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Why Barack Obama hid his eyes when meeting with Vladimir Putin

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Why Barack Obama hid his eyes when meeting with Vladimir Putin

 November 11, 2014, 20:02
Photo: Reuters
TEXT: Peter Akopov

At the APEC summit in a suburb of Beijing, Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama has repeatedly talked among themselves. The international situation is so tense that many feel as if these meetings are discussed almost issues of war and peace. But Obama has nothing to say to the Russian leader - their meeting interesting rather its psychological underpinnings.

After the outbreak of the crisis Ukrainian head of Russia and the United States met for the second time - the first of their conversation took place in early June in Normandy and passed though not "on their feet", but on the sidelines of the summit.

"The head of the country, announced a boycott and blockade of another country, hiding his eyes from the president to" isolate "their state"

Now, in China, the presidents had more opportunities to communicate - and although hold an official meeting did not want any of the parties, within two days of the Presidents at least three or four times struck up a conversation. The benefit for this was a lot of opportunities - a whole series of common activities arranged by the Chinese for 20 heads of state to attend the summit: the ceremony photography, concert, working lunch.

The Chinese could theoretically even arrange to Russian and US presidents sat next to some of the activities - for example, a concert. But it would be, first, infringement of an informal protocol (two of the most honored guests do not put together) and would look deliberate, and secondly - obviously would cause displeasure Barack Obama (who would understand how it will criticize the US if he will be at ease to communicate with Putin, whom he himself calls upon block and isolate).

Journalists elicits from assistant to the president, how much time talking state leaders. On Monday, a representative of the National Security Council Bernadette Meehan counted three meetings with a total length of 15 - 20 minutes, and the Americans on Tuesday reported that during breakfast, Obama and Putin held a 10 -15 minute conversation.

Topics equally signified both the Russian and the American side: a pause in the work of the APEC summit, "were used to briefly speak, spoke briefly, but at the same time affected the bilateral relationship, and Syria, and Ukraine, and Iran," said Dmitry sands. The press gave meaning to all the details - Obama first waved Putin when he entered the hall, where the leaders were expecting photographing; Putin patted Obama on the shoulder; Putin asked Obama: "Beautiful, is not it?", When they are together with the Chairman Xi Jinping (one on his right hand, the second on the left) were part decorated with carved wooden panels room:

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"The President of the United States agreed with restraint, avoiding eye contact with Putin and seemingly not paying your answer to anyone specifically," - describes his reaction site "Voice of America".

All these details show how difficult international situation - because the voltage leaders only derivative from it. At the same time on different frames from China shows that the Putin behaves much relaxed American president. And it's not just because between him and the hosts is the main thing that is missing in the relationship that Russia, China and the United States that - trust.

Looseness of Putin and Obama are related stress, of course, with their characters, and even more so with the mood - the party of the American president had just lost control of parliament, and in fact it without it for a long time called "lame duck" and a loser, and Putin is experiencing peak mass support in Russia and the growing sympathy in the rest of the world, implicitly recognize him the most powerful man on Earth.

But more importantly, that there is in their personal relationships - Obama does not want to talk with Putin does not know how to talk to him, simply, does not understand and does not feel it. The President of Russia for US president - heavy, awkward conversationalist.

And Putin, by contrast, seems to apply to Obama with mild condescension - because he understands that the matter is not so much depends. Putin makes decisions and acts, he's a real leader of the country, and Obama essentially only the head of the US administration, that is, the person chosen by the ruling oligarchy (in the broadest sense of the word - from the political to financial) for a fixed term for the role symbol USA. With all the vast powers of Obama and Putin had very different levels of responsibility, a different degree of influence on their own country.

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And what happens in the world - because Obama hostage course on American hegemony, he just can not refuse it, even if he suddenly realized the total failure of the selected US strategy. And in a situation already visible to the naked eye weakening global US positions Putin, who heads a much weaker compared with the US Russia, is immeasurably stronger than its American "partner".

In the first place it is (and is not that Putin - a strong personality and a fighter, and Obama - weak and eagle) and is the cause of the current seemingly paradoxical situation - when the head of the country, announced a boycott and blockade of another country, hides eyes on the president to "isolate" it states.

In this understanding of the limited possibilities of Obama means that Putin by and large do not need anything from the American president - although, of course, he tries to use such meetings to better probing the nuances in the position of the American administration (for example, through the Obama - Biden). But this is so, the professional habit and political responsibility of Putin, and not the question of war and peace.On these issues, Putin could speak or independent American president (like last White House was Nixon, precisely because it is the destruction of political ruling oligarchy), or with the invisible world "round table" hosts America.

Given the absolute unreality and the first and second embodiments Putin remains discuss issues of world order with those who, like himself, decides - with Chairman Xi.

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