the plane suddenly deviates from its course and apparently share in reverse.At 1 h 30, the Vietnamese air traffic control center in Ho Chi Minh City fails to make contact with the MH370 and asks the alleged airliner nearest to do for him. 

The driver of the latter receives in return Mumbles parasites on background. At 1 h 37, the ACARS system supposed to transmit new data does not transmit. At 1 h 38, air traffic control, Ho Chi Minh City asked the Kuala Lumpur to take new MH 370. The aircraft did not contact him, as is the custom, and he disappeared from his radar after the waypoint Bitod. The air traffic control Kuala Lumpur replied that the MH370 is never reversed its frequency after passing the waypoint Igari, the last under his control. At 2 h 03, Malaysia Airlines, warned of the disappearance, sends a message to the cockpit asking him to join emergency Vietnamese air traffic control. 

No answer. At 2 h 15, the air traffic control center will contact the Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Airlines between operations. This last him that he is capable of exchanging signals with flying 370 and that it is in the Cambodian airspace. Three minutes later, 2 h 18, the air traffic control Kuala Lumpur request to that of Ho Chi Minh City if the MH370 is supposed to enter Cambodian airspace. The response is immediate.

The planned route did not understand Cambodian space and its officials confirm that the aircraft has not borrowed. At 2 h 22, the last contact between the Malaysian primary military radar and the aircraft it is 370 kilometers northwest of Penang. At 2 h 25, a "log-on request" is sent to the aircraft via the Inmarsat. This is actually a request for information on the operation of the engines, transmitted by Rolls-Royce. On modern aircraft, engines talk to their fixed time manufacturer via a satellite link. The plane acknowledge receipt of the request, without reply. And so will every hour until the expected final disappearance of the unit.
At 2 h 24, the center of Malaysia Airlines operations back on his outreach statement with the plane. Despite this, a minute later, Malaysia Airlines confirms to Kuala Lumpur control center location of the aircraft over North Vietnam, information relayed in Ho Chi Minh City. At 2 h 39, an attempt is made ​​to contact the cockpit by telephone, via satellite link from the plane: failure. At 3: 30 pm, the center of operations shall Malaysia Kuala Lumpur that his information on the position of the aircraft were based on projections and not on reality.
At 5 h 30, the Kuala Lumpur air rescue coordination center is activated. At 6 h 30, estimated time of arrival of the flight MH370 in Beijing, the aircraft was declared missing families, flabbergasted by the news. At 7 h 13, a new telephone contact test fails. At 7 h 24, the device is officially declared extinct in the press. At 8 am 19 and thirty-seven seconds a last satellite signal, apparently low intensity comes from the plane. No satellite contact with the aircraft, since his death, has led to an exchange of information, but only to a signal recognition. 

Based on these, the British company that operates the satellite has established, on very complex rules, the plane's trajectory, after his disappearance from radar screens, served as the basis for research. According to the arc it defined, the device might as well head to the north, Kazakhstan, in the south, to Australia. The road north is making above the ground, the aircraft would necessarily have been identified by military or civilian radars. 

It was concluded that the aircraft could have sailed to the south, along a path that leads the Indian Ocean west of Australia where the search was initiated without any result. Although everyone on board died asphyxiated, the plane can fly for hours on autopilot

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