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Will Barack Obama recognize the authenticity of a satellite snapshot showing the attack on the Malaysian MH17"Boeing"?

A Witness from Space

Will Barrack Obama recognize the authenticity of a satellite snapshot showing
 the attack on the Malaysian MH17"Boeing"?

 November 14, 2014, 22:25
View: satellite reconnaissance
Text: Peter Akopov

Publication of this satellite image, which captures the moment of a missile launch from a Su-27 at the Malaysian MH17 "Boeing777",  if confirmed to be authentic, these photographs  would be a blow if not worse to Kyiv regimes and the mechanisms of illegal Western sanctions. This exposure could expose the cynical lies of Washington and lead to the loss of confidence in the US as a peaceful  Superpower.

Just a few hours before the"Big Twenty" summit in Brisbane, Russian First Channel's TV program with Mikhail Leontiev broadcasted and also published a sensational picture. The picture was received, from an American fluent in Aviation George Bilt, as was stated by the Russian Union of Engineers (conduct its own examination of the destruction of the "Boeing"downing, which so far indicates that the plane was shot down by fighters jets.)

"The world awaits Barrack Obama's answer to a simple question: had he seen this picture before its publication on the Russian television?"

In his letter, that agrees with earlier findings of RCI, Bilt included a picture taken by a space satellite, which clearly shows the launching from the left wing of a fighter, aiming exactly at the MH17 cockpit. According to First Vice-President of the Russian Union of Engineers Ivan Andrievskiy, experts conducted a detailed analysis of the image and no sign of forgery is revealed: "Usually such a picture is used by General Intelligence air and ground space. In accordance with the coordinates specified in the picture, we can assume that the picture was taken from an American or British satellite. "

We must, of course, wait for more examinations of the picture. Especially since some are already beginning  to doubt its authenticity, as well as allegations that were alleged to hve already published another photo a month ago that they fabricated and so on. It is important, however, that this picture contradicts the damaging lies in the West's version that appeared in the first few days after the disaster.

The fact that something such as a Ukrainian Su-25 could have shot down the"Boeing", was never even spoke about. However, shortly after the tragedy, the Russian Defense Ministry published data showing that the such an aircraft could easily have destroyed from the air. However, both Ukrainian and Western media and the authorities claimed that "Boeing" was knocked out of the complex air by a defense system known as "Buk", and not one those from the Ukrainian army, because it was in the area of shooting, a ​​location of Novorossiya where the separatists militias were in control. The West and Kiev immediately placed all the blame for the destruction of the Malaysian aircraft on Russia. Four months have passed since the deaths of the "Boeing777's"passengers and crew, and in this time, instead of investigating, The West continued to relentlessly demonize the images of a Putin as a both "bloody & dangerous figure, by his shooting down of civilian planes and killing innocent foreigners."

This was their main emotional horror story, which was been used to intimidate others that the "Russian threat" was to people all over the world and mostly in Europe. Furthermore that Russia not only wants to capture Ukraine, (to which, strictly speaking, the Europeans don't seem to care),  but it seeks break up Europe, and that Putin has reached out already killing Europeans, who were peacefully sleeping on board the Dutch plane. This Russophobia that has for centuries cultivated fear of the "Russian barbarians",and unless we will defend Ukraine from the Russian, then tomorrow will be the Cossacks in Paris, and the tanks of the Red Army - in Berlin, so we need to punish Russia, isolate, block, and sanction.

After the disaster, the US and the EU tightened sanctions against Russia, and Putin they began to compare him with Hitler, and for some of those countries it was soon required a repentance and confession of their irrational lies. One leader did it just the other day, it was the Australian Prime Minister, he admitted that it was in fact Russia who insisted on a speedy investigation, not the West and Kiev, adding that the an aircraft is the more likely circumstance to what brought down the Passenger jet. An it is a high possibility the Ukrainian military owned it. The investigation went on and on tediously for a very longtime, and then the reports did not really explain anything of use to crash investigators. And the suddenly, this shot is presented as to finally give credence to the earlier air to air missile theories.

