Monday, December 1, 2014

A Russian Jet (Same model as Ukraine's jet) conducts a weapon test.

A Russian Jet (Same model as Ukraine's jet) conducts a weapon test.

Shooting at a test airliner with same Ukraine weapons system,
Results: Malaysian airliner MH-17 what shot down by Ukraine Jet.
So the Netherlands, Denmark, Norwegian, German and Austria media do not tell the truth.
Therefore, The EU and US used this for unjustified sanctions based on false information.

#MH17: Ballistic comparison test brings clarity - and media are silent!

Launch of MH17: the German media is not concealing only findings of the Russian air traffic control, but also the result of a ballistic test, Russia, as she used the Ukrainian army has done with identical combat aircraft. The German public is deliberately not notified. For good reason as demonstrated: The result of ballistic comparison is sensational. The resulting images of the damage that fully corresponds to those of flight MH17 [1].

The findings of the Russian air traffic control confirmed all people by contributing the English BBC anonymous already on 7 August 2014 here on the page published [2] and which confirm that Ukrainian fighter jets not only within striking distance of MH17 were even shot contains the testimonies of several residents. Immediately after the publication of the BBC again deleted the said contribution from its online offerings. The reason for the deletion is unclear until today. A statement by the BBC was not...

German media persistently conceal the existence of these statements. No wonder:Because the information which just made these eyewitnesses to the crash of the plane told the BBC, sufficient to make Kiev of the offenders. Rather than to provide interest the question video rotting out completely unnoticed for over 4 months on our site.

Together with the results of the Russian air traffic control and those of ballistic comparison is factually proved who got MH17 from the sky. It was no doubt a Ukrainian fighter jet of the Kiev junta. To clarify would be only, if the launchingintends or unintentionally was. That helps the 298 victims although no longer, but certainly the members.

As mentioned above these unique facts of our media are either totally dead silent or presents the viewer or reader in a context of invented and bent. Enlightenmentis not desirable. A factual dispute with these unique tracks does not take place. On the contrary:, the enlightenment is delayed so long until the perpetrators can no longer be brought to justice and the conflict in the Ukraine in the sense of the West was settled.Therefore, each one of you must be "Medium" and share this content with others!

We must not forget that it was the launch of the passenger aircraft, which was taken as an opportunity to impose sanctions against Russia, which add billions in losses to the German, European and Russian economy, cost jobs and perpetuate the cold war pushed by the West.

Meanwhile, the mother of victim sued the Ukraine before the European Court of Justice, because Kiev had not closed the airspace over the war zone from profiteering.[3]

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