Monday, November 10, 2014

You're the Gravediggers of Ukraine - All of Her Problems are on Your Conscience.

A message to the GraveDigger aka "Marshal" from your former countryman....

Kharkiv - Novorossia
Gravedigger Ukraine

In the"evromaydanovskom" segment of the Internet appeared an appeal of one of the commanders of the Armed Forces detachments ukrovermahta stationed at the Donetsk airport with the callsign "Marshal". This appeal is was actively commenting, and considering a simple manifestation of his fight for patriotism, homespun, mixed with sweat and
soldier blood.

This he hopes attracts attention to himself and his "evropatriotov" ukrovermahta" following.

"Marshal"writes, referring to his fellow citizens, is not what Euromaidan supported and that he sympathized with the "Golden Eagle", and got into the operation as soon as the "Russian stole pressing Crimea", as it seemed to him - to be a shot in the back.

Quite simply, without undue stressful thoughts, "Marshal" thinks that politics is just like that, to the average eye. Just like that, for fun he wanted to wring the Crimea, and squeeze it out dry, without any real causes, just for fun. Because that land was from Russia, and was more
than a little like her, then his Banderan beliefs.

"Marshal" does not even read the foreign press. But only the influential newspaper citing what his senior sources report. That after the victory Euromaidan The US planned to open a NATO base in the Crimea.

They do not give "Marshal" any real answers to his questions or why or how a Ukraine secession from the USSR can be voted on, referring to the will of the people, and to withdraw from the Crimea, Ukraine's vote, citing the will of the people this to him can not see?

Crimea for years persuaded Ukraine to allow them to be by themself and not a Terponolschinoy or Lviv region. Why did Kiev allow it? It sends the 'friendship train': visited 'zapadentsy ", and outlines the pillars and walls of the Bandera symbolism, and shouted that Bandera -was his hero.

"Marshal" needs such people in Crimea? And so in Crimea, Ukraine is not needed. After all, with Ukraine in the Crimea, Crimean Tatar feted SS legionnaires, and in Lviv - punitive UPA. But to the Crimean Tatar and Lviv veterans ratio was modest.

For the "Marshal" its better to let the Crimea will be more Bandera than anti-fascist, and this is his moral diagnosis (approx. or should I say more his mental diagnosis).

"Marshal" accuses Russia, that for her "the Ukrainians - are just dirt under its  the nails", and then he started shouting that "Ukrainians are my parents, I was born here, I grew up and studied in this land where he rejoiced, had sadness, and lived and worked. "

"Marshal" forgot who sang Ukrainian song about "the proud Ukrainians" and "uncivilized wild Katsap"? Let me remind you: this song sang ukrofashistskie Patriots back in the 1990s. Then the mailboxes shove leaflets detailing how many tons of butter, sugar, sour cream, grain 'hungry and impoverished "Russian exports to Ukraine.

Then there was a lot of hatred. Moreover, hate Ukrainians to Russian (Ukrainians have forgotten that they themselves something - are part of an all-Russian tree).

Now all of the Russian oil and fat from there Ukraine does not export, is why Ukraine is still rather poor, and so many of  its population goes to work in the Russian Federation? You do not guess: it is because it is so, as told Ukrainian maydanutye pseudo-patriots.

"Marshal" forgot that among those aggressive Ukrainian Nazis defined "guilty" in the misfortunes of Ukraine, too, were born and worked and grew up happy on this earth. Thousands of experts were sent from Russia to Ukraine to raise its production. Remained, had children, grandchildren raised. Why? That in 1990 there were followers of Bandera and Shukhevych and said it - Katsap, and they must chase?

"Marshal" forgot that militias Donbass also grown on their land. Too happy and studied until he came to power a pro-American Euromaidan Bandera. It's about him "pravosek" Jaros said: "Bandera army finally crossed the Dnieper." "Marshal" "crossed the Dnieper," along with them.

And hundreds of thousands of local Ukrainians antifascist do not believe the UPA are heroes. They also recorded in fact many traitors. Pseudo-patriots began to divide his people enough "ukrainists" and not "ukrainists." Who split the Ukrainian society,? are not the same bureaucrats just Ukrainian nationalists?

"Marshal"  calls Russia a "rubbish pit." In Ukraine, he does not see any resurgent Neo nor Bandera mayhem. When it is a Cesspool - this is where the swastika and its variation in the order of things on that political Olympus. In Ukraine, the symbolism battalions "Azov", "Donbass", "Freedom" party are eerily reminiscent of Nazi. And "Marshal" will talk about patriotism and "slop pits"? What's his grandson, great-grandson of veterans of the Great Patriotic War (most likely, grandfathers, great-grandfathers "Marshal" fought against fascism) does one combat formation with neobanderovtsami?

Who is your commander in chief, "Marshal"? Hypocrite-neobanderovets Poroshenko for which Bandera and Shukhevych - heroes? You do his bidding? Are you not you ashamed?

Oak patriotism never helped to bring the country out of a difficult situation. Tin stubbornness - not synonymous with fortitude. Also fortitude needed more sober thoughts, not simplistic jingoistic formulations.

"Marshal" writes that not support cues such as "PST", "PTJ", "hto not jumping ...", and says that we should be higher. But his message contains some obscene swearing. How can you be higher?

Euromaidan, which serves as "Marshal", he denies or accepts the above can not be. Every mental phenomenon has a clear format. Euromaidan their mental format has already demonstrated. As of ignoramus not received teachings because of Euromaidan not get anything high. "Marshal", an adult does not understand this, and lives naively childish patriotism. "Until the end, until victory, until independence !!!!!" - writes "Marshal". Sun ukrovermahta and so for the sake of these slogans killed hundreds of civilians Donbass. The address "Marshal" them anything. Looks like they are not worth his pity. "His sandbox we will not give or anyone !!!!!" - shouts "Marshal" in the next paroxysm of jingoism.

But Donetsk guys will not give you, "Marshal", its sandbox. Do not hope. And completes the phrase "Marshal" fully reveals its inner essence: "vid Luhansk to Lviv, Ukraine, Hope truncated!".

"Marshal", In Lugansk and Donetsk Bandera has never been a sickness. Ukraine has become a virus and wants to infect everyone around him. Lovely, quiet antifascist Ukraine in the past. Now there Banderostan - neobanderovsky and spiteful. Ukraine has made such narrow-minded "patriots." They decided that the Crimea and Donbas will live according to the recipes of Lviv and Ternopil.

No, "Marshal," There is no hope! Niether are your threatening them in your epistlesto the militia commander "Givi", because he fights against Bandera and Shukhevych, and you - for fight for them. I feel this difference is wide.

And do not hope that your neobanderovtsam will be able to assign them to love Banderostanu andand stay healthy (!)  Or Ukrofashistsky patriotism itself either. It's not for you to decide how people love their homeland Ukraine. You ruined herand its limitations, and the political views of these rhinoceros, who see nothing neither left nor right.

You're - the blind sighted, and from your thwarted patriotism breathes the spirit of the grave. You're the gravediggers of Ukraine. All of her problems - are on your conscience. However, you do not have one do you?

Victor Riabchenko

Marshal aka The Gravedigger

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