What if this turns out to be the truth?, What ever else is needed to confirm it doesn't seem to matter to the West or how curiously John Bilt came to Moscow. Rather, they will say John Bilt  is a fictional character, and the snapshot was extracted by Russian spies Putin sent, or possibly an unknown copycat and  follower of the American Edward Snowden. It really doesn't matter to them anymore. Most importantly, is what will follow in the case of recognition of expert confirmation of these genuine photographs.

Firstly, at the summit in Brisbane, instantly this newly acquired evidence will present the possibility for a potential scandalous and clearly blatant accusation of a cover-up operation going on. If the picture was in fact taken from an American spy satellite, this would mean that all of the Barrack Obama Cabinet would have to answer a simple question: had Obama seen this picture before its publication on Russian TV?

It is highly unlikely that the US president in the coming days will give an answer to this question. The Americans will at least try to pull back for time. But over doing this time will not work. Eventually Obama or his representatives or administration will still have to say one of two things: yes or no. Of course, I want to say no, and even add that all this is a provocation of the KGB - but after Snowden's revelations that showed the world Washington's secrets, it will make it much more difficult to hide the truth forever.

It's not that no one believes the US - after all there is no guarantee that after Obama says "no", his held-back evidence will portray exactly the opposite. Can he provide them anonymously ?, but a lot of very dissatisfied American intelligence officers - who would not want to stay in the course of these extreme case of furthering investigations. Therefore, Obama will have to think very well - whether it is ready to be caught in a lie? And most importantly - for which he is ready to finally kill his notoriety as a Nobel Prize winner? For the sake of separating Ukraine from Russia? That is, will he then be unmasked as a liar and a man covering-up the murderers and slandered of innocent people, and at the cost of these lies his own reputation. I stopped the revival of the Russian Empire, to preserve the "Pax Americana". And as all can see, it still does not work ...

You can, of course, assume that there is a variant in which Obama can say with a pure heart, that he did not see the picture - and it may be true. Only this would mean that the US intelligence agencies just do not show a pictures to their head of state. Blinding him of the issues in which depend on global security. Is this not the President, or doesn't he have anything at all in these matters,? (and this would be a rough blow almost harder than getting caught in a lie - not only being a weak president, but also a decoration puppet). You only need to look inside the American intelligence plots (all ready for the escalation of the conflict with Russia to hide from Obama these pictures). In both cases, you would need to hack of a very prominent head of the secret services doing this. And then suddenly, they will all remain silent of any response. But the facts of a conspiracy, under no disguise, of course, is almost impossible - so there is only one thing he can say, "Yes, I saw it."

Is it possible that the Junta's world will collapse if experts recognize the authenticity of this picture?

Yes, the fall of the Kiev model that Americans have fed and by which they would like to lead Ukraine away from Russia. Kiev would have fallen anyway. So why would Putin want to completely discredit the entire current leadership of Ukraine in the eyes of Americans and Europeans ? (and a considerable part of Ukrainian society along with them), will this make a strong point. Kiev is killed by their own negligence - that in itself is bad enough, but these killer brazenly blaming others for their failures and mismanagement, has already proved to be too much for belief. Yes, it is practically impossible Europeans will ride these lies and continue to make to maintain sanctions against Russia. They won't cancel them quickly - but the horror of the methods by which the US is ready to fight for the separation of Europe from Russia, is sobering up many Europeans countries.

Yes, Obama himself will survive extremely unpleasant accusations of lying as he has from his start- but does this justified by the fact that there was a lot of conflicting information, and it was the only one with the pictures. That's a poor excuse - but it's much less of a shame than to be caught not only hiding the truth, but also to be living a lie when you know that you're lying.

Will Obama do it? It is not clear - because this is a tough choice. But he was able to abandon the strike on Syria - yes, under pressure from Russia, China, and the personal question, but could not. Perhaps, for the sake of "yes, I've seen" and gave him the Nobel Peace Prize in advance?

In this case all of the above is only true if the "Boeing" Ukrainian fighter was shot down without the participation of US intelligence - and even scary to imagine what will happen if it turns out that Kiev did so at the initiative of the United States who knowingly, in their favorite false-flag style organized this provocation to purposely dump everything on Russia. Obama's only consolation is that advising these issues shouldn't take years, if not decades to come to fruition. 

